Boxwood Hall by LJS

Boxwood Hall is a Lego Architecture model made in 2014. Located in New Jersey. Its apart of the Landmark series. It was home of Elias Boudinot.


  • Architect and Owner: Unknown (someone can find out and fill this in)
  • Story: Boxwood Hall was home to Elias Boudinot,President of the Continental Congress. It was sold to Jonathan Dayton who lived there until 1824. It the 2004 it was at risk of serious damage. It is now a historical house musuem.
  • Facts: Opened: 1750

Architectial Style: American Colonial

Floor Area: 0.4 Acres (0.16 ha)

Location: America,New Jersey,East Jersey Street,Elizabeth

Materials: Wood,Brick and Stone

  • Design the model:

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