LEGO Batman: The Criminal Caper is a LEGO Bataman videogame. The plot follows Batman and Robin as they face other villains after Riddler, Penguin, and Joker are defeated.


These chapters can be played in any order.

Mr. Freeze's Polar Plan

Mr. Freeze's latest plan is to make Earth a winter wasteland. He has decided to build a freeze cannon drill that will freeze the Earth's atmosphere. He has hired Professor Pyg, Killer Moth, Ventriloquist and Scarface, and Poison Ivy.

Level Name Description Playable Characters Enemies Boss(es)
Pyg Farm Professor Pyg's part of the deal is that he will get to make Earth's frozen citizens into Dollatrons. He sets up a farm-like base and kidnaps people to make Dollatrons to help steal parts for the cannon. Batman and Robin find his base and infiltrate it using special suits. Robin disguises as a Dollatron, though Pyg finds him out. The heroes defeat Pyg using Batman's stealth suit and Robin's disguise. Pyg tries to throw his plans into a meat-shredding machine but is stopped, his Dollatron remote control falling in instead. The Dollatrons remove their masks and turn on Pyg as Batman and Robin go looking for the next villain. Batman, Robin, Batman (Stealth Suit), Robin (Dollatron Suit) Dollatrons, Freeze Henchmen Professor Pyg (5 hearts)

Two-Face's Duplicate Dupe

Two-Face's latest plan is to steal Gotham City's money supply and replace it with counterfeit currency. He has hired Electrocutioner, Man-Bat, Rag Doll, Deadshot, and Catwoman.

Level Name Description Playable Characters Enemies Boss(es)

Bane's Detrimental Decathon

Bane's next plan is to ruin Gotham City using five deadly acts. Terrorise the citizens, ruin the economy, prevent travel, destroy law enforcement, and let the prisoners go free. He has hired Scarecrow, Clayface, Killer Croc, Firefly, and Hush.

Level Name Description Playable Characters Enemies Boss(es)




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