2KE Games is a american game developer and publisher. They first parcery with the LEGO Group is in 2013, to the project from the LEGO Marvel Universe: The Videogame

Parcery with LEGO Group

When the idea from LEGO Marvel Universe: The Videogame appears, created by Marvel, 2KE Games joined to LEGO, and, with the help of Marvel Comics, they makes the story, baseated in one of the most powerfull villians in the Marvel Universe, Thanos. 

Too, 2KE Games helped LEGO artists with the LEGO Online Game system, that allows the players to play online with the entire world, or rescricted rooms. 

Know projects

2KE Games is a very young game developer, but they make some games: 

All they new projects, reveleaded in they official Facebook page, is associated with the LEGO Group:

  • Unkown LEGO and 2KE Games project
  • Unkown LEGO and 2KE Games project
  • Unkown LEGO and 2KE Games project

Is rumored that one of this games is a reboot from LEGO Star Wars.

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