LEGO Blackadder: the video game is based on the four television series of Blackadder, starring Rowan Atkinson as an intelligent yet often imbecilic coward who dreams of greatness. Existing throughout history with the ever cunning Baldrick, he dreams of greatness, but there always appears to be somebody standing in his way, represented for the first time in LEGO's classicly entertaining style! The game features 380 playable characters, including 19 unlocked in each level, 7 purchasable after each mission, one bonus character per level, 7 unlockable characters from the Cavalier Years bonus, and the game's overall bonus character, Mr Bean!

Baldrick's Time Machine - The Hub

The game hub involves six locations, one for each level. There is the Royal Castle (Prince Edmund), Lord Blackadder's house, Mrs Miggins' pie shop (Mr E Blackadder Esq), Ebenezer Blackadder's moustache shop, the trench dugout (Captain E Blackadder), and Lord Blackadder V's basement. Existing in all locations is Baldrick's time machine, which allows the player to choose which location they wish to travel to, thus deciding which level they wish to play in. Characters are found roaming in their respective locations, dependent on the levels they feature in, and any enemies must be fought before they can be purchased. Extras are bought from the time machine, and this is where the bonus level can be accessed, after all of the minikits have been built; along with the minikits themselves (unlocked for finding 10 black adders in each level). Only Blackadder and Baldrick have access to the time machine and will automatically change to different versions of themselves when another time zone is selected. Cutscenes can only be viewed while playing as Baldrick, when he drowns himself in the lavatory.

Level 1 - The Black Adder

The Foretelling

Playable characters: Prince Edmund (Duke of Edinburgh), Baldrick, Lord Percy Percy (Duke of Northumberland)

Overview: The War of the Roses has almost reached its climax, and King Richard III is about to ride to battle. On the morning of the battle, though, Edmund oversleeps, and turns up late! Edmund and Baldrick must first make their way to the cottage without being seen by enemy nights, by hiding behind bushes. After the battle is won, a mysterious figure tries to steal Edmund's horse, and they must defeat him. Unfortunately, it turns out to be King Richard! When Percy finds the body, they must work together to try and rebuild him. Back at the castle, King Richard IV is crowned, while Percy has foolishly invited Henry Tudor to recooperate in Edmund's bed! When Queen Gertrude of Flanders appears to check on Edmund, Percy and he must hide Henry Tudor and then fight King Richard III's ghost. At the end, Henry Tudor flees, and Edmund and Baldrick follow. They meet three witches and must find ingredients for their potion, before being told Edmund will be King! It is later revealed that the witches thought he was Henry Tudor...

Level Type: Stealth, Boss, Puzzle

Boss(es): King Richard III (3 hearts), King Richard III (ghost) (5 hearts)

Minikit: King Richard's Head

The Queen of Spain's Beard

Playable characters: Baldrick, Lord Percy Percy (Duke of Northumberland), Prince Edmund (Duke of Edinburgh), King Richard IV

Overview: King Richard IV has arranged a marriage between Edmund and the Spanish Infanta. Unfortunately, when she arrives, she is a hideous woman, with a very annoying translator, Don Speekingleesh. To escape the wedding, Baldrick and Lord Percy must find a new outift for Edmund by completing favours for people around the castle. Unfortunately the outfit makes the Infanta love Edmund more, so he must marry Tilly Applebottom. Baldrick and Lord Percy must clean her house and then build a cross for Reverend Lloyd. Then, they must fight Mr Applebottom. Finally, they send Baldrick to the Infanta's room to sleep with her so she's no longer a virgin. When the plan fails, the wedding is about to go ahead when Richard announces they are no longer allied with Spain, and Edmund and he must fight the Infanta and the translator. In the end, Edmund marries Princess Leia of Hungary, who unfortunately turns out to be a child...

Level type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss(es): Mr Applebottom (4 hearts), Infanta Maria Escalosa (4 hearts), Don Speekingleesh (6 hearts)

Minikit: The Famous Stone of Galveston

The Archbishop

Playable characters: King Richard IV, Harry (Prince of Wales), Prince Edmund (Archbishop), Baldrick (monk), Lord Percy (bishop)

Overview: Archbishop Herbert is dying, and Archbishop Godfrey is trying to make him leave his lands to the church. The King and Prince Harry must find the necessary papers, and then when Herbert does leave land to the church, they must fight Godfrey. Then, Edmund is made the new Archbishop of Canterbury, placing him in danger! When the Duke of Westminster dies, Edmund successfully makes him leave land to the King, and is closer to his father than ever. When they return to Canterbury, Edmund and Baldrick search for fake relics that they can sell. Then, after the King is heard talking about an ancestor of his, two drunken knights arrive, trying to kill Edmund. Baldrick and Percy must barricade the door before finding the secret passage to the nunnery. There, all three must fight the knights by breaking the beds and building catapults. Then, the Mother Superior and Sister Sara arrive, and Edmund is no longer archbishop, setting fire to the nunnery as he leaves...

Level type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss(es): Archbishop Godfrey (4 hearts), Drunken Sir Justin de Boinod (3 hearts), Drunken Sir George de Boeuf (3 hearts)

Minikit: Sacred Fingers

Born to be King

Playable characters: Prince Edmund (Duke of Edinburgh), Baldrick, Lord Percy Percy (Duke of Northumberland), Queen Gertrude of Flanders, Dougal MacAngus (Duke of Argyll)

Overview: King Richard IV is away fighting the Turks, and while Prince Harry is Regent, Edmund is left to organise St Leonard's day. Baldrick, Lord Percy and he must first find all of the papers relating to possible acts. Unfortunately, once they have found all of them, they realise none of the good ones are available. When MacAngus arrives, he insults Edmund, who swears revenge, persuading him to perform in a play being shown. Edmund, Baldrick and Percy must find the three fake daggers and replace them with real ones. Once the play begins, Edmund finds out that his mother was having an affair and he needs MacAngus to prove it, so he saves his life. MacAngus reveals that it is true - but Harry is not the illegitimate heir, Edmund is. When the King returns, Edmund and the Queen must fight MacAllistair. When he wins, Edmund pretends to befriend him, but later the two of them must rebuild a damaged cannon, and then Edmund accidentally brutally blows the Scotsman's head off...

Level type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss(es): Dougal MacAngus (Duke of Argyll) (8 hearts)

Minikit: King Richard IV's Fruit Knife

Witchsmeller Persuivant

Playable characters: Prince Edmund (Duke of Edinburgh), Baldrick, Lord Percy Percy (Duke of Northumberland), Prince Edmund (Witch), Baldrick (Witch), Lord Percy (Witch), Queen Gertrude of Flanders, Princess Leia of Hungary

Overview: After plague has struck, the King is ill and the Witchsmeller Pursuivant is called to the castle. Edmund, Baldrick and Percy decide to travel into the village to try and find him, but must avoid being seen by infected peasants, by hiding behind moving carts or market stalls. After the Witchsmeller arrives, Edmund is falsely accused of being a witch, and then in an unfair trial, Percy and Baldrick are accused as well. While in prison, they come up with a plan, and after being sentenced to death, they use their newly learnt magic to teleport. They must try to escape the castle by using their magic on the guards. When they are arrested again, the Queen and Princess Leia must find the guards presents so that they can visit the prison and give Edmund a voodoo doll. During the execution, they must defeat the guards and get close enough for Gertrude to defeat the Witchsmeller, by repeated dropping the voodoo doll into the fire, using her own magic...

Level type: Stealth, Brawl, Puzzle, Boss

Enemies: Castle Guards

Boss(es): Witchsmeller Pursuivant (4 hearts)

Minikit: Voodoo Doll

The Black Seal

Playable characters: Prince Edmund (Black Seal), Philip of Burgundy (Retired Morris Dancer), Mad Gerald, Baldrick (Wench), Lord Percy (Wench)

Overview: Having been stripped of his title and duties in Edinburgh on St Juniper's Day, Edmund fires Baldrick and Percy and employs a retired morris dancer to help him plan a mutiny. The two of them must hire the six most dangerous men in England, by saving Sir Wilfred Death from enemy soldiers, finding a bow and playing archery with Three Fingered Pete, fighting the nobleman for Guy of Glastonbury, stealing money from the blind for Sean the Irish Bastard, building a bed for Friar Bellows, and fighting Jack Large. Then, the morris dancer reveals he is an old enemy, Philip of Burgundy. He locks Blackadder up with Mad Gerald, and the two must work together to defeat the snail, escape with the key and release the black pigeons. Then, the Black Seal betrays Blackadder, and torture him. Baldrick and Percy must find the members of the Black Seal and give them poisoned wine glasses, before building traps for Philip and giving him three glasses to kill him. Unfortunately, Percy's poisoned all the wine, and everyone else in the castle - including Edmund - end up dying as well...

