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Film 1-Rex Aluin's Escape

Chapter 1-Police HQ

Playable-Police Officer,Comissioner Jack
Unlockable-Guard Dog,Police Officer (Female),Police Officer (Guard),Crok
Boss(es)-First Wave-5x Croks,Second Wave-15x Croks,Rex Aluin (5 hearts)

Chapter 2-Crock Chase

Playable-Police Car,Comissioner Jack's Car
Unlockable-Police Control Truck,Metal Crok Car,Crok Car,Rex Aluin's Escape Truck
Boss(es)-First Wave 5xCrock Cars,5X Metal Crock Cars,Second Wave-Rex Aluin's Escape Truck (5 Metal Hearts)

Chapter 3-The Bank

Playable-Rex Aluin,Crok (Wrench)
Unlockable-Bank Guard,Bank Officer,Bankman
Boss(es)-Comissioner Jack (5 Hearts)

Chapter 4-Rumble In The Park

Playable-Comissioner Jack,Officer May
Unlockable-Kid (Male),Kid (Female),Crok (Bazzoka),Bycicle
Boss(es)-First Wave-5x Croks,3 Croks (Bazzoka),Rex Aluin (Jacket)(5 hearts)

Chapter 5-Rex Aluin's HQ

Playable-Comissioner Jack (Disquise),Officer May (Disquise)
Unlockable-Crok (Dynamite),Crok (Showel),Guard Crok
Boss(es)-5x Croks,10 Guard Croks,Rex Aluin (Jacket)(6 Hearts)

Chapter 6-Chasing Rex

Playable-Comissioner Jack,Officer May
Unlockable-Rex's Helicopter,Crock Copters
Boss(es)-10x Crock Copters,Rex's Helicopter (8 Metal Hearts)

Film 2-The Lost Money

Chapter 1-Chasing a Criminal

Playable-Comissioner Jack's Car,May's Police Car
Unlockabe-Crok Van,Crok Steal Van,Dilley's Toxic Van
Boss(es)-Wave 1-10x Crok Vans,5 Crok Steal Vans,Wave 2-Dilley's Toxic Van (5 Metal Hearts,5 Toxic Hearts)

Chapter 2-The Toxic Factory

Playable-Comissioner Jack (Hazard Suit),Officer May (Hazard Suit)
Unlockable-Sientist,Dilley's Goon,Dilley's Henchman,Toxic Beast
Boss(es)-Wave 1-5X Dilley's Goon's,10X Dilley's Henchman,Wave 2-10X Dilley's Henchman,Toxic Beast (5 Toxic Hearts)

Chapter 3-Toxic Depths

Playable-Comissioner Jack (Hazard Suit),Officer May (Hazard Suit)
Unlockable-Toxic Mutant,Mutant Henchman,Toxic Buck
Boss(es)-Wave 1-10X Toxic Mutants,5X Mutant Hechma,Wave 2-Toxic Buck (6 Toxic Hearts)

Chapter 4-The Sewers

Playable-Comissioner Jack (Riped Shirt),Officer May
Unlockable-Sewer Crock,Sewer Mutant,The King of Sewers
Boss(es)-10X sewer Crocks,5x Sewer Mutants,Wave 2-The King Of Sewers (3 Hearts)

Chapter 5-Searching The Strets

Playable-Comissioner Jack (Citizen Disquise),Officer May (Citizen Disquise)
Unlockable-Citizen,S.W.A.T,S.W.A.T General
Boss(es)-Wave 1-10X Dilley's Goons,Wave 2-10xDilley Henchman,Toxic Dilley (10 Toxic Hearts)

Chapter 6-Following The Foot Tracks

Playable-Comissioner Jack,Officer May
Boss(es)-Toxic Dilley (10 Toxic Hearts)

Film 3-Rex Aluin's Revenge

Chapter 1-Rex's Plan

Playable-Rex Aluin (Prisoner),Nick Jakatory (Prisoner)
Unlockable-Prisoner,Jail Guard,Police Officer (Motorbike)
Boss(es)-10X Police Officer's,2x Jail Guards,Officer May (6 Hearts)

Chapter 2-The Treasure Map

Playable-Rex Aluin (Jacket),Nick Jakatory (Jacket)
Unlockable-Miner,Miner (Dynamite),Miner Boss
Boss(es)-Comissioner Jack (Miner)(8 Hearts)

