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Lego Beetlejuice is a Lego game that follows Tim Burton's classic released in 1988. A DLC pack will be included for when Beetlejuice 2 is released.


Part I: Recently Deceased

Perfect Vacation

Summary: Jane keeps trying to get into the house. Get her away from the kitchen by finding the draw string to the window shades. When the door opens, head to the basement and fend her off by fixing the shades down there. In town, find a way into Maitland Hardware. Inside, gather supplies and then head back to the car.

Characters: Adam Maitland, Barbra Maitland

Enemies: None

Boss: Jane (2 Hearts)

Fateful Drive

Summary: The Firetruck can shoot water at the practice targets and the flaming dummies. Go through town and find ways around road blocks and traffic jams. Move on and figure out a way to get the dog to move from the entrance to the bridge.

Vehicles: Maitland's Car, Firetruck

Enemies: Dummies

Boss: None

That Sinking Feeling

Summary: On the part of the car that crashed through the bridge wall, find a way to stabalize the car. As the dog on the bridge, dig up a board and place it under the car tire and jump on it. The following portions are only one team. After a falling portion, try and build something that floats from the debris around the overturned car. In the dark house, get a fire going in the fireplace and pick up the Handbook for the Recently Deceased.

Characters: (Team 1) Adam Maitland, Barbra Maitland, (Team 2) Dog

Enemies: Crocodile

Boss: None


Summary: The Deetz's have moved in! Fix up the closet so Barabra can try to scare them. Try setting up a murder scene in the next room. Rush to the upstairs attic to lock it before Charles Deetz gets there.

Characters: Adam Maitland, Barbra Maitland, Adam (Headless)

Enemies: Mover

Boss: None


Summary: Barbra wandered out of the house. Navigate the dangerous sand landscape to get back to the door and get back to the house. Defeat the giant Sandworm when it attacks.

Characters: Adam (Sandy), Barbra (Sandy)

Enemies: Sandworm

Boss: Sandworm (6 Hearts)

In Case of Emergency...

Summary: Hold the door shut so Lydia Deetz cannot get into the attic. The find a piece of chalk to draw a door and enter the Afterlife Reception Area. Make your way through the halls to find Juno in the redecorated house. Then try and scare the Deetz family once more. Stop Lydia from using her camera to take pictures.

Characters: Adam Maitland, Barbra Maitland, Juno, Adam (Sheet), Barbra (Sheet)

Enemies: Lost Soul, Skeleton

Boss: Lydia Deetz (3 Hearts)

Part II: Beetlejuice

Here Lies Betelgeuse

Summary: Make your way through Adam's model to the cemetery. Use the shovels to dig up his grave. Fight off the skeletons that attack until Beetlejuice escapes his coffin. Use his abilities to access new areas and help the Maitlands get out of the model town. Then go and possess the Deetz and their guests at dinner.

Characters: Adam Maitland, Barbra Maitland, Beetlejuice (Cloak)

Enemies: Skeleton, Skeleton (Shroud), Dante's Inferno Girl

Boss: None

Slithering Surprise

Summary: Hide from the Deetz Family in the attic. In the downstairs hallway, fight Beetlejuice when he attacks in his snake form. Build three things so Barbra can yell Beetlejuice's name loud enough.

Characters: Adam Maitland, Barbra Maitland, Delia (Dinner), Lydia Deetz

Enemies: Skeleton, Dante's Inferno Girl

Boss: Beetlejuice (Snake) (6 Hearts)


Summary: Juno reprimands Adam and Barbra for summoning Beetlejuice. Make your way to her office, getting through the recently deceased Football players. Help Juno make the couple scarier. Head back through the halls to the house.

Characters: Adam Maitland, Barbra Maitland, Juno, Adam (Scary), Barbra (Scary)

Enemies: Skeleton, Football Player

Boss: None

Accidental Excorcism

Summary: Figure out Beetlejuice's name by using clues in the attic. Head downstairs and set up things for the ritual with Otho. Gather the other four members of the house and perform the ritual to raise Barbra (Wedding) and then raise Adam (Tux). Once they grow old, hurry to find Beetlejuice before it is too late.

Characters: Lydia Deetz, Beetlejuice (Cloak), Otho

Enemies: Lost Soul, Sculpture, Skeleton

Boss: None


Summary: Beetlejuice is free! Stop the excorcism and get rid of the guests in true Beetlejuice fashion. Complete the carnival games and stop Otho before he can escape.

Characters: Lydia Deetz, Beetlejuice

Enemies: Guest, Lost Soul, Skeleton, Sculpture

Boss: Otho (3 Hearts)

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Summary: Stop Beetlejuice before he can marry Lydia (Wedding). Fix the Model Car and get it off the edge of the model. Help Barbra say Beetlejuice's name loud enough. When she is transported to Titan, help her tame the Sandworm. Defeat Beetlejuice once and for all.

Characters: Delia (Final), Charles (Dinner), Barbra (Wedding)

Vehicles: Sandworm, Sandworm (Barbra)

Enemies: Lost Soul, Skeleton, Sculpture, Sand Larva

Boss(es): Beetlejuice (3 Hearts), Sandworm (6 Hearts), Beetlejuice (Wedding) (6 Hearts)

Characters (75)

  • Beetlejuice
    • Beetlejuice (Cloak)
    • Beetlejuice (Normal)
    • Beetlejuice (Wedding)
    • Beetlejuice (Animated Series)
  • Adam Maitland
    • Adam (Headless)
    • Adam (Sandy)
    • Adam (Sheet)
    • Adam (Scary)
    • Adam (Tux)
    • Adam (Old)
  • Barbra Maitland
    • Barbra (Sandy)
    • Barbra (Sheet)
    • Barbra (Scary)
    • Barbra (Wedding)
    • Barbra (Old)
  • Lydia Deetz
    • Lydia (Veil)
    • Lydia (Wedding)
    • Lydia (Animated Series)
  • Delia Deetz
    • Delia (Dinner)
    • Delia (Casual)
    • Delia (Apron)
    • Delia (Final Battle)
  • Charles Deetz
    • Charles (Robe)
    • Charles (Casual)
    • Charles (Dinner)
  • Otho
    • Otho (Circus)
    • Otho (Dinner)
  • Juno
  • Miss Argentina
  • Old Bill
  • Ernie
  • Fireman
    • Fireman (Casual)
  • Mover
    • Mover (Bald)
  • Football Player
  • Football Player (Ghost)
  • Lost Soul
  • Skeleton
    • Skeleton (Shroud)
  • Sculpture
  • Dummy
  • Guest
  • Sand Larva
  • Dog
  • Jane Butterfield
    • Jane (Mourning)
  • Jane Jr.
  • Char Man
  • Janitor
  • Maxie Dean
    • Maxie (Work)
  • Bernard
  • Grace
  • Beryl
  • Sarah Dean
  • Preacher
  • Dante Inferno Girl
  • Hanging Man
  • Ferndoch
  • Shark Victim
  • Shrunken Head
  • Witch Doctor
  • Deceased Woman (Torso)
  • Deceased Woman (Legs)
  • Deceased Surgeon
  • Francis Olson
  • George Olson


  • Maitland's Car
  • Firetruck
  • Van
  • Sandworm
  • Sandworm (Barbra)
  • Beetlejuice's Car
  • Model Car
  • Police Car
  • Funeral Limo
  • Jane's Car
  • Crane
  • Moving Van
  • Sculpture
  • Weeder

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