A Very Full House is a series of skits about 11 people (plus a pet starfish, and a clown that can’t stand up) who have to live in one house.

List of Episodes

  1. Pilot: Skits include: The Lady in Red, Lady 1, and The Dad move in; The Dad slips into the pool; the Laffig Stoc becomes obsessed with watching SpongeBob; The Kid tries to keep a clown standing up; The Lady in Red, The Ladies, and The Biker Dude make a picnic table; Patrick is attacked by The Criminal.


Wonnamed Ludee as The Lady in Red

Pizzon Jaller as The Criminal

Fozzer Famee as The Dad

Sunn Famee as The Kid

The Biker Dude as Himself

Lady 1 as Herself

Lady 2 as Herself

The Laffig Stoc as Himself

Manchild as Himself

Criminal 2 as Himself

Bearded Man as Himself 

Voices - imnewhere 

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