this is a game about game of thrones I. The Starks of Winterfell

A. Meet The Family

  1) Catelyn

  2) Robb and Bran

  3) Arya

  4) Sansa

  5) Rickon

  6) Jon Snow

B. A Raven From King's Landing

  1) Cutscene: Jon Arryn (The Hand of The King) is dead and King Robert Baratheon is heading North

C. My House is Your House

  1) Theon Greyjoy

  2) Maester Luwin

  3) Rodric and Jory Cassel

  4) Hodor and Old Nan

  5) Septa Mordane

II. The King's Arrival

A. Crypts of Winterfell

  1) Rickard Stark

  2) Brandon Stark

  3) Lyanna Stark

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