Hero Factory Origins is the 7th storyline in the Hero Factory line, released in February 2015. It is a prequel of the entire series, focusing on Stormer as a Rookie, with partners Von Ness (who later ditches them and becomes Von Nebula) and their leader, Thresher. Unlike Invasion From Below, the Heroes are action figures once again, as opposed to them being minifigures. The sets also feature 1.0 parts for the heroes the first time since Mission: Von Nebula, since the story takes place before the Heroes get 2.0 parts in Ordeal of Fire.


Thresher's team, the Alpha 1 team (at the time), has to save a bunch of Rookie Heroes (Stringer and Bulk are notably two of the Rookies, as well as Fortis from Hero Recon) from a gang called the HeroEaters, a team of creatures that are devoted to eating Heroes to lower the number of them (they have no clear leader).


  • Young Stormer
  • Thresher
  • Von Ness
  • Blastraz
  • Corroder (the only villain from Mission: Von Nebula to be included in the HeroEaters)
  • Chomptrude
  • LexVex
  • Ron Nebula (secretly Von Ness's father)


  • This is the only storyline in which Furno is not present (he was not created at the time the story takes place), making Stormer the only Hero to be in all of the Hero Factory storylines. 
  • This is the only storyline in which a villain is on Alpha 1 team (in this case it is Von Ness, who becomes evil later on).

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