Level type: Puzzle, Brawl, Boss

Enemies: Enemy Soldiers

Boss(es): Nobleman (3 hearts), Jack Large (5 hearts), Giant Snail (2 hearts), Philip of Burgundy (The Hawk) (3 hearts)

Minikit: Black Pigeon

Level 2 - Blackadder II


Playable characters: Lord Blackadder, Baldrick II, Lord Percy Percy II, Kate (Bob), Doctor Leech

Overview: Kate's father is ill and they have no money, so she decides to travel to London, disguise herself as a boy, and become Blackadder's manservant. Meanwhile, Blackadder and Percy are practising archery, but Percy accidentally fires arrows around the room. Blackadder, Percy and Baldrick must collect all the arrows. Then, Kate arrives, pretending to be Bob. They must work together to build a catapult and fire Baldrick out the window. Then, Blackadder visits the Doctor, fearing that he loves Kate, believing her to be a man; they must work together to find leeches around the room that have escaped from the broken fish tank. When the leech treatment does not work, Baldrick and Blackadder must sneak past Old Crones, with Baldrick using his stench to paralyse them, and then help out the Wise Woman. When she still can't help, Kate reveals her true identity, and Blackadder proposes. At the wedding, Lord Flashheart arrives, and Blackadder and Percy must throw his bombs back at him before he elopes with Kate. Still, at least Blackadder can marry Baldrick, the bridesmaid...

Level type: Puzzle, Stealth, Boss

Boss(es): Lord Flashheart (3 hearts)

Minikit: Tank of Leeches


Playable characters: Lord Blackadder, Lord Percy (tiny ruff), Gaoler Ploppy, Mrs Ploppy, Queenie (Elizabeth I), Nursie

Overview: Queen Elizabeth I and Lord Melchett inform Blackadder that he will be the new Lord High Executioner. Percy and he first plan an efficient week of beheadings, deciding that Farrow will die on Monday instead of Wednesday. They go to the prison and must help out, finding the keys to free Gaoler Ploppy from a cell and fighting off prisoners, finding sausages for Mrs Ploppy, and finding the Executioner's (Baldrick's) axe. After they execute Farrow, Queenie tells Mrs Farrow that she can visit, and Gaoler and Mrs Ploppy must block the corridors before using their stench to fight her, so that Blackadder can disguise himself as Farrow. Then, Queenie pardons him, before going to visit Ponsonby. Blackadder hides Farrow's head, and Queenie and Nursie must follow him while finding replacements for the pikes in Traitor's Cloister. When they can't, they go to the prison. Then, Percy reveals they haven't killed Farrow, but they did kill Poncenby, so Blackadder ends up disguising himself yet again...

Level type: Puzzle, Brawl, Boss

Enemies: Prisoners

Boss(es): Lady Farrow (3 hearts)

Minikit: Poncenby's Head


Playable characters: Lord Melchett, Baldrick (festival), Lord Percy (festival), Lord Blackadder, Captain Redbeard Rum, Baldrick II, Lord Percy Percy II

Overview: Sir Walter Raleigh is returning with his famous potatoes and a festival is held in his honour. Melchett visits Blackadder, who steals his festival costume, so Lord Melchett, Baldrick and Percy must find his eyepatch, hat and spyglass. Then, Blackadder is summoned to the court, where he announces he will become an explorer himself, jealous of Walter Raleigh. He visits Captain Rum in the pub and the two of them must find bottles of rum. Then, aboard the ship, the two must find pieces of a map and build a telescope. When they realise they have arrived in New Zealand, they are attacked by cannibals and must fight them off until Baldrick and Percy escape with the bottles of urine. Back in England, presents are given to Nursie and Queenie, but Melchett and Walter Raleigh get angry and must be defeated by Baldrick and Percy, who have to give them the urine to drink. Fortunately, they like the "foreign wine", and even better, Baldrick has an inexhausible supply...

Level type: Puzzle, Brawl, Boss

Enemies: Cannibals

Boss(es): Sir Walter Raleigh (2 hearts), Lord Melchett (2 hearts)

Minikit: "Foreign Wine" aka Baldrick's Water


Playable characters: Lord Blackadder, Baldrick II, Lord Percy (alchemist)

Overview: The Baby-Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells appears, demanding the repayment of a large loan to Blackadder. Blackadder and Baldrick must find a way through the graveyard to see the grave of the last person to cross the Bishop. Then, they must go to the docks to make money. When Baldrick does not kiss a sailor, he gets angry and Blackadder and Baldrick must fight him. The money they do make is taken by Queenie, so they go back home where Percy is trying out alchemy. They must help him find ingredients and repair the equipment, but it produces Green instead of Gold, so they must sell the house to Mr and Mrs Pants. and Blackadder and Baldrick must clean and repair the room. Then, the money they make is taken by Queenie yet again. When the Baby-Eating Bishop does return again, they must find the drugged wine and give it to him, before fighting him until he is asleep. They hire a painter to draw the Bishop in a compromising position, in bed with Percy...

Level type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss(es): Baby-Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells (6 hearts)

Minikit: Broach of Pure Green


Playable characters: Lord Blackadder, Queenie (Elizabeth I), Nursie, Lord Blackadder (boy's night), Baldrick II, Lord Percy Percy II, Lord Blackadder (Cardinal Chunder)

Overview: As Lord Blackadder and Percy have breakfast, Blackadder is summoned to the court, where Melchett is apparently dying. Unfortunately, it turns out that he is drunk, and Blackadder, Queenie and Nursie must find the ingredients to make him a coffee. After Blackadder gloats about Melchett, Queenie says they will have a drinking bout with money at stake. Then, Lord and Lady Whiteadder arrive to discuss Blackadder's inheritence. Blackadder and Baldrick must hide the drinking guests, before fighting Queenie, who they think is an uninvited girlfriend of Percy's after she arrives in disguise. Blackadder returns to his aunt and uncle, unfortunately still dressed for the boy's night. Percy and he must find and deliver the turnips. Then, drunk Freddie Frobisher bursts in and the two friends must fight him. After Blackadder leaves again, he is forced to drink and returns pretending to be Cardinal Chunder. Percy and he must then fight Lady Whiteadder by throwing turnips and beer at her. Then, Queenie escapes, and everyone ends up drunk...

Level type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss(es): Queenie (boy's night) (3 hearts), Freddie Frobisher (4 hearts), Lady Whiteadder (6 hearts)

Minikit: Turnip


Playable characters: Lord Blackadder, Lord Melchett, Baldrick (pencil case), Lord Percy (fruit salad)

Overview: Lord Blackadder and Lord Melchett are attacked by the German guards as they leave the royal court, and are ultimately kidnapped. While in prison, they must find a way to open the locked door, and then repair the torture machine for Prince Ludwig and the torturer. After being tortured, they tell Prince Ludwig how he can infiltrate the court. Then, they must build a trap for the German Guards and then fight the torturer so as to escape. When they return to the royal court, Queenie is throwing a fancy dress party with the ransom money. Nursie is dressed as a cow, as ever, but Blackadder reveals it is actually Ludwig, because the cow costume is too good. Baldrick, Percy and Blackadder must fight Prince Ludwig, dressed as the cow, then chase him into the corridor and fight him again by throwing his bombs back at the statues he stands under. After he is apparently killed, however, the entire court is slaughtered by a mysterious German dressed as Queenie...

Level type: Puzzle, Brawl, Boss

Enemies: German Guards 1, German Guards 2

Boss(es): Spanish Torturer (4 hearts), Prince Ludwig (cow) (6 hearts), Prince Ludwig the Indestructible (3 hearts)

Minikit: Scythe

Level 3 - Blackadder the Third

Dish and Dishonesty

Playable characters: Mr E Blackadder Esq, Prince George IV, Sodoff Baldrick, Mr Blackadder (Robes of State), Mrs Miggins

Overview: William Pitt the Younger has become PM, and has vowed to get rid of Prince George for good. George, blissfully unaware, has lost his socks, and Blackadder and he must find them around his bedroom. Then, Lord Buxomley arrives, and they must build a comfy chair and find wine for him so as to get him on side. When he dies unexpectedly, Baldrick enters the election, and Blackadder cheats to ensure he gets into Parliament. When the other candidates fight back, Blackadder and Baldrick must fight them. Then in Parliament, William Pitt tricks Baldrick into voting against George, and the vote goes to the House of Lords. Blackadder and George must fight William Pitt when he visits by throwing jelly at him. Then Blackadder persuades George to elect a new Lord, but the Prince elects Baldrick, who takes all the money. Mrs Miggins and Blackadder fight Baldrick for the money by throwing the massive turnip at him, before realising he spent it all on the priceless turnip they just destroyed...

Level type: Puzzle, Brawl, Boss

Enemies: Politicians

Boss(es): Brigadier General Horace Bolsom (2 hearts), Ivor Biggun (2 hearts), William Pitt the Younger (4 hearts), Baldrick (Robes of State) (3 hearts)

Minikit: Colin the Dachshund

Ink and Incapability

Playable characters: Mr E Blackadder Esq, Sodoff Baldrick, Mrs Miggins (poet), Prince George IV,

Overview: Samuel Johnson is visiting so as to get George's support for the dictionary, but Blackadder dislikes him for not supporting one of his own novels. As he talks to George, Baldrick and Blackadder must find coal, wood and paper to build a fire. Unfortunately Baldrick burns the dictionary, and Blackadder visits Mrs Miggins' to try and find out if there is a copy, but must help her to deliver coffee to the poets. When Blackadder returns, he must rewrite the whole dictionary, but falls asleep. Baldrick and George decide to write it themselves and must find paper, a quill and some pictures of things to include in the dictionary, while Blackadder has a weird dream. When Johnson arrives, Blackadder and Baldrick must fight the poets, before fighting Samuel Johnson himself. Then, George reveals the dictionary wasn't burnt at all, and it was Blackadder's novel that was burnt. When Johnson storms out, having realised he missed several words, Baldrick actually does burn it on a new fire...

