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Canin is a superhero that I created. His powers are:

Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Jumping

Superhuman Healing

Superhuman Climbing

Fast (but not super fast)


Sharp Teeth


A Dog/Human (Like a brown were-wolf.)

He has many villains too. Like The Hound, Lab Rat, Feline, Mind Man, Royal Pain and more!

The Sets:

1. Feline's Ferocious Attack

Set Size: Small.

Minifigures: Canine and Feline.

Includes: Feline's motorbike and a trash can.

2. City Chase

Set Size: Medium.

Minifigures: Canine, Royal Pain and Limo Driver.

Includes: Limo, Canine's Motorbike and Royal Pain's X2 pistols.

3. Mind Games

Set Size: Medium (Vertically).

Minifigures: Canine, Mind Man and Mind Man Henchman.

Includes: Mind Man's Robot Suit and Mind Man's Henchman's Motorbike.

4. Hound's Cave

Set Size: Big.

Minifigures: Canine, The Hound, Feline and X2 Hound's henchmen.

Includes: Hound's Cave, pistol and knife.

5. Viktor Vicious's Boat Battle

Set Size: Big.

Minifigures: Canine, Viktor Vicious and Viktor Vicious Scientist.

Includes: Speedboat and Viktor Vicious's Boat.

6. Warrior Woman's Workshop

Set Size: Big.

Minifigures: Canine, Warrior Woman and X3 Police.

Comes With: Cop Car and Warrior Woman's Workshop.

7. Lab Rat's Lab

Set Size: Giant.

Minifigures: Canine, Lab Rat, X2 Rat Mutants and X3 Scientists.

Comes With: RODENT Tower.

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