LEGO Captain America is a video-game leading into LEGO Avengers. Captain America and Bucky are the starter characters and Dum Dum Dougan plays the role Alfred Pennyworth does in the LEGO Batman games, Toad does in LEGO Super Mario, Buddy does in LEGO PJ & Friends and Odin does in LEGO Thor.


The hub is the army camp. There you can go into a big metal building with an elevator that leads to the lab Captain America was created in, and make a custom character. There is a tent at the army camp that you can go in and access a government computer, where you can purchase characters and mini-games. In the metal building, you can access chapters.

Chapter 1 - Hail HYDRA!

Somewhat based off Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD, the TV movie.

HYDRA Base Escape

Nick Fury has been captured by HYDRA. Help him escape.

Level type: Brawl

Playable: Captain America

Unlockable: HYDRA Agent, Nick Fury

Jet Escape

Hop in a HYDRA Jet and escape the attacking HYDRA Planes!

Level type: Vehicle

Playable: Stolen HYDRA Jet

Unlockable: HYDRA Pilot

Viper Bite, HYDRA Strike!

Viper attacks Nick Fury and Cap at the Air Port.

Level type: Brawl, Puzzle, Boss

Playable: Captain America, Nick Fury

Boss: Viper (6 Hearts)

Unlockable: Viper, Soldier

HYDRA Ambush Outside Town

HYDRA Agents attack Cap and Nick Fury out in the country.

Level type: Brawl

Playable: Captain America, Nick Fury

Unlockable: Farmer

Virus In Manhattan

Nick Fury and Captain America go to Manhattan, where Baron Strucker and Arnim Zola unleash a terrible virus. Captain America and Nick Fury suit up in Bio-Suits to take down the2 terrorists before its too late!

Level type: Puzzle, Boss

Playble: Captain America (Bio-Suit), Nick Fury (Bio-Suit)

Bosses (In Order): Arnim Zola (8 Hearts), Baron Strucker (13 Hearts)

Unlockable: Captain America (Bio-Suit), Nick Fury (Bio-Suit), Baron Strucker, Arnim Zola

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