LEGO Batman 3: Back to the DC Superheroes is a LEGO Batman video game that released in December 4, 2012.


Playable Characters




The Flash

Green Lantern

Wonder Woman

Purchase Characters

Two-Face (100,000 studs)

The Joker (100,000 studs)

Poison Ivy (125,000 studs)

Bane (115,000 studs)

The Riddler (105,000 studs)

Harley Quinn (100,000 studs)

Mr. Freeze (120,000 studs)

The Penguin (125,000 studs)

Killer Croc (130,000 studs)

Catwoman (120,000 studs)

Mad Hatter (105,000 studs)

Clayface (115,000 studs)

Man-Bat (110,000 studs)

Killer Moth (120,000 studs)

Scarecrow (135,000 studs)

The Joker (Tropical) (200,000 studs)

Nightwing (80,000 studs)

Batgirl (65,000 studs)

Ra's Al Ghul (175,000 studs)

Joker Goon (9,000 studs)

Riddler Goon (9,000 studs)

Two-Face Goon (9,000 studs)

LexBot (9,000 studs)

Hush (250,000 studs)

Clark Kent (225,000 studs)

Policeman (15,000 studs)

Policewoman (20,000 studs)

James Gordon (185,000 studs)

Martian Manhunter (140,000 studs)

Red Hood (275,000 studs)

Deadshot (275,000 studs)

Alfred (60,000 studs)

Vixen (105,000 studs)

Supergirl (300,000 studs)

Lex Luthor (225,000 studs)

Hawkman (180,000 studs)

Hawkgirl (200,000 studs)

Lois Lane (325,000 studs)

Vicki Vale (325,000 studs)

Zatanna (270,000 studs)

S.W.A.T. (35,000 studs)

Lucius Fox (85,000 studs)

Shazam (200,000 studs)

Black Adam (190,000 studs)

Azrael (290,000 studs)

Huntress (265,000 studs)

Aquaman (135,000 studs)

Superboy (275,000 studs)

Batman (Classic) (160,000 studs)

Robin (Classic) (175,000 studs)

Black Mask (305,000 studs)

Green Arrow (315,000 studs)

Lady Shiva (285,000 studs)

Victor Zsasz (235,000 studs)

Red Robin (165,000 studs)


1. Gotham Trouble

Playable Characters: Batman, Robin

Enemies: Joker Goons, Riddler Goons

Bosses: Riddler (6 hearts), Joker (10 hearts)

2. Respect for the Penguin

Playable Characters: Batman, Robin

Enemies: Policemen, Policewomen, S.W.A.T.s

Boss: Penguin (9 hearts)

3. Arkham Retreat

Playable Characters: Batman, Robin

Enemies: Two-Face Goons

Bosses: Two-Face (8 hearts), Clayface (12 hearts)

4. The Riddler at Large

Playable Characters: Batman, Robin

Enemies: Riddler Goons

Bosses: Poison Ivy (5 hearts), Riddler (7 hearts)

5. Superman's Return

Playable Characters: Batman, Robin, Superman

Enemies: Two-Face Goons, Policemen

Boss: Two-Face (12 hearts)

6. Luthor Ambush

Playable Characters: Batman, Superman

Enemies: LexBots

Boss: Lex Luthor (10 hearts)

7. Catwoman's Nine Lives

Playable Characters: Batman, Superman

Enemies: Policemen, S.W.A.T.s

Boss: Catwoman (9 hearts)

8. Heart of the Scarecrow

Playable Characters: Batman, Superman

Enemies: Policemen

Boss: Scarecrow (12 hearts)

9. The Joker's Arrest

Playable Characters: Batman, Superman

Enemies: Joker Goons

Boss: Joker (12 hearts)

10. The Riddler's Next Attention

Playable Characters: Batman, Superman

Enemies: Riddler Goons

Boss: Riddler (12 hearts)

11. Back to the Ice Cream Factory

Playable Characters: Batman, Superman, The Flash

Enemies: Policemen, Policewomen

Boss: Mr. Freeze (8 hearts)

12. Police Ambush

Playable Characters: Batman, Superman, The Flash

Enemies: Policemen, S.W.A.T.s

Boss: Penguin (10 hearts)