Level type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss(es): Mr Shelley (2 hearts), Mr Byron (3 hearts), Mr Coleridge (4 hearts), Doctor Samuel Johnson (5 hearts)

Minikit: The Dictionary

Nob and Nobility

Playable characters: Mr Blackadder (France), Baldrick (Scarlet Pimple), Mrs Miggins (French), Le Comte de Frou Frou, Smedley (Madame Guillotine)

Overview: After George befriends Topper and Smedley, two French aristocrats, and they talk of the Scarlet Pimpernel, Blackadder claims he can save a French aristocrat from revolutionary France. Baldrick and he go to Mrs Miggin's pie shop where they must find items for the different aristocrats, in order to find one to help them. When they befriend Frou Frou, they go to the Embassy, where they are all captured by revolutionaries. Blackadder and Baldrick must find the mug and the suicide pill, and then they poison Madame Guillotine, who then reveals themself to be Lord Smedley. They must sneak past the revolutionaries and find Frou Frou, fighting his guards, during which Smedley dies of the poison. Back with George, Blackadder claims he saved Frou Frou, but then the aristocrat reveals he is Topper, and actually the Scarlet Pimpernel. Baldrick and Blackadder must fight him by throwing mugs with suicide pills at him. Then, Blackadder tricks George into thinking he is the Scarlet Pimpernel...

Level type: Puzzle, Stealth, Brawl, Boss

Enemies: Evil Revolutionaries 1, Evil Revolutionaries 2

Boss(es): Topper (Scarlet Pimpernel) (3 hearts)

Minikit: Suspicious-Looking Sausage

Sense and Senility

Playable characters: Mr Blackadder (theatre), Prince George (theatre), Mr E Blackadder Esq, Mrs Miggins, Sodoff Baldrick, Prince George IV, Baldrick (Head Butler)

Overview: Blackadder is being dragged to the theatre yet again by Prince George, when an anarchist attacks. They must sneak past the anarchist and then fight him by throwing his bombs back. After George is blown up, Blackadder recommends he gives a speech at his father's party to win over the lower classes, and George wants to be taught by the actors. Blackadder goes to Mrs Miggins' and must help her deliver pies to the actors, then Blackadder asks them to the palace. There, Blackadder and Baldrick must build traps for the actors to irritate them. After Prince George favours them over Blackadder, he resigns and Baldrick becomes Head Butler. He overhears the actors practising their next play and thinks they are planning to kill George. When he tells the Prince, the two of them must find a play to hide before the actors return. When they do, Blackadder also returns, and they all work together to fight the actors. Then, Blackadder decides to put on his own play; "Thick Jack Clot Sits in the Stocks and Gets Pelted with Rancid Tomatoes", in which the Prince will take the title role...

Level type: Stealth, Boss, Puzzle

Boss(es): Anarchist (4 hearts), David Keanrick (4 hearts), Enoch Mossop (4 hearts)

Minikit: Anarchist's Bomb

Amy and Amiability

Playable characters: Mr E Blackadder Esq, Prince George IV, Mr Blackadder (highwayman), Baldrick (highwayman's horse), Sodoff Baldrick

Overview: Blackadder and Baldrick have no money. Blackadder hopes to borrow some from George, but he has none, having given it all away in a game of Cards. To get money the Prince should marry, and the two of them must find pictures of possible brides around the palace. Blackadder decides that Amy would be a suitable wife and George and he visit her at night, but when George acts like a hooligan, the two of them must sneak away from under the balcony. However, Amy turns out to be poor, and George has spent all the money he expected to receive! Blackadder and Baldrick become highwaymen like The Shadow, and must find a way to delay the Cheapside carriage, before fighting the Duke of Cheapside. Amy then reveals that she is The Shadow. Blackadder decides to steal all the Prince's belongings and elope with her, but she betrays him. Baldrick saves Blackadder and the two of them must fight her. George gets all the money, until Blackadder suggests a game of cards...

Level type: Puzzle, Stealth, Boss

Boss(es): The Duke of Cheapside (4 hearts), Amy (The Shadow) (8 hearts)

Minikit: Squirrel

Duel and Duality

Playable characters: Mr E Blackadder Esq, Sodoff Baldrick, Mr Blackadder (Prince George), Prince George (Mr Blackadder), British Soldier, British Soldier

Overview: After sleeping with his daughters, Prince George is about to be visited and brutally murdered by the Duke of Wellington. Blackadder is volunteered to fight the Duke instead, and he decides that his cousin MacAdder could do it. Baldrick and Blackadder visit Mrs Miggins' and must clean up MacAdder's mess for her. Then, Wellington arrives, befriending Blackadder (who he thinks is the Prince) and giving him a cigarillo case. While they talk, George and Baldrick must fetch drinks for him. Blackadder and Prince George must then take control of the armies on the Battle Map and show Wellington how to defeat the French. Soon after, MacAdder backs out of the fight, and Blackadder must fight himself. Blackadder and Baldrick must build the cannon and then use it to fight Wellington. Then, Blackadder is shot, but survives because of the cigarillo case. The real Prince reveals his identity and is killed, while Blackadder goes off with King George III, becoming Prince Regent himself...

Level type: Puzzle, Brawl, Boss

Enemies: Spanish Soldiers, French Soldiers

Boss(es): Duke of Wellington (duel) (3 hearts)

Minikit: Rose Bush

Level 4 - Blackadder's Christmas Carol


Playable characters: Ebenezer Blackadder, Mr S Baldrick, Queen Victoria (Christmas Eve), Prince Albert (Christmas Eve), Victorian Groom 1

Overview: Ebenezer Blackadder is the loveliest man who has ever lived. Baldrick and he must travel around the streets outside his Moustache Shop, finding items for various Victorians and handing out humbugs, so that they can collect a turkey, a Christmas twig (instead of a tree), some walnuts and some presents. They must then travel back to the Moustache Shop where Blackadder must throw humbugs at the roof to knock down snow, then build a snowman outside his shop. Meanwhile at the Palace, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are excited about Christmas and must find all the presents to put under the tree. They decide to travel into London to find people who are deserving of wealth. Along with their Royal Groom, they must sneak through the town without being seen by the Victorian people. After they find the Moustache Shop, they decide to hide outside and watch what happens, so they must find a place to hide and watch. From there, they can see how good Ebenezer Blackadder really is...

Level type: Puzzle, Stealth

Minikit: A Christmas Twig

"A Merry Messy Kweznuz!"

Playable characters: Ebenezer Blackadder, Mr S Baldrick, Ghost of Christmas, Ebenezer Blackadder (bedclothes)

Overview: Blackadder and Baldrick are about to settle down and prepare for Christmas when they get several visitors. First, Mrs Scratchit arrives, and they must find all their money to buy her matchsticks. Then, they are visited by the urchin, who starts singing, breaking some glass and allowing them into another room, where they must find a coin for him. Millicent visits, and they must find a way to open another door into the room with the presents, all of which she takes for herself. The Beadle and the orphans then arrive and use strength to open the way to yet another room, where Blackadder must find nuts for them. Finally, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert arrive, to check he is generous by asking for the turkey, which Blackadder and Baldrick must cook before giving it to them. Then, Blackadder goes to bed, but the Ghost bursts through the door, simply to say hello. They must work together to fix the door, before the Ghost tells Blackadder about his fiendish ancestors...

Level type: Puzzle

Minikit: Baldrick's Sock

"I want a prezzy!"

Playable characters: Lord Blackadder (Christmas Carol), Baldrick II (Christmas Carol), Lord Blackadder (Christmas Day)

Overview: The Ghost of Christmas shows Ebenezer his Tudor ancestor, Lord Blackadder, to show how evil the family used to be. Baldrick has just given Lord Blackadder a novelty death warrant, and then the two of them must find the pieces to build a Queen Elizabeth I portrait and then put them in the right places. Then, they take the portrait to Queen Elizabeth, who announces that she now hates Christmas and anybody with a present will be killed. Blackadder and Baldrick must hide the portrait from the Queen as she wanders round the court, before Blackadder tricks Lord Melchett into buying her an expensive present. Unfortunately on Christmas Day, she promptly changes her mind and threatens to execute Blackadder for not buying her a present. Blackadder and Baldrick must fight Lord Melchett, by tricking him into signing the novelty death warrant. In the end, Queenie falls in love with Blackadder, and Ebenezer sees that the bad guy won...

Level type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss(es): Lord Melchett (Christmas Day) (3 hearts)

Minikit: Christmas Pudding

"It's a book..."

