This is a theme based on the Ratchet and Clank Series. Anyone can edit!


Vox battle

has zox's mech and battle dome plateform, along with daul vipers, miniturret launcher and harbringer

Minifigures: Ratchet (liberator) Gleeman vox, slugha, merc, green, dz striker x3, dz ghost striker, exucutiner x2, ghost executioner, tremors x2, ghost zombie x2, Robot zombie x4, dallas, jaunita

Shellshock battle

has a foot tall lego shellshock, battledome platform and normal size shellshock minifiger, along with daul vipers, magma canon, hunter mine launcher and b-6 obliberator and a landstalker

Minifigers: Ratchet (marauder), merc, green, dz exucitiner, dz stricker x2, swarmer x5, shellshock

Reacteor battle

has a foot tall reactor, a battledome plateform, and reacter minifigure and a laser back and a puma

Minifigures: ratchet (avenger), merc, green, reactor, dz stricker x3, exicutiner, tremor,

evesirator battle

has a foot tall evisirator, battledome plateform and evisirator minifig and a laviathin and a hover ship

minifigures: ratchet (crusador), Merc, green, evisarator, tremor x3, ghost tremor, dz striker x2, exucutinor

Ace hardlight battle

has a foot tall ace hardlight, ace hardlight minifig, and a hoverbike

minifigures: ratchet (vindicator), ace hardlight, merc, green, dz stricker x2, executiner, swarmer x4, tremor

Aboard the Starship Phoenix

The ship that Ratchet and Clank are in charge of,however robots are invading the ship!! includes a game room with V9-3000 gamestation, trophy room, bridge, and hanger. omniwrench, shock blaster,

Minifigures: Ratchet (uya),Clank,AI, dz striker x2, executiner, skrunch, sasha, qwark, dr nefarious, helga, skidd, galactic ranger x2, monkey gwark, robo skidd


has aphelion, with bricks that change color with cold or hot water and aziumuth's ship. also has sonic eruptor, combuster, omniwrench, azimiuth wrench, groovitron

Minifigures: Ratchet (tools of dustrustruction), ratchet (crack in time), azimuith, mr zurkon. qwark, dr nefarious, zoni x3

Great clock

Has orvus chamber, monomic station,chronosceptor,nefarious' quarters, and hyper sonic barainwave scrambler, azimuth wrench, omniwrench, negotigator, groovitron

Minifigures: Ratchet (crack in time), clank, orvus, sigmund, dr nefarous, lawrence, zoni x3, azimiuth, nefarious trooper x2, lord vorselon, the valkery sisters x3, mr zurkon, courtney gears

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