All the Villains in Arkham Asylum, Blackgate Prison, and Gotham City Prison have escaped! Control Batman and his allies once again in this sequel to Lego Batman: The Video Game! and 187 goldbricks.


Prolouge:Batman Begins


Boss:Crock Leader 3 hearts


The Joker

Chapter 1 Batwing Flight


Boss:Scarecrow"s Biplane 5 Hearts.

Chapter 2 Mischeif Of Scarecrow


Boss:Glider 4 Hearts,Scarecrow 6 Hearts.

Chapter 3 The Almost Hazards


Boss:Harley Quinn 9 Hearts,The Joker 10 Hearts.

Chapter 4 A Rouge Plan


Boss:Mad Hatter 6 Hearts.

Chapter 5 The Midnight Lure


Boss:Killer Moth 5 Hearts.

Chapter 6 The Laughter Of Doom


Bosses:Harley Quinn 3 Hearts then 5 Hearts,The Joker 9 Hearts.

The Riddler

Chapter 1 The Evil Form


Bosses:The Riddler 2 Hearts,Clayface 5 Hearts.

Chapter 2 A Break For Two-Face


Boss:Two-Face 8 Hearts

Chapter 3 A Department Of Planting


Boss:Poison Ivy 4 Hearts.

Chapter 4 Freezing Everything!


Boss:Mr Freeze 3 Hearts.

Chapter 5 Hosting Vehicle


Boss:Riddler Van 5 Hearts.

Chapter 6 A Control Of Gotham


Bosses:Batman 3 Hearts,The Riddler 5 Hearts.

The Penguin

Chapter 1 Down The Docks


Boss:Bane 5 Hearts

Chapter 2 The Basement Of Cats


Boss:Catwoman 9 Hearts.

Chapter 3 A Legacy Over The Zoo

Characters:Batman,Robin,Nightwing and bane

Boss:Man-Bat 23 Hearts.

Chapter 4 Chase & Batboat

Vehicles:Batboat,Robin's Watercraft,Policeboat.

Boss:Penguins Sumbarine 3 Hearts.

Chapter 5 Branch Activate


Boss:Killer Croc 10 Hearts

Chapter 6 Intergue Of Penguin


Bosses:Penguin 3 Hearts,Catwoman 4 Hearts,Penguin 8 Hearts,6 Hearts.


The Joker

Chapter 1 The Joker Gets A Block

Characters:The Joker,Scarecrow.

Chapter 2 Skywiew Biplanes

Vehicles:The Jokers Helicopter,Scarecrows Biplane.

Boss:Police Helicopter 3 Hearts.

Chapter 3 A Carnival Chessing Progress

Characters:The Joker,Harlie Quinn.

Boss:Police Man 5 Hearts.

Chapter 4 Glider"s Pier

Vehicles:The Jokers Helicopter,Mad Hatters Glider.

Chapter 5 A Dying Night

Characters:The Joker,Killer Month.

Bosess:Police Man 5 Hearts,3 Police Cars.

Chapter 6 The Clock Tower Gets Evil

Characters:The Joker,Harlie Quinn.

Boss:Batman 10 Hearts.

The Riddler

Chapter 1 Getting Break

Characters:The Riddler,Clayface.

Chapter 2 The Riddler Gets Wanted

Vehicles:The Riddler"s Van,Two-Face"s Van.

Boss:Police Cycle 4 Hearts.

Chapter 3 Factory

Characters:The Riddler,Mr Freeze.

Chapter 4 A Green Poison

Characters:The Riddler,Poison Ivy.

Boss:Green House Guard 5 Hearts.

Chapter 5 Electric Scramble

Characters:The Riddler,Two-Face.

Chapter 6 Blocks In The Way

Characters:The Riddler,Two-Face.

The Penguin

Chapter 1 Harborur & Riverside

Vehicles:Penguins Sumbarine,Killer Crocs Watercraft.

Boss:Batboat 2 Hearts.

Chapter 2 Storm Of The Docks

Characters:The Penguin,Bane.

Chapter 3 The Promosie Leaf

Characters:The Penguin,Catwoman.

Boss:Police Dept Boat 3 Hearts.

Chapter 4 An Viritrural Escape

Characters:The Penguin,Catwoman,Killer Croc.

Chapter 5 A Tropical Safari

Characters:The Penguin,Man-Bat.

Bosses:6 Lions,Commisoner Gordon 11 Hearts.

Chapter 6 North Pole Over The Zoo

Characters:The Penguin,Catwoman.

Boss:3 Police Cars.

Epilouge:The Vilians Makes Cause


Bosses:Mr Freeze 10 Hearts,Poison Ivy 9Hearts.

Bonus Levels

In this game its 5 Bonus Levels too.

Bonus Level 1 Gotham Cause


Bonus Level 2 Snowstorm

Characters:The Penguin,Catwoman.

Bonus Level 3 The Dark Night


Bonus Level 4 Arkham Aslyum

Characters:The Joker,Harlie Quinn.

Bonus Level 5 The Town Hall


Super Bonus Level

You must take all gold bricks too unlock the Super Bonus Level.


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