Chapter 3-Mine Chase

Playable-Comissioner Jack (Miner),Officer May (Miner)
Unlockable-Mine Cart
Boss(es)-Rex Aluin (Jacket)(5 Hearts),Nick Jakatory (Jacket)(5 Hearts)

Chapter 4-Escaping The Mines

Playable-Comissioner Jack (Miner),Officer May (Miner)
Boss(es)-Rex Aluin(Jacket)(6 Hearts)

Chapter 5-Chasing Rex and Nick

Playable-Comissioner Jack's Car,May's Police Car
Unlockable-Nick's Armored Truck
Boss(es)-Nick's Armored Truck (8 Metal Hearts)

Chapter 6-Battle On The Rooftop

Playable-Comissioner Jack,Officer May
Boss(es)-Rex Aluin (5 Hearts),Nick Jakatory (5 Hearts)


Minikits-Golden Police Badges-180
True Officer-18
Red Bricks-20
Gold Bricks-100


1-Police HQ
2-Police Car
3-The Bank
4-The Park
5-Rex's HQ
6-Rex's Helicopter
7-Toxic Dilley's Toxic Truck
8-The Toxic Factory
9-Toxic Cave
10-The Sewers
11-City Strets
12-S.W.A.T Truck
13-Jail Cell
14-The Mine
15-Mine Cart
16-Miner Statue
17-Nick's Armored Truck


1.Police Officer
2.Comissioner Jack
3.Rex Aluin
4.Crok (Wrench)
5.Officer May
6.Comissioner Jack (Disquise)
7.Officer May (Disquise)
8.Comissioner Jack (Hazard Suit)
9.Officer May (Hazard Suit)
10.Comissioner Jack (Riped Shirt)
11.Comissioner Jack (Citizen Disquise)
12.Officer May (Citizen Disquise)
13.Rex Aluin (Prisoner)
14.Nick Jakatory (Prisoner)
15.Rex Aluin (Jacket)
16.Nick Jakatory (Jacket)
17.Comissioner Jack (Miner)
18.Officer May (Miner)
19.Guard Dog-25.000 Studs
20.Police Officer (Female)-25.000 studs
21.Police Officer (Guard)-125.000 studs
22.Crok-25.000 studs
23.Bank Guard-25.000 studs
24.Bank Officer-25.000 studs
25.Bankman-25.000 studs
26.Kid (Male)-25.000 studs
27.Kid (Female)-25.000 studs
28.Crok (Bazzoka)-125.000 studs
29.Crok (Dynamite)-125.000 studs
30.Crok (Showel)-125.000 studs
31.Guard Crok-25.000 studs
32.Sientist-25.000 studs
33.Dilley's Goon-25.000 studs
34.Dilley's Henchman-25.000 studs
35.Toxic Beast-125.000 studs
36.Toxic Mutant-125.000
37.Mutant Henchman-25.000 studs
38.Toxic Buck-500.000 Studs
39.Sewer Crock-25.000
40.Sewer Mutant-125.000 studs
41.The King of Sewers-125.000 studs
42.Ciztizen-25.000 studs
43.S.W.A.T-125.000 Studs
44.S.W.A.T General-125.000 studs
45.Prisoner-25.000 studs
46.Jail Guard-25.000 studs
47.Police Officer (Motorbike)-125.000 studs
48.Miner-25.000 studs
49.Miner (Dynamite)-125.000 studs
50.Miner Boss-125.000 studs

Unlockable when All characters Unlocked:

51.News Teller-125.000 studs
52.Hazard Suit Man-125.000 stzuds


1.Police Car
2.Comissioner Jack's Car
3.May's Police Car
4.Police Control Truck-125.000 studs
5.Metal Crok Car-125.000 studs
6.Crok Car-25.000 studs
7.Bycicle-25.000 studs
8.Rex Aluin's Escape Truck-125.000 studs
9.Rex's Helicopet-125.000 Studs
10.Crok Copter-25.000 studs
11.Crok Van-25.000 studs
12.Crok Steal Van-25.000 studs
13.Dilley's Toxic Van-125.000 studs
14.Mine Cart-25.000 studs
15.Nick's Armored Truck-500.000 Studs

About The Game

LEGO City-The Video Game Follows The LEGO Group's Toy LEGO City.In Lego city the video game there are allot of Characters and Vehicles to Unlock.Play in Co-op for More Family Fun.Including Dialogs.Also There are New Features:Climb on Walls,Double Jump and Find Bullets for Gun.

Hope you Like it

Special Pre-Order Character:

Chase MCane

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