"Dark fire will not avail you, Flame of Udun!!!"

Durin's Bane is an ancient monster that has haunted the lonely halls of Moria for centuries. It was released while the dwarves were mining for hidden treasures within the realm. According to Saruman, they delved too deeply and greedily, and released this millenia-old horror upon Middle-Earth. Durin's Bane is actually one of the powerful Balrog demons, menacing monsters with a great capacity for destruction. That said, it was this balrog that nearly destroyed all of the dwarves who once called Moria home. The dwarf chieftain Durin was also killed by this vile beast. Long after causing this great slaughter, Durin's Bane went into hiding among the thousands of orcs and goblins that eventually set up shop down within Moria's vast caves.

The Fellowship of the Ring had the misfortune of encountering the Balrog following a battle with said goblins and orcs, who were further accompanied by a cave troll. Gandalf the Grey ordered the others in his charge across the ancient Bridge of Khazad-dum while he stood against Durin's Bane. Both Gandalf and the monster were equal in power, but it had the added advantages of height and brute strength. But despite using a flaming whip and longsword against Gandalf, the balrog was felled when the wizard struck his staff on the bridge and caused the place where Durin's Bane stood to collapse. Later, in a fit of rage, Durin's Bane lashed its whip around Gandalf's ankle, and managed to pull the wizard down into the great unknown with it...

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