LEGO Adventurers - Johny's Quest In Europe LEGO Johny Thunder - The Videogame is a game on Next Gen Consoles.The Story Follows all 4 Adventurers Subthemes.The Game Has 4 Worlds just like the LEGO Movie.The Worlds can Be Acesed in the Pyramid (Main Hub When you Complete the Chapters).The Game Has 60 Playable Characters.


Chapter Playable Characters Vehicles Locations Boss/es
  • Johny Thunder
  • Pippin Reed
  • Dr. Kilroy
  • Treasure Tomb
  • Slyboots
Dessert Chase
  • Part 1
  1. Johny Thunder
  2. Pippin Reed
  3. Dr. Kilroy
  • Part 2
  1. Adventurers Car
  2. Mini Car (Co-Op)
  • Dessert
  • Von Bar's Truck
Battle in The Sky
  • Hary Cane's Plane
  • Adventurers Baloon
  • Dessert
  • Von Bar's Bi Plane
Pharaoh's Ruins
  • Johny Thunder
  • Pippin Reed
  • Harry Cane
  • Dr. Kilroy
  • Pharaoh's Ruins
  • Pharaoh Hotep
Jungle Surprise
  • Pippin (Jungle)
  • Dr. Kilroy
  • Jungle
  • Tribesman Hunter
Amazon Ancient Ruins
  • Johny Thunder
  • Gabarro
  • Amazon Ancient Ruins
  • Achu
Spider Caverns
  • Johny Thunder
  • Pippin (Jungle)
  • Dr. Kilroy
  • Gabarro
  • Outside Spider Caverns
  • Spider Caverns
  • Outside Spider Caverns
  • Giant Spider
  • Baron Von Bar
The Baby T
  • Johny Thunder
  • Dr.Kilroy
  • Dino Island Forrest
Island Race
  • Johny Thunder
  • Or
  • Von Bar (Race)
  • Johny's Racer
  • Or
  • Von Bar's Racer
  • Round the Island
  • Finish the race First
Dino Research Compound
  • Johny Thunder
  • Pippin Reed
  • Dr. Kilroy
  • Mike
  • Dino Research Compound
  • Alexis Sinister
  • Mr.Cunningham
  • Baron Von Bar
New Friend
  • Team 1
  1. Johny (India)
  2. Babloo
  3. Pippin (India)
  • Team 2
  1. Dr. Kilroy (India)
  • Team 1
  1. 2 Elephants
  • India Riverside
  • India Path (Chase Scene)
  • Team 1
  1. Maharaja Lallu
  2. Escape From Sam Sinister.
  • Team 2
  1. Tygurah
The Scorpion Palace
  • Johny (India)
  • Pippin (India)
  • Dr. Kilroy (India)
  • Babloo
  • The Scorpion Palace
  • Maharaja Lallu
Mt. Everest
  • Johny (Mt. Everest)
  • Pippin (Mt. Everest)
  • Dr. Kilroy (Mt. Everest)
  • Sherpa Sangye Dorje
  • Hot Air Ballon
  • Dorje's Workshop
  • Mt. Everest Sky
  • Temple of Mt. Everest
  • Sam's  Bi-Plane
  • Yeti
  • Johny (India)
  • Pippin (China)
  • Dr. Kilroy (India)
  • Jing Lee
  • Xi'an
  • Chang Wu's Jail
The Dragon Fortress
  • Johny (India)
  • Pippin (China)
  • Dr. Kilroy (India)
  • Jing Lee
  • Sam Sinister
  • Emperor's Ship
  • Outside The Dragon Fort.
  • Dragon Fortress
  • Jun Chi
  • Dragon Fortress Statue


Character Weapons Abillities How to Unlock
Johny Thunder Complete Chapter 1 - Prologue
Pippin Reed Complete Chapter 1 - Prologue
Dr. Kilroy Complete Chapter 1 - Prologue
Harry Cane Complete Chapter 4 - Pharaoh's Ruins
Pippin (Jungle) Complete Chapter 5 - Jungle Surprise
Gabarro Complete Chapter 6 - Amazon Ancient Ruins
Von Bar (Race) Complete Chapter 9 - Island Race
Mike Complete Chapter 10 - Dino Research Compound
Johny (India) Complete Chapter 11 - New Friend
Babloo Complete Chapter 11 - New Friend
Pippin (India) Complete Chapter 11 - New Friend
Dr. Kilroy (India) Complete Chapter 11 - New Friend

