LEGO Ben 10: The Video Game follows 10 year-old Ben Tennyson's first series of adventures (seasons 1-4) plus a handful of extra levels with loads of Green Bricks to collect, Alien Kit peices to discover and build, tons of Extras to toggle and characters to unlock, you'll never stop until you get 100.00%. It has 6 levels per season (which sums each season up) and 3 extra levels per season. This game will be released in late 2012 by TT Games and a sequel to this game will be released in mid 2013.


Season 1 And There Where 10: Ben Tennyson; Heatblast, Wildmutt, Diamondhead, XLR8, Gwen Tennyson, Maxwell Tennyson

Permanent Retirement: Ben Tennyson; Upgrade, Ghostfreak, Wildmutt, Heatblast, Gwen Tennyson, Maxwell Tennyson, Vera Tennyson

Hunted: Ben Tennyson; Diamondhead, Ghostfreak, Grey Matter, Gwen Tennyson, Maxwell Tennyson, Tetrax

Kevin 11:

Lucky Girl:


Bonus Levels (S1)

The Kraken:


Last Laugh:

Side Effects:

Season 2

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