LEGO Batman 2 The Next Adventure is a video game for PS3, Wii, X Box 360, NDS, and N3DS. It is the sequel to LEGO Batman The Videogame. Many of the designs for the characters are changed such as Batman and Jokers as well as Robin (Tim Drake). It also has new suits for Batman and Robin. The hub where the characters congregate is like in the other game, the batcave and the villains can also congregate at Arkham Asylum. This game also introduces Batwoman.

Episode 4 Mystery of the Batwoman

Chapter 1 Bus fight

Playable characters: Batwoman and Batman

Objectives: Defeat the criminals

Level Type: Boss

Boss: Gangster (three hearts)

Suits: Batwoman agility suit (makes Batwoman able to jump higher and to far off places),

Batman speed suit (high tech suit that allows batman to have super speed)

Chapter 2 Ambush

Playable characters: Batman and Robin

Objectives: Defeat the Penguin and his henchmen

Level Type: Boss

Boss: Penguin (six hearts)

Suits: Batman's White Suit (high tech suit that allows batman to be immune to cold and even freeze opponents) Robin's Armored Suit (Armored Suit that protects Robin from enemy blows)

Chapter 3 Interrogation

Playable characters: Batwoman and Policeman

Objectives: Defeat the thugs and find Rupert Thorne

Level Type: Puzzle

Suits: Batwoman's Energy Suit (high tech suit which allows Batwoman to shoot energy blasts)


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