13. Poison Ivy's Plan

Playable Characters: Batman, Superman, Green Lantern

Enemies: Policemen

Boss: Poison Ivy (12 hearts)

14. Wonder Woman's Return

Playable Characters: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman

Enemies: Policemen

Bosses: Catwoman (8 hearts), Penguin (15 hearts)

15. Heroes Still Unite

Playable Characters: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern

Enemies: Joker Goons, Two-Face Goons, Policemen

Bosses: Two-Face (15 hearts), Joker (20 hearts)

Bonus Level: Gotham City

Playable Characters: Batman, Robin, Superman, The Flash, Riddler, Joker

Enemies: Policemen, Policewomen, Riddler Goons, Joker Goons


Gotham Trouble. - Complete story level 1

Respect for the Penguin. - Complete story level 2

Arkham Retreat. - Complete story level 3

The Riddler at Large. - Complete story level 4

Superman's Return. - Complete story level 5

Luthor Ambush. - Complete story level 6

Catwoman's Nine Lives. - Complete story level 7

Heart of the Scarecrow. - Complete story level 8

The Joker's Arrest. - Complete story level 9

The Riddler's Next Attention. - Complete story level 10

Back to the Ice Cream Factory. - Complete story level 11

Police Ambush - Complete story level 12

Poison Ivy's Plan. - Complete story level 13

Wonder Woman's Return. - Complete story level 14

Heroes Still Unite. - Complete story level 15

The superheroes save the day! - Complete Gotham City Bonus level

I'm the best superhero ever. - Complete the game to 100%

Half hero. - Complete the game to 50%

Crusaders unlocked! - Unlock all hero characters

Crime lords unlocked! - Unlock all villain characters

Two sidekicks? - Complete a level in co-op

Batman wins, the Joker loses. - Defeat the Joker with Batman

Golden hero. - Collect all Gold bricks

Cheater hero. - Collect all the red bricks

Police slayer. - Defeat 200 police-people

Henchman slayer. - Defeat 200 henchmen

10 times 10 equals a hundred, you know! - Collect 100,000,000 studs

Heroes meet villains? - Unlock all characters

Goon time, anyone? - Unlock all henchman characters

Somebody call the cops! - Unlock all police characters

The lucky girl. - Unlock all female characters

Here comes a new hero in town! - Test any custom character

Minikits unite! - Collect all minikits

That man is up in the sky? - Fly with Superman

Undefeated hero. - Complete any level without dying

Citizen saver. - Rescue all citizens

Person shocker. - Shock 50 enemies with Joker's hand buzzer

Freezer dude. - Freeze 5 enemies with Mr. Freeze

Jester killer. - Defeat Harley Quinn with Robin

Ra's Al Ghul versus the Scarecrow! - Defeat Scarecrow with Ra's Al Ghul

Zatanna smasher. - Defeat Zatanna with Harley Quinn's hammer

Here, kitty, kitty. - Defeat Catwoman with Azrael

Good news, bad news. - Defeat Lex Luthor with Superman

Check and mate! - Defeat Mad Hatter with a custom character

Finders keepers, losers weepers. - Defeat Martian Manhunter with Hush

You're upset, aren't you? - Defeat Two-Face with Victor Zsasz

Got the robots! - Defeat 10 LexBots in 10 seconds

Muscle time. - Defeat 100 enemies with super strength

Vrooooom! - Unlock all vehicles

Suit hero. - Collect all suits


This game has 250 Gold bricks

This game has 20 red bricks

This game features talking characters

Batman and Robin Suits

Batman (Tornado Suit)

Batman (Arctic Suit)

Batman (Glide Suit)

Batman (Laser Suit)

Robin (Boxing Suit)

Robin (Gorilla Suit)

Robin (Magnet Suit)

Robin (Toy Suit)


  1. Score x2
  2. Score x4
  3. Score x6
  4. Score x8
  5. Score x10
  6. Fall Rescue
  7. Always Double Score
  8. Fast Build
  9. Extra Toggle
  10. Disguises
  11. Stud Magnet
  12. Character Studs
  13. Red Brick Detector
  14. Minikit Detector
  15. Extra Hearts
  16. Regenerate Hearts
  17. Fast Grapple
  18. Immune to Freeze
  19. Glow-in-the-Dark
  20. Invincibility

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