Playable characters: Mr E Blackadder Esq (Christmas Carol), Sodoff Baldrick (Christmas Carol), Handsome Young Prince (Blackadder's story), Sad Lonely Old Granny (Blackadder's story)

Overview: The Ghost of Christmas carries on to show Ebenezer his Georgian ancestor, E Blackadder Esquire. At a Christmas party, Lord Nelson has fallen asleep in George's seat, so Blackadder and Baldrick must build a mini-catapult to move him into another chair. Then, Blackadder takes out a book to read George a story, intending to trick him into giving him lots of money. A Handsome Young Prince invites a Sad Lonely Old Granny into his house, and the two of them must find gold and silver for the Granny to have. When the story has finished, a Granny enters the room, and George gives her all of his own gold and silver. Unfortunately for Blackadder, this was not - as he had planned it to be - Baldrick, and the two of them must follow her through the palace and then fight, by knocking the gold and silver she throws back at her, in order to keep all the money themselves. Thus, Ebenezer yet again sees how a cruel ancestor of his became wealthy...

Level type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss(es): Sad Lonely Old Granny (4 hearts)

Minikit: Two Silly Bulls

"Good news... for the Malmydons..."

Playable characters: Grand Admiral Blackadder, Slave Baldrick, Grand Admiral Baldrick, Slave Blackadder

Overview: The Ghost of Christmas reluctantly shows Ebenezer what would happen in the future if he was bad, showing his descendent to be a Grand Admiral in space. Grand Admiral Blackadder and his slave, Baldrick, must find a way through the corridors of the space ship by finding items for the guards, to persuade them to open doors. Then, when they have an audience with Queen Asphyxia and her husbands / advisors, Blackadder and Baldrick must use the gift they brought for the Queen to erase all the others so that Blackadder can marry her. Upon seeing this, Ebenezer Blackadder looks at what would happen if he remained nice; Baldrick as Grand Admiral, and him as the slave. Baldrick and Blackadder must fight Queen Asphyxia and her guards, having not brought her a present, and then find a way to sneak out of the spaceship. However, they are defeated as they try to leave. Ebenezer decides to be bad himself, but lies to the Ghost, who leaves him in peace...

Level type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl, Stealth

Enemies: Future Guards 1, Future Guards 2, Future Guards 3

Boss(es): Prince Pigmot (2 hearts), Lord Frondo (2 hearts), Robot Nursie (2 hearts), Queen Asphyxia XIX (5 hearts)

Minikit: The Gift that's not an Ashtray

"Bad guys have all the fun!"

Playable characters: Ebenezer Blackadder (Christmas Day), Mr S Baldrick

Overview: After he wakes up, Ebenezer decides to devote his life to being evil. First, he and Baldrick must build a catapult out of furniture around the bedroom to fire at the urchin in the window. Then, when the enormous orphans visit again, Blackadder and Baldrick must fight them by throwing the Beadle's explosive Christmas puddings at the door so that it slams closed. Next, Millicent and her fiance arrive, and Blackadder and Baldrick must build a trap for them and then steal Ralph's wallet. Mrs Scratchit appears next, and the two men fight her in order to retrieve their money. They then go out into the street where the Queen and Prince Albert are approaching, and must fight through the urchins and destroy the snowman. They must then use the snowballs left over to fight Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Afterwards, the two royals follow Blackadder into the shop, trying to tell him who they are. Blackadder insults them, and then Baldrick and he must fight them again. After they flee, Blackadder is informed who they really are...

Level type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl

Enemies: Young Urchins, Victorian Grooms 1, Victorian Grooms 2

Boss(es): The Beadle (and the Enormous Orphans) (2 hearts), Mrs Scratchit (4 hearts), Queen Victoria (and Prince Albert and Royal Groom 1) (2 hearts), Prince Albert (3 hearts), Queen Victoria (4 hearts)

Minikit: Royal Seal

Level 5 - Blackadder Goes Forth

Captain Cook

Playable characters: Captain E Blackadder, Lieutenant George Barleigh, Private Baldrick, General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett, Captain Blackadder (Italian chef), Lieutenant George (Italian chef), Baldrick (Italian chef)

Overview: New weapons and ladders are arriving in the trench, suggesting that the Big Push is drawing near. Blackadder, George and Baldrick must repair the gramophone in the dugout before building a fire out of the trench-climbing ladders. Then, Blackadder is summoned to HQ, where he must help General Melchett to find a copy of King And Country magazine. Melchett says that he is trying to find a painter to take out the trenches. Then, Blackadder returns to the trench, and Baldrick and he must find pieces of George's painting and put them in the right places on the canvas. When Melchett arrives, Blackadder claims George's painting is his own, but is then sent into No Man's Land to paint the enemy. Blackadder, George and Baldrick must sneak through No Man's Land and then fight the German Machine Gun. Then, they return to the trench and make up a picture. When the Big Push arrives, they disguise themselves as Italian chefs and must cook a meal for Melchett and Darling, so as to be away from the Big Push. Unfortunately, with Baldrick as one of the chefs, the meal turns out slightly dodgy...

Level type: Puzzle, Stealth, Boss

Boss(es): German Machine Gun (3 hearts)

Minikit: Mine

Corporal Punishment

Playable characters: Captain E Blackadder, Private Baldrick, Lieutenant George (lawyer), Corporal Jones

Overview: Blackadder has been avoiding orders for weeks, so when the messenger pigeon arrives, Baldrick and he must work together to build traps for the pigeon and shoot it. After it is dead and eaten, Blackadder finds a messenger saying that shooting messenger pigeons is now a court marshall offence, and then Baldrick and George accidentally tell Melchett he's guilty. In court, Blackadder and George must fix the furniture and then find their papers, before fighting Captain Darling and the soldiers when he proves Blackadder guilty. Next, Baldrick visits Blackadder in prison, bringing an escape kit which he loses, and they must find the duck, pencil, trumpet and Robin Hood costume. Then, Baldrick delivers the wrong letter to Blackadder - revealing that George's uncle is Minister of War. At the execution, Blackadder and the Head of the Firing Squad, Corporal Jones, must find the guns for the Privates. At the last moment, Blackadder is released. Then, he learns that George got drunk and didn't contact his uncle after all, at the moment that Melchett contacts him about Operation Certain Death...

Level type: Puzzle, Brawl, Boss

Enemies: Courtroom Soldiers

Boss(es): Speckled Jim the pigeon (5 hearts), Captain Kevin Darling (8 hearts)

Minikit: Baldrick's Escape Kit

Major Star

Playable characters: Captain E Blackadder, General Melchett (trench), Driver Bob Parkhurst, Captain Blackadder (performance), Bob Parkhurst (drag act)

Overview: Melchett visits and reveals his new plan to raise morale; to put on a show at the London palladium. Blackadder lies and says he likes Charlie Chaplin so he can direct, and they must find pictures of the comedian. Then, Driver Bob arrives, and Blackadder recognises she is female. The two of them must then find female clothing around the trench for George; the show's leading lady. Unfortunately, General Melchett falls in love with her, asking George to marry him. Blackadder tells him that she trod on a mine and died, and then Bob becomes the leading lady. On the second night, Blackadder and Bob must find items for all of the other performers, such as the slug for Baldrick's Chaplin impression. However, Melchett dislikes the act and then Darling reveals that Charlie Chaplin films will be played every day in the trenches. Darling starts throwing Chaplin film reels at them, and Blackadder and Bob must defeat him by throwing slugs back at him, which he unfortunately mistakes for licquorice...

Level type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss(es): Captain Darling (performance) (3 hearts)

Minikit: Baldrick's Slug

Private Plane

Playable characters: Captain E Blackadder, Private Baldrick, Captain Blackadder (pilot), Baldrick (navigator), Commander Flashheart (ground)

Overview: During a show from the Royal Flying Corps, Lord Flashheart's plane crashes. He mistakes it for a German trench, and Blackadder and Baldrick must fight him by throwing his bombs back at the boxes of explosives he stands on. Then, Blackadder decides to join the Flying Corps to escape the war. Baldrick and he attend a flying lesson and then must fix their plane before they can take off. While in the air, they are shot down and imprisoned. Then, Baron von Richthoven tells them they will spend the rest of the war in a German nunnery. Blackadder celebrates until Flashheart and George arrive to save him. Baldrick and he must build traps for the two of them and then find a way of locking the door. However, Flashheart kills von Richthoven and forces Blackadder to escape, so they must sneak past Lieutenant von Gerhardt. They then visit Darling, who did not want to help, and fight him. Whether Blackadder gets some time off to recooperate is left down to Melchett; naturally, he doesn't...

Level type: Boss, Puzzle

Boss(es): Squadron Commander Flashheart (3 hearts), Captain Darling (cleaner) (8 hearts)

Minikit: Sopwith Camel

General Hospital

Playable characters: Captain E Blackadder, Private Baldrick, General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett, Brigadier Sir Bernard Proudfoot-Smith

Overview: While in the dugout, George hears a bomb approaching. Moments later, the trench has been blown up, and Blackadder and Baldrick must move an injured George out of the wreckage. Then, Blackadder is informed that there is a German spy in the hospital, and instantly suspects a patient with a strong German accent. Darling is wounded and sent to the hospital himself, and Blackadder and Baldrick decide to interrogate him. They must find a chair, rope and a potty to tie him up and humiliate him. Then, Nurse Mary interrupts. Blackadder and Baldrick must run errands for her, delivering items to different patients and trying to find the spy. Blackadder then learns that Mary helps George with the German spelling in his letters. Back at HQ, Darling tells Melchett that the spy is the patient with the German accent, who turns out to be a British spy. Blackadder reveals that the spy is actually Nurse Mary herself, and Melchett and Bridgadier Smith must fight her. Unfortunately after she is sent to the firing squad, George reveals that his letters have been about British tactics, and have been to his Uncle Hermann in Munich...

