This is a Fanon-Made follow up from the Game LEGO Batman 2: DC Comics. You have already unlocked Batman and begin outside Gotham Bank. You Unlock Batcave after Chapter 1.


Chapter 1: It's All About the Money, Money

Gold Bricks: 5

Boss: Clayface

Hearts: 3

Characters Unlocked: Robin, Riddler Goon, Riddler Henchmen, Clayface

Location: Gotham Bank

Chapter 2: Riddler's Thrill for Batman's Chill

Gold Bricks: 5

Boss: Mr Freeze, The Riddler

Hearts: Mr Freeze = 5, Riddler = 1

Characters Unlocked: Mr Freeze, Freeze Girl (Red + Blue), Freeze Henchmen

Location: Ice Factory

Chapter 3: Villians Don't Grow On Trees!

Gold Bricks: 5

Boss: Posion Ivy

Hearts: 4

Characters Unlocked: Plant Goon, Plant Henchmen

Location: Gotham Park

Chapter 4: Scarecrow, A Friend or Foe?

Gold Bricks: 5

Boss: The Scarecrow

Hearts: 6

Characters Unlocked: The Scarecrow

Location: Fairground

Chapter 5: No Time for Clowing Around!

Gold Bricks: 5

Boss: Harley Quinn

Hearts: 5

Characters Unlocked: Clown Goon, Mime Goon

Location: Fairground

Chapter 6: Mad Hatter, Matter Had, Had Matter!

Gold Bricks: 5

Boss: Mad Hatter

Hearts: 6

Characters Unlocked: Mad Hatter, Nightwing

Location: Town Hall

Chapter 7: Mary How Does your Garden Grow?

Gold Bricks: 5

Boss: Posion Ivy, Scarecrow

Hearts: Ivy = 3, Scarecrow = 4

Characters Unlocked: Posion Ivy, Batgirl

Location: Barbara Gorden-Batgirl's Home/Garden

Chapter 8: Turn the Lights Off!

Gold Bricks: 5

Boss: Killer Moth

Hearts: 8

Characters Unlocked: Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake, Killer Moth

Location: Power Factory

Chapter 9: Hand a Flipper, or Fish for Tea!

Gold Bricks: 5

Boss: Catwoman, The Penguin

Hearts: Catwoman = 3, Penguin = 7

Characters Unlocked: Catwoman (Classic), The Penguin

Location: The Penguin's Submarine

Chapter 10: Lex Luthor the T-Rex Looser

Gold Bricks: 5

Boss: Lex Luthor

Hearts: 12

Characters Unlocked: Superman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman

Location: Batcave

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