Heimdall's Observatory is a LEGO Marvel Universe set. Is baseated in the location of same name from Thor and Thor: The Dark World movies. It's set to be released in December 1st, 2014.

Minifigures Included

Name Picture
Thor (Asgard)

No picture

Heim Dall
Lady Sif (Armoured)

No picture


Heimdall's Observatory is a big golden dome, with an cone in the top. Inside the observatory, exists one door and a opened widow, circulated by glass. This is widow's serves to Heimdall see what is happened in other realms. In the middle of the observatory, it's an raised circle, with an slot to fix Heimdall's sword. Around the raised circle has a small stairway. Inside the observatory, the detais resemble big cloaks without any markup. In the other side of the door, exists an small part of Bifrost, composed by multi-color LEGO pieces.


  • The Thor's Asgard variation is baseated in his clothes in the beginning of Thor: The Dark World. He is with the normal armor, expect by the black cape;
  • Lady Sif's variation is baseated in their armor in Thor (2011) movie;
  • Heimdall's sword was developed especially for him;
  • In the sets prototype, Loki, Odin and Fandral would appear;
  • Thor it's wihout their hammer, Mjölnir.

Comic History

This section is under construction.

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