Albus Dumbledore 
is a character featurated in LEGO Universes. He is baseated in the character of same name from the Harry Potter book and movie series. He is included in the Harry Potter Team Pack.


Harry Potter 

Albus Dumbledore was the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry until his death by the hands of Severus Snape. He was fundamental in Harry Potter's story. Dumbledore was one of the most powerful wizards of his time, and carried the most powerful wand of all, the Elder Wand, until the night of his death.

LEGO Universes


  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts

Weapons and Abilities


  • Elder Wand


  • Put out fires (Aguamenti)
  • Deflect enemie fire and attacks (Protego)
  • Levitate objects (Wingardium Leviosa)
  • Attack enemies (Expelliarmus)



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