This page has the DLC for LEGO Batman 3: The Bat Family!

JLA Heroes Pack 1-$4.99

Green Lantern-New Moveset

Flash-New Moveset

Wonder Woman-New Moveset

Cyborg (Bigfig)-New Moveset

Martian Manhunter-New Moveset

JLA Villains Pack-$4.99

Profesor Zoom-Same Moveset as Flash

Doomsday (Bigfig)-Same Moveset as Bane

Star Saphire-New Moveset

Mirror Master-New Moveset

Black Adam-New Moveset

JLA Heroes Pack 2-$4.99

Aquaman-New Moveset

Hawkman (Bigfig)-New Moveset

Green Arrow-New Moveset

Black Canary-New Moveset

Red Tornado-New Moveset

Legion of Doom Pack-$6.99

Bizzaro-Same Moveset as Superman

Black Manta-New Moveset

Braniac (Bigfig)-New Moveset

Captain Cold-Same Moveset as Mr. Freeze

Cheetah-Same Moveset as Catwoman

Lex Luthor (Power Armor Bigfig)-Same Moveset as Cyborg

Sinestro-Same Moveset as Green Lantern

Toyman-Same Moveset  as Joker

JLA Heroes Pack 3-$4.99

The Atom-New Moveset

Zatana-New Moveset

Hawkgirl-New Moveset

Captain Marvel (SHAZAM!)-Same Moveset as Black Adam

Plastic Man-New Moveset

LEGO Classics Pack 1-$4.99

1980 Townsperson (City)-Same Moveset as a Basic Civillain

1987 Black Falcon (Castle)-New Moveset

1996 Sheriff (Wild West)-Same Moveset as Hush or Two-Face

1989 Pirate (Pirates)-New Moveset

1979 Spaceman (Space)-New Moveset

LEGO Classics Pack 2-$5.99

2000 King Leo (Castle)-Same Moveset as Black Falcon

1989 Captain Redbeard (Pirates)-Same Moveset as Pirate

1998 Johnny Thunder (Adventurers)-Same Moveset as Sheriff

2002 Biff Starling (Space)-Same Moveset as Spaceman

1999 Axel (Rock Raiders)-New Moveset

LEGO Video Games Pack-$6.99

Luke Skywalker-New Moveset

Indiana Jones-New Moveset

Harry Potter-Same Moveset as Zatana

Jack Sparrow-Same Moveset as Pirate

Spiderman-New Moveset

Frodo Baggins-New Moveset

Pets Pack-$3.99

Pets Pack-$3.99
Name Abilities
Krypto the Wonder Dog


Heat Up Gold

Freeze Objects

X-Ray Vision

Break Glass (Super Sonic Bark)





Mogo the Bat Ape


Super Strength

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