Level type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss(es): Nurse Mary Fletcher-Brown (4 hearts)

Minikit: A Piece of Hay in a Stack-full of Needles


Playable characters: Lieutenant George Barleigh, Private Baldrick, Captain E Blackadder, Field Marshall Haig (young), Captain Darling (front line)

Overview: Word arrives that the Big Push will finally happen, and Blackadder needs to find a way out. Baldrick and George must find the underpants and two pencils for him to pretend that he's mad. When Melchett arrives, Blackadder realises that Melchett will execute him for cowardice and abandons his plan. Then, he realises he can contact Haig and ask a favour. Blackadder phones Haig and reminds him of Mboto Gorge, 1892. Haig looks at photos and remembers. The younger Haig and Blackadder must sneak through the gorge, then fight the Watusi warriors and the Pygmy woman with the sharp mango. Haig then tells Blackadder to pretend to be mad, and then hangs up the phone. Meanwhile, Melchett sends Darling to the front line to fight as well. Blackadder and Darling must work together to find weapons for the soldiers and then build the trench-climbing ladders. After everyone is ready, the soldier climb over the top...

Level type: Puzzle, Stealth, Brawl, Boss

Enemies: Watusi Warriors 1, Watusi Warriors 2

Boss(es): Pygmy Woman (sharpened mango) (5 hearts)

Minikit: Ostrich

Level 6 - Blackadder Back and Forth

"Dinosaurs were in fact wiped out by your pants!"

Playable characters: Lord E Blackadder V, Millennium Baldrick, Blackadder (Hastings archer), Blackadder (lustful monk), Blackadder (disrespectful Victorian), Blackadder (female model), Blackadder (Churchill's army), Blackadder (political rally), Baldrick (apron)

Overview: Blackadder and Baldrick are preparing for the millennium party. They must first find the pieces to build the paintings or photos of past Blackadders, and then each time one is completed, Blackadder will change to that variation and use the different skills (bow and arrow, religious, strongman, double jump, explosive and shortie) to find the pieces for the next puzzle. Then, Baldrick goes to prepare the meal, after which the two of them must find the items that the dinner guests want in order to win their trust. Blackadder boasts he has a time machine and takes a bet, expecting Baldrick to find similar items to the Centurion's helmet, Wellington's wellingtons and ancient underpants. However, it turns out Baldrick has built a working time machine, and they end up in the Cretacious period where they must fight a dinosaur by throwing the helmet and wellingtons at it, before attacking it with the underpants. Unfortunately, Baldrick has no idea how to control the time machine, and they can't get home...

Level type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss(es): Dinosaur (3 hearts)

Minikit: Dead Dinosaur and Baldrick's Pants

"Bring me more minty things!"

Playable characters: Lord Blackadder V, Elizabethan Nobleman, Millennium Baldrick

Overview: The time machine arrives in what appears to be Blackadder Hall, but then turns out to be Elizabethan times. When he goes to investigate, Blackadder is mistaken for his own Elizabethan ancestor. He and another falsely accused Elizabethan nobleman must fight the guards who attack him, for he does not have any presents for the Queen, followed by fighting Lord Melchett. Then, Blackadder accidentally spills out polo mints, and the two of them must find all of them for the Queen. After she demands they find more, Blackadder manages to escape, and Baldrick and he bump into William Shakespeare in the corridor. Blackadder decides to punish Shakespeare for all the suffering he'll cause to children on stage, so they must build traps and then fight him by throwing ball-point pens at him, before stealing the front page of Macbeth and fighting more guards as they flee back to the time machine. They flee again, leaving Shakespeare in a pile of pens from the future...

Level type: Brawl, Boss, Fight

Enemies: Elizabethan Lords, Elizabethan Guards

Boss(es): Lord Melchett (Back and Forth) (5 hearts), William Shakespeare (8 hearts)

Minikit: Ball-Point Pen

"I love giving it to the poor!"

Playable characters: Lord Blackadder V, Millennium Baldrick, Merry Outlaw 1

Overview: The time machine appears in the distant future, in the middle of a space battle between two spaceships. Blackadder and Baldrick must find explosives to fire out at the pilots of the spaceships so as to stop them from crashing into the time machine, and then they go back to the Middle Ages. They must find a way through the dense forest before fighting the Merry Men. Then Robin Hood (Flashheart) appears, and trapping them before they pretend to be on his side. They must find the items that Will Scarlet, Friar Tuck and Maid Marion, before Blackadder convinces them that Robin Hood is an idiot for giving all the money away to the poor. Along with one of the merry outlaws, they must chase Robin Hood through the forest and then fight him again in the clearing by throwing his bombs back at him, before Blackadder goes off with Maid Marion for some 'friendly celebration'... as does Baldrick with Will Scarlet, in fact. Soon after, they return to the time machine to continue on their journey...

Level type: Puzzle, Brawl, Boss

Enemies: Merry Outlaws 1, Merry Outlaws 2

Boss(es): Future Pilot 1 (2 hearts), Future Pilot 2 (2 hearts), Robin Hood (Flashheart) (8 hearts)

Minikit: Spaceship

"With respect, my Emperor, we are whoopsies!"

Playable characters: Duke of Wellington (Back and Forth), Duke of Darling, Lord E Blackadder V, Millennium Baldrick

Overview: It's the Battle of Waterloo and the Duc de Darling has been discussing plans with Emperor Napoleon. On the other side of the battle, the Duke of Darling is doing likewise with Wellington, and they must find guns for the soldiers and help to rebuild the three cannons. Then, the Duc de Darling starts the attack, and they must fire the cannons at him to defeat him. Then, the time machine lands - crushing the Duke of Wellington before he can tell Darling his full plan! Blackadder and Baldrick have been catapulted across the field and must find a way to escape the French tents by pushing the cannons down hills to smash boxes, or firing them at boxes of explosives. Then, when they are back on the English side, they must sneak past the soldiers and steal the Duke of Wellington's wellingtons so as to still win the bet. They then flee to the time machine and escape, leaving the English without a leader as Napoleon Bonaparte prepares to win the Battle...

Level type: Puzzle, Boss, Brawl, Stealth

Enemies: French Soldiers (Back and Forth), French Cannon Firers

Boss(es): Duc de Darling (4 hearts)

Minikit: Wellington's Hat

"That's not a hedge, Consul... That's the Scots..."

Playable characters: Centurion Blaccadius, Legionary Baldricus, Lord E Blackadder V, Millennium Baldrick, Baldrick (18 - ghost), Baldrick (25 - ghost)

Overview: The Romans have been ordered to build Hadrian's wall, to keep the Scots out of England. As the time machine arrives, the wall is damaged and Blaccadius and Baldricus must find the necessary equipment to transport the large brick over to the wall and then repair it. Then, Blackadder and Baldrick decide to steal the Roman's helmet after Melchius and Georgius distract everyone. They must sneak along Hadrian's wall to get to the helmet without being seen by the soldiers. Then, they must flee to the time machine, fighting the Scots who have now started their charge towards the wall. Back inside the time machine, Baldrick suggests that if Blackadder drowned himself, his life would flash before his eyes and he would see how the levers were positioned before they left Blackadder Hall. Blackadder forces Baldrick to drown himself in the lavatory instead, and then the younger version of Baldrick appears, from his mind. Blackadder and the 18-year-old ghost must find a way to force Baldrick back into the lavatory, as must the 25-year-old ghost when he later appears. Finally, it appears they can go home...

Level type: Puzzle, Stealth, Brawl

Enemies: Scottish Warriors 1, Scottish Warriors 2

Minikit: A Little Rabbit with the word 'Boo' painted on its Nose

"Come on, Balders, we have to save Britain!"

Playable characters: Lord E Blackadder V, Millennium Baldrick, Prime Minister Baldrick, Queen Marion of Sherwood

Overview: The time machine finally arrives back at Blackadder Hall. Unfortunately, nobody has ever heard of Robin Hood, the French won the Battle of Waterloo, and Shakespeare invented the ball-point pen! Blackadder and Baldrick try to explain to their friends, who instead think they are commiting treason. They must fight each of the four in different rooms of the house, by throwing the crown at Elizabeth, building traps for Melchett, using Baldrick's stench abilities on George, and crushing Darling under the garlic pudding. Then, Blackadder and Baldrick go back through time, righting what they changed. When they return to the Hall, everything is back to normal, until Blackadder has a cunning plan. As everyone else sits down to watch the millennium celebrations, Prime Minister Baldrick and Queen Marion of Sherwood appear on screen, and the two of them must help to fix the cameras before the Royal Car pulls up, at which point the popular King Edmund III steps out and accompanies his wife and his friend, the PM, into the party, having finally gained something from his trip through time...

