This game features 3 men named John, Mike and Gordan trying to survive a zombie invasion! The good guys hub is the attic at Johns house and the bad guys hub is a busted up house

Section 1:

Level 1: The start

plot: A virus has turned everyone into brain hungry zombies!

heroes: Mike and Gordan.

enemies: Normal Zombie (3 hearts) and Fast Zombie (2 hearts.)

Boss: Hell's pet (zombie dog 8 hearts.)

Level 2: The building

plot: The cops go to look for people in a shopping mall and they find fire everywhere!

heroes: Gordan and John.

enemies: Fast Zombie, Normal Zombie and Fat Zombie (5 hearts.)

Boss: Hell's guard (25 hearts.)

Level 3: The beginning of the end

plot: Gordan is trying to find more weapons at the attic and brain zombies locks Gordan in with all types of zombies!

hero: Gordan

enemies: Normal Zombie