Johny (Mt. Everest)

Complete Chapter 13 - Mt.  Everest
Pippin (Mt. Everest) Complete Chapter 13 - Mt.  Everest
Dr. Kilroy (Mt. Everest) Complete Chapter 13 - Mt.  Everest
Sherpa Sangye Dorje Complete Chapter 13 - Mt.  Everest
Pippin (China) Complete Chapter 14 - Xi'an
Jing Lee Complete Chapter 14 - Xi'an
Sam Sinister Complete Chapter 15 - The Dragon Fortress
Josh Thunder Complete Bonus Mision - Adventurers' World
Snake Find in The Treasure Tomb.Costs 5.000 Studs
Snake (Green) Find in Pharaoh's Ruins.Costs 5.000 Studs

Complete The Quest "Skeleton Trouble".Costs 25.000 Studs

Skeleton (Pharaoh) Complete The Quest "The Real Sarcophagus"Costs 25.000 Studs
Skeleton (White Headress) Complete The Quest "Dessert Run".Costs 25.000 Studs Studs
Skeleton (Yellow Headress)

Found in The Sphinx.Costs 25.000 Studs

Mummy Found in Pharaoh's Ruins.Costs 50.000 Studs
Baron Von Bar. Complete The Quest "The Artifact".Costs 150.000 Studs
Von Bar. (Pilot) Found in Pharaoh's Ruins.Costs 150.000 Studs
Slyboots Found in The Treasure Tomb.Costs 50.000 Studs
Pharaoh Hotep Complete The Quest "To The Top".Costs 150.000 Studs
Johny (Backpack) Complete The Quest "Hidden Door".Costs 25.000 Studs
Dr. Kilroy (Backpack) Found In the Dessert.Costs 25.000 Studs
Pippin (Pilot) Found Outside the Sphinx.Costs 25.000 Studs
Tribesman Found in Achu's Camp.Costs 25.000 Studs
Achu Complete The Quest "River Race".Costs 150.000 Studs
Tribesman (Hunter) Found in The Jungle.Cists 150.000 Studs
Monkey Complete The Quest "Monkey Bussines".Costs 5.000 Studs
Pippin (Backpack) Found in The Jungle.Costs 25.000 Studs
Rudo Villano Found Near the River.Costs 50.000 Studs
Rudo (Backpack) Complete The Quest "Lost Explorers".Costs 25.000 Studs
Senor Palomar Found in Near the River.Costs 50.000 Studs
Palomar's Soldier Complete The Quest "2 Times True".Costs 25.000 Studs
Palomar (Backpack) Found in The Jungle.Costs 25.000 Studs
Alexis Sinister Found in The Dino Research Compund.Costs 50.000 Studs
Mr. Cunningham Found In Cunningham's Radio Tower.Costs 50.000 Studs
Cunningham (Pilot) Complete The Quest "Volcano Trouble".Costs 25.000 Studs
Maharaja Lallu
Scorpion Palace Guard
Ngan Pa
Sam (Pilot)
Chang Wu
Dragon Fortress Guard
Dragon Fortress Guard (Quiver)
Dragon Fortress Statue
Jun Chi
Johny (LEGO Universe)
Johny (The LEGO Movie)



Red Bricks:


Quest Dialogue Objective and Prize Quest's Location
Snake Fight

Oh Hi Didn't See You There.Why am i Here?

Well i Wanted to Take That Gold Brick but...


Defeat 3 Waves of Snakes.

Prize - Gold Brick

Treasure Tomb (Egypt)

Skeleton Trouble

Oh Hi Again!I Was Curious what was

Behind this Wall and Saw Skeletons Guard

Some Kind of Token Why dont we Turn

Them Into a Pile Of Bones!

Defeat 15 Skeletons

Prize - Skeleton

Treasure Tomb (Egypt)
Lost Fedora

Oh Weird Coming Into You My Friend.When i

Took the Pile of Bones to my Camp my

Fedora Flew Off Can you Find It?

I Found Something that Can

Give People Funny Disquises.

Find the Explorer's Fedora

Prize - Disquises

Dessert (Egypt)
Dessert Run
Dessert Run II
The Real Sarcophagus
The Artifact
Hidden Door
Diggin' Time
To The Top
Mummy Chalenge
Pillar Chalenge
Sphinx Race
River Race
Monkey Bussines
Escaped Monkeys
3 Riddles
2 Times True
Achu's Treasure
Tribesman Ceremony
Lost Explorers
Volcano Trouble


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