Level type: Boss, Puzzle

Boss(es): Lady Elizabeth (alternate universe) (3 hearts), Archbishop Melchett (alternate universe) (2 hearts), Major George (alternate universe) (2 hearts), Archdeacon Darling (alternate universe) (4 hearts)

Minikit: King Edmund III's Coronation Commemorative Plate

Bonus Level - unlocked after all minikits built

Bonus Level - The Cavalier Years

Playable characters: Sir E Blackadder (Cavalier), Baldrick (Cavalier), Oliver Cromwell, Roundhead, King Charles I, Sir E Blackadder (executioner), King Charles (pumpkin head)

Overview: It's the end of the English Civil War, and King Charles is hiding with Blackadder. Baldrick and he must clean up the room and destroy all of the items that show the King is there. Then, Cromwell and his Roundheads arrive, and Baldrick accidentally reveals the King is there, so the three of them must destroy the King's hiding place  and fight him. After King Charles is arrested, Blackadder visits him and they must work together to find the items the guard wants, so he will tell them whether Charles has been found guilty, when the execution will be, and who is the executioner. It turns out that it is Baldrick, but Blackadder decides to take over. Along with a Roundhead, he must search Charles' room and take all his money, but after the guard leaves, Charles realises it is Blackadder. Baldrick and he must find the items for Baldrick's cunning disguise, and then Charles and Blackadder must head outside with Charles wearing a pumpkin on his head, to be cut off instead. Unfortunately, that plan fails, and naturally, Blackadder changes sides, and fight Baldrick along with Cromwell, before escaping death himself...

Level type: Puzzle, Boss

Boss(es): King Charles I (5 hearts), Baldrick (Cavalier) (10 hearts)


Level 1 - The Black Adder


  • Prince Edmund (Duke of Edinburgh) - unlocked after 1.1
  • Baldrick - unlocked after 1.1
  • Lord Percy Percy (Duke of Northumberland) - unlocked after 1.1
  • King Richard IV - unlocked after 1.2
  • Harry (Prince of Wales) - unlocked after 1.3
  • Prince Edmund (Archbishop) - unlocked after 1.3
  • Baldrick (monk) - unlocked after 1.3
  • Lord Percy (bishop) - unlocked after 1.3
  • Queen Gertrude of Flanders - unlocked after 1.4
  • Dougal MacAngus (Duke of Argyll) - unlocked after 1.4
  • Prince Edmund (Witch) - unlocked after 1.5
  • Baldrick (Witch) - unlocked after 1.5
  • Lord Percy (Witch) - unlocked after 1.5
  • Princess Leia of Hungary - unlocked after 1.5
  • Prince Edmund (Black Seal) - unlocked after 1.6
  • Philip of Burgundy (Retired Morris Dancer) - unlocked after 1.6
  • Mad Gerald - unlocked after 1.6
  • Baldrick (Wench) - unlocked after 1.6
  • Lord Percy (Wench) - unlocked after 1.6


  • King Richard III - purchasable after 1.1 - £150,000
  • King Richard III (ghost) - purchasable after 1.1 - £250,000
  • Enemy Soldier - purchasable after 1.1 - £10,000
  • Witch 1 - purchasable after 1.1 - £12,500
  • Witch 2 - purchasable after 1.1 - £15,000
  • Witch 3 - purchasable after 1.1 - £17,500
  • Henry Tudor - purchasable after 1.1 - £150,000
  • Tilly Applebottom - purchasable after 1.2 - £35,000
  • Mr Applebottom - purchasable after 1.2 - £35,000
  • Reverend Lloyd - purchasable after 1.2 - £20,000
  • Lord Chiswick - purchasable after 1.2 - £35,000
  • Messenger - purchasable after 1.2 - £50,000
  • Infanta Maria Escalosa - purchasable after 1.2 - £200,000
  • Don Speekingleesh - purchasable after 1.2 - £150,000
  • Archbishop Herbert - purchasable after 1.3 - £15,000
  • Archbishop Godfrey - purchasable after 1.3 - £45,000
  • Duke of Westminster - purchasable after 1.3 - £20,000
  • Mother Superior - purchasable after 1.3 - £45,000
  • Sister Sara - purchasable after 1.3 - £25,000
  • Drunken Sir Justin de Boinod - purchasable after 1.3 - £50,000
  • Drunken Sir George de Boeuf - purchasable after 1.3 - £50,000
  • Jumping Jew of Jerusalem - purchasable after 1.4 - £20,000
  • Strongman Thespian - purchasable after 1.4 - £35,000
  • Short Thespian - purchasable after 1.4 - £35,000
  • Nobleman - purchasable after 1.4 - £15,000
  • Celia (Countess of Cheltenham) - purchasable after 1.4 - £18,000
  • King Richard IV (Battle) - purchasable after 1.4 - £250,000
  • Dougal MacAngus (Pharoah) - purchasable after 1.4 - £200,000
  • Healthy Peasant - purchasable after 1.5 - £7,500
  • Plague Peasant - purchasable after 1.5 - £8,000
  • Castle Guard - purchasable after 1.5 - £25,000
  • Lord Ross - purchasable after 1.5 - £20,000
  • Jane Firkettle - purchasable after 1.5 - £20,000
  • Witchsmeller Pursuivant - purchasable after 1.5 - £200,000
  • Witchsmeller (on fire) - purchasable after 1.5 - £250,000
  • Sir Wilfred Death - purchasable after 1.6 - £50,000
  • Three Fingered Pete - purchasable after 1.6 - £55,000
  • Guy of Glastonbury - purchasable after 1.6 - £60,000
  • Sean the Irish Bastard - purchasable after 1.6 - £65,000
  • Friar Bellows - purchasable after 1.6 - £70,000
  • Jack Large - purchasable after 1.6 - £75,000
  • Philip of Burgundy (The Hawk) - purchasable after 1.6 - £250,000


  • Prince Edmund (tortured) - purchasable after all Level 1 minikits built - £250,000

Level 2 - Blackadder II


  • Lord Blackadder - unlocked after 2.1
  • Baldrick II - unlocked after 2.1
  • Lord Percy Percy II - unlocked after 2.1
  • Kate (Bob) - unlocked after 2.1
  • Doctor Leech - unlocked after 2.1
  • Lord Percy (tiny ruff) - unlocked after 2.2
  • Gaoler Ploppy - unlocked after 2.2
  • Mrs Ploppy - unlocked after 2.2
  • Queenie (Elizabeth I) - unlocked after 2.2
  • Nursie - unlocked after 2.2
  • Lord Melchett - unlocked after 2.3
  • Baldrick (festival) - unlocked after 2.3
  • Lord Percy (festival) - unlocked after 2.3
  • Captain Redbeard Rum - unlocked after 2.3
  • Lord Percy (alchemist) - unlocked after 2.4
  • Lord Blackadder (boy's night) - unlocked after 2.5
  • Lord Blackadder (Cardinal Chunder) - unlocked after 2.5
  • Baldrick (pencil case) - unlocked after 2.6
  • Lord Percy (fruit salad) - unlockded after 2.6


  • Kate (woman) - purchasable after 2.1 - £75,000
  • Kate's Father - purchasable after 2.1 - £35,000
  • Old Crone - purchasable after 2.1 - £20,000
  • The Wise Woman - purchasable after 2.1 - £50,000
  • Kate (wedding) - purchasable after 2.1 - £80,000
  • Lord Flashheart - purchasable after 2.1 - £250,000
  • Baldrick (bridesmaid) - purchasable after 2.1 - £200,000
  • Lord Percy (enormous ruff) - purchasable after 2.2 - £50,000
  • Prisoner - purchasable after 2.2 - £20,000
  • Baldrick (executioner) - purchasable after 2.2 - £100,000
  • Lady Farrow - purchasable after 2.2 - £45,000
  • Lord Blackadder (Farrow) - purchasable after 2.2 - £150,000
  • Earl Farrow - purchasable after 2.2 - £10,000
  • Lord Blackadder (Poncenby) - purchasable after 2.2 - £200,000
  • Lord Melchett (festival) - purchasable after 2.3 - £75,000
  • Queenie (festival) - purchasable after 2.3 - £100,000
  • Nursie (festival) - purchasable after 2.3 - £50,000
  • Cannibal - purchasable after 2.3 - £10,000
  • Nursie (beard) - purchasable after 2.3 - £50,000
  • Queenie (boomerang) - purchasable after 2.3 - £100,000
  • Sir Walter Raleigh - purchasable after 2.3 - £150,000
  • Mad Beggar - purchasable after 2.4 - £20,000
  • Arthur the Sailor - purchasable after 2.4 - £35,000
  • Mr Pants - purchasable after 2.4 - £7,500
  • Mrs Pants - purchasable after 2.4 - £7,500
  • Leonardo Acropilis - purchasable after 2.4 - £8,000
  • Lord Percy (bedclothes) - purchasable after 2.4 - £25,000
  • Baby-Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells - purchasable after 2.4 - £200,000
  • Simon Partridge - purchasable after 2.5 - £35,000
  • Geoffrey Piddle - purchasable after 2.5 - £35,000
  • Freddie Frobisher - purchasable after 2.5 - £40,000
  • Lord Melchett (boy's night) - purchasable after 2.5 - £75,000
  • Queenie (boy's night) - purchasable after 2.5 - £100,000
  • Lord Nathaniel Whiteadder - purchasable after 2.5 - £50,000
  • Lady Whiteadder - purchasable after 2.5 - £125,000
  • German Guard 1 - purchasable after 2.6 - £10,000
  • German Guard 2 - purchasable after 2.6 - £12,500
  • Spanish Torturer - purchasable after 2.6 - £15,000
  • Queenie (King Henry VIII) - purchasable after 2.6 - £125,000
  • Nursie (cow) - purchasable after 2.6 - £50,000
  • Prince Ludwig the Indestructible - purchasable after 2.6 - £200,000
  • Prince Ludwig (cow) - purchasable after 2.6 - £250,000


  • Prince Ludwig (Queenie) - purchasable after all Level 2 minikits built - £300,000

Level 3 - Blackadder the Third


  • Mr E Blackadder Esq - unlocked after 3.1
  • Prince George IV - unlocked after 3.1
  • Sodoff Baldrick - unlocked after 3.1
  • Mr Blackadder (Robes of State) - unlocked after 3.1
  • Mrs Miggins - unlocked after 3.1
  • Mrs Miggins (poet) - unlocked after 3.2
  • Mr Blackadder (France) - unlocked after 3.3
  • Baldrick (Scarlet Pimple) - unlocked after 3.3
  • Mrs Miggins (French) - unlocked after 3.3
  • Le Comte de Frou Frou - unlocked after 3.3
  • Smedley (Madame Guillotine) - unlocked after 3.3
  • Mr Blackadder (theatre) - unlocked after 3.4
  • Prince George (theatre) - unlocked after 3.4
  • Baldrick (Head Butler) - unlocked after 3.4
  • Mr Blackadder (highwayman) - unlocked after 3.5
  • Baldrick (highwayman's horse) - unlocked after 3.5
  • Mr Blackadder (Prince George) - unlocked after 3.6
  • Prince George (Mr Blackadder) - unlocked after 3.6
  • British Soldier - unlocked after 3.6


  • Sir Talbot Buxomley - purchasable after 3.1 - £35,000
  • Brigadier General Horace Bolsom - purchasable after 3.1 - £50,000
  • Ivor Biggun - purchasable after 3.1 - £45,000
  • Politician - purchasable after 3.1 - £12,500
  • Baldrick (Robes of State) - purchasable after 3.1 - £80,000
  • William Pitt the Even Younger - purchasable after 3.1 - £45,000
  • William Pitt the Younger - purchasable after 3.1 - £125,000
  • Mr Blackadder (Gertrude Perkins) - purchasable after 3.2 - £120,000
  • Mr Shelley - purchasable after 3.2 - £20,000
  • Mr Byron - purchasable after 3.2 - £20,000
  • Mr Coleridge - purchasable after 3.2 - £20,000
  • Auntie Margerie (dream) - purchasable after 3.2 - £20,000
  • Baldrick (alsation - dream) - purchasable after 3.2 - £150,000
  • Doctor Samuel Johnson - purchasable after 3.2 - £150,000
  • French Aristocrat - purchasable after 3.3 - £5,000
  • Lord Topper - purchasable after 3.3 - £10,000
  • Lord Smedley - purchasable after 3.3 - £10,000
  • Prince George (magnificent trousers) - purchasable after 3.3 - £50,000
  • Evil Revolutionary 1 - purchasable after 3.3 - £20,000
  • Evil Revolutionary 2 - purchasable after 3.3 - £25,000
  • Topper (Scarlet Pimpernel) - purchasable after 3.3 - £200,000
  • Anarchist - purchasable after 3.4 - £35,000
  • Keanrick (Egyptian) - purchasable after 3.4 - £50,000
  • Mossop (Egyptian) - purchasable after 3.4 - £50,000
  • Prince George (blown up) - purchasable after 3.4 - £75,000
  • Prince George (actor) - purchasable after 3.4 - £65,000
  • David Keanrick - purchasable after 3.4 - £80,000
  • Enoch Mossop - purchasable after 3.4 - £80,000
  • Prince George (poor) - purchasable after 3.5 - £50,000
  • Amy Hardwood - purchasable after 3.5 - £10,000
  • Mr Hardwood - purchasable after 3.5 - £10,000
  • Cheapside Coach Driver - purchasable after 3.5 - £15,000
  • The Duke of Cheapside - purchasable after 3.5 - £35,000
  • Sally Cheapside - purchasable after 3.5 - £20,000
  • Amy (The Shadow) - purchasable after 3.5 - £250,000
  • Baldrick (Village Idiot of Kensington) - purchasable after 3.6 - £75,000
  • Mrs Miggins (Scottish) - purchasable after 3.6 - £50,000
  • Cousin MacAdder - purchasable after 3.6 - £100,000
  • French Soldier - purchasable after 3.6 - £20,000
  • Spanish Soldier - purchasable after 3.6 - £20,000
  • The Duke of Wellington - purchasable after 3.6 - £200,000
  • Duke of Wellington (duel) - purchasable after 3.6 - £250,000


  • King George III - purchasable after all Level 3 minikits built - £350,000

Level 4 - Blackadder's Christmas Carol


  • Ebenezer Blackadder - unlocked after 4.1
  • Mr S Baldrick - unlocked after 4.1
  • Queen Victoria (Christmas Eve) - unlocked after 4.1
  • Prince Albert (Christmas Eve) - unlocked after 4.1
  • Victorian Groom 1 - unlocked after 4.1
  • Ghost of Christmas - unlocked after 4.2
  • Ebenezer Blackadder (bedclothes) - unlocked after 4.2
  • Lord Blackadder (Christmas Carol) - unlocked after 4.3
  • Baldrick II (Christmas Carol) - unlocked after 4.3
  • Lord Blackadder (Christmas Day) - unlocked after 4.3
  • Mr E Blackadder Esq (Christmas Carol) - unlocked after 4.4
  • Sodoff Baldrick (Christmas Carol) - unlocked after 4.4
  • Handsome Young Prince (Blackadder's story) - unlocked after 4.4
  • Sad Lonely Old Granny (Blackadder's story) - unlocked after 4.4
  • Grand Admiral Blackadder - unlocked after 4.5
  • Slave Baldrick - unlocked after 4.5
  • Grand Admiral Baldrick - unlocked after 4.5
  • Slave Blackadder - unlocked after 4.5
  • Ebenezer Blackadder (Christmas Day) - unlocked after 4.6


  • Victorian Gent 1 - purchasable after 4.1 - £5,000
  • Victorian Gent 2 - purchasable after 4.1 - £8,000
  • Victorian Woman 1 - purchasable after 4.1 - £5,000
  • Victorian Woman 2 - purchasable after 4.1 - £8,000
  • Victorian Groom 2 - purchasable after 4.1 - £10,000
  • Queen Victoria (Traditional Christmas Adventure) - purchasable after 4.1 - £150,000
  • Prince Albert (Traditional Christmas Adventure) - purchasable after 4.1 - £125,000
  • Young Urchin - purchasable after 4.2 - £5,000
  • Mrs Scratchit - purchasable after 4.2 - £25,000
  • Goddaughter Millicent - purchasable after 4.2 - £35,000
  • Beadle - purchasable after 4.2 - £20,000
  • Enormous Orphan 1 - purchasable after 4.2 - £7,500
  • Enormous Orphan 2 - purchasable after 4.2 - £10,000
  • Enormous Orphan 3 - purchasable after 4.2 - £12,500
  • Queenie (Christmas Carol) - purchasable after 4.3 - £100,000
  • Nursie (Christmas Carol) - purchasable after 4.3 - £50,000
  • Lord Melchett (Christmas Carol) - purchasable after 4.3 - £75,000
  • Queenie (Christmas Day) - purchasable after 4.3 - £100,000
  • Nursie (Christmas Day) - purchasable after 4.3 - £50,000
  • Lord Melchett (Christmas Day) - purchasable after 4.3 - £75,000
  • Queenie (explosive Christmas pudding) - purchasable after 4.3 - £150,000
  • Carol Singer 1 - purchasable after 4.4 - £5,000
  • Lord Nelson - purchasable after 4.4 - £25,000
  • Prince George IV (Christmas Carol) - purchasable after 4.4 - £60,000
  • Baldrick (old woman) - purchasable after 4.4 - £45,000
  • Sad Lonely Old Woman - purchasable after 4.4 - £80,000
  • Queen Victoria (Christmas Day) - purchasable after 4.4 - £200,000
  • Prince Albert (Christmas Day) - purchasable after 4.4 - £150,000
  • Future Guard 1 - purchasable after 4.5 - £12,500
  • Future Guard 2 - purchasable after 4.5 - £12,500
  • Future Guard 3 - purchasable after 4.5 - £12,500
  • Prince Pigmot - purchasable after 4.5 - £75,000
  • Lord Frondo - purchasable after 4.5 - £75,000
  • Robot Nursie - purchasable after 4.5 - £150,000
  • Queen Asphyxia XIX - purchasable after 4.5 - £200,000
  • Carol Singer 2 - purchasable after 4.6 - £5,000
  • Mrs Scratchit (Christmas) - purchasable after 4.6 - £30,000
  • Goddaughter Millicent (Christmas Day) - purchasable after 4.6 - £40,000
  • Millicent's Fiance Ralph - purchasable after 4.6 - £25,000
  • Queen Victoria - purchasable after 4.6 - £250,000
  • Prince Albert - purchasable after 4.6 - £200,000
  • Snowman - purchasable after 4.6 - £300,000


  • Baldrick (Santa Claus) - purchasable after all Level 4 minikits built - £400,000

Level 5 - Blackadder Goes Forth


  • Captain E Blackadder - unlocked after 5.1
  • Lieutenant George Barleigh - unlocked after 5.1
  • Private S Baldrick - unlocked after 5.1
  • General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett - unlocked after 5.1
  • Captain Blackadder (Italian cook) - unlocked after 5.1
  • Lieutenant George (Italian cook) - unlocked after 5.1
  • Baldrick (Italian cook) - unlocked after 5.1
  • Lieutenant George (lawyer) - unlocked after 5.2
  • Corporal Jones - unlocked after 5.2
  • General Melchett (trench) - unlocked after 5.3
  • Driver Bob Parkhurst - unlocked after 5.3
  • Captain Blackadder (performance) - unlocked after 5.3
  • Bob Parkhurst (drag act) - unlocked after 5.3
  • Captain Blackadder (pilot) - unlocked after 5.4
  • Baldrick (navigator) - unlocked after 5.4
  • Commander Flashheart (ground) - unlocked after 5.4
  • Brigadier Sir Bernard Proudfoot-Smith - unlocked after 5.5
  • Field Marshall Haig (young) - unlocked after 5.6
  • Captain Darling (front line) - unlocked after 5.6


  • Shovel Soldier - purchasable after 5.1 - £15,000
  • Baldrick (parade) - purchasable after 5.1 - £75,000
  • Captain Blackadder (German) - purchasable after 5.1 - £120,000
  • Baldrick (nun) - purchasable after 5.1 - £100,000
  • Lieutenant George (painter) - purchasable after 5.1 - £75,000
  • Captain Darling (dinner suit) - purchasable after 5.1 - £45,000
  • General Melchett (dinner suit) - purchasable after 5.1 - £150,000
  • Courtroom Soldier - purchasable after 5.2 - £15,000
  • Corporal Perkins (Jailor) - purchasable after 5.2 - £20,000
  • Private Fraser - purchasable after 5.2 - £22,500
  • Private Robinson - purchasable after 5.2 - £25,000
  • Private Tipplewick - purchasable after 5.2 - £27,500
  • General Melchett (magistrate) - purchasable after 5.2 - £80,000
  • Captain Kevin Darling - purchasable after 5.2 - £100,000
  • Strongman Soldier - purchasable after 5.3 - £15,000
  • Baldrick (Charlie Chaplin) - purchasable after 5.3 - £75,000
  • Lieutenant George (Georgina) - purchasable after 5.3 - £80,000
  • Baldrick (Mrs Melchett) - purchasable after 5.3 - £100,000
  • Captain Darling (performance) - purchasable after 5.3 - £65,000
  • General Melchett (performance) - purchasable after 5.3 - £75,000
  • Charlie Chaplin - purchasable after 5.3 - £250,000
  • Short Soldier - purchasable after 5.4 - £15,000
  • Bob Parkhurst (Bobbie) - purchasable after 5.4 - £35,000
  • Lieutenant George (pilot) - purchasable after 5.4 - £50,000
  • Lieutenant von Gerhardt - purchasable after 5.4 - £45,000
  • Baron von Richthoven - purchasable after 5.4 - £50,000
  • Captain Darling (cleaner) - purchasable after 5.4 - £65,000
  • Squadron Commander Flashheart - purchasable after 5.4 - £275,000
  • Grenade Soldier - purchasable after 5.5 - £15,000
  • Lieutenant George (injured) - purchasable after 5.5 - £25,000
  • Captain Darling (injured) - purchasable after 5.5 - £35,000
  • Nurse Mary Fletcher-Brown - purchasable after 5.5 - £20,000
  • Captain Darling (interrogation) - purchasable after 5.5 - £50,000
  • Brigadier Smith (spy) - purchasable after 5.5 - £100,000
  • General Melchett (top security) - purchasable after 5.5 - £125,000
  • Religious Soldier - purchasable after 5.6 - £15,000
  • German Officer - purchasable after 5.6 - £15,000
  • Captain Blackadder - purchasable after 5.6 - £120,000
  • Watusi Warrior 1 - purchasable after 5.6 - £20,000
  • Watusi Warrior 2 - purchasable after 5.6 - £22,500
  • Pygmy Woman (sharpened mango) - purchasable after 5.6 - £25,000
  • General Melchett (dressing gown) - purchasable after 5.6 - £150,000


  • Field Marshall Douglas Haig - purchasable after all Level 5 minikits built - £450,000

Level 6 - Blackadder Back and Forth


  • Lord E Blackadder V - unlocked after 6.1
  • Millennium Baldrick - unlocked after 6.1
  • Blackadder (Hastings archer) - unlocked after 6.1
  • Blackadder (lustful monk) - unlocked after 6.1
  • Blackadder (disrespectful Victorian) - unlocked after 6.1
  • Blackadder (female model) - unlocked after 6.1
  • Blackadder (Churchill's army) - unlocked after 6.1
  • Blackadder (political rally) - unlocked after 6.1
  • Baldrick (apron) - unlocked after 6.1
  • Elizabethan Nobleman - unlocked after 6.2
  • Merry Outlaw 1 - unlocked after 6.3
  • Duke of Darling - unlocked after 6.4
  • Duke of Wellington (Back and Forth) - unlocked after 6.4
  • Centurion Blaccadius - unlocked after 6.5
  • Legionary Baldricus - unlocked after 6.5
  • Consul Georgius - unlocked after 6.5
  • Baldrick (18 - ghost) - unlocked after 6.5
  • Baldrick (25 - ghost) - unlocked after 6.5
  • Prime Minister Baldrick - unlocked after 6.6
  • Queen Marion of Sherwood - unlocked after 6.6


  • King Harold - purchasable after 6.1 - £200,000
  • Tapestry Woman - purchasable after 6.1 - £25,000
  • Queen Victoria (Back and Forth) - purchasable after 6.1 - £175,000
  • Winston Churchill - purchasable after 6.1 - £200,000
  • Churchill's Army Soldier - purchasable after 6.1 - £45,000
  • Margaret Thatcher - purchasable after 6.1 - £200,000
  • Major George Bufton-Tufton - purchasable after 6.1 - £100,000
  • Elizabethan Lord - purchasable after 6.2 - £25,000
  • Elizabethan Guard - purchasable after 6.2 - £30,000
  • Queenie (Back and Forth) - purchasable after 6.2 - £180,000
  • Lord Melchett (Back and Forth) - purchasable after 6.2 - £160,000
  • Nursie (Back and Forth) - purchasable after 6.2 - £125,000
  • William Shakespeare - purchasable after 6.2 - £200,000
  • Lady Elizabeth - purchasable after 6.2 - £100,000
  • Future Pilot 1 - purchasable after 6.3 - £35,000
  • Future Pilot 2 - purchasable after 6.3 - £37,500
  • Merry Outlaw 2 - purchasable after 6.3 - £25,000
  • Will Scarlet - purchasable after 6.3 - £40,000
  • Friar Tuck - purchasable after 6.3 - £50,000
  • Maid Marion - purchasable after 6.3 - £75,000
  • Robin Hood (Flashheart) - purchasable after 6.3 - £250,000
  • British Soldier (Back and Forth) - purchasable after 6.4 - £15,000
  • British Cannon Firer - purchasable after 6.4 - £17,500
  • French Soldier (Back and Forth) - purchasable after 6.4 - £15,000
  • French Cannon Firer - purchasable after 6.4 - £17,500
  • Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte - purchasable after 6.4 - £200,000
  • Duc de Darling - purchasable after 6.4 - £225,000
  • Archdeacon Darling - purchasable after 6.4 - £100,000
  • Scottish Warrior 1 - purchasable after 6.5 - £20,000
  • Scottish Warrior 2 - purchasable after 6.5 - £25,000
  • Roman Legionary 1 - purchasable after 6.5 - £30,000
  • Roman Legionary 2 - purchasable after 6.5 - £35,000
  • Consul Georgius - purchasable after 6.5 - £75,000
  • General Melchius - purchasable after 6.5 - £120,000
  • Archbishop Flavius Melchett - purchasable after 6.5 - £100,000
  • King Edmund's Guard - purchasable after 6.6 - £65,000
  • Royal Reporter - purchasable after 6.6 - £50,000
  • Cameraman - purchasable after 6.6 - £55,000
  • Lady Elizabeth (alternate universe) - purchasable after 6.6 - £120,000
  • Archbishop Melchett (alternate universe) - purchasable after 6.6 - £120,000
  • Major George (alternate universe) - purchasable after 6.6 - £120,000
  • Archdeacon Darling (alternate universe) - purchasable after 6.6 - £120,000


  • King Edmund III - purchasable after all Level 6 minikits built - £500,000

Bonus Level: The Cavalier Years


  • Sir E Blackadder (Cavalier) - unlocked after Bonus Level
  • Baldrick (Cavalier) - unlocked after Bonus Level
  • Oliver Cromwell - unlocked after Bonus Level
  • Roundhead - unlocked after Bonus Level
  • King Charles I - unlocked after Bonus Level
  • Sir E Blackadder (executioner) - unlocked after Bonus Level
  • King Charles (pumpkin head) - unlocked after Bonus Level


  • Mr Bean - purchasable after Bonus Level completed - £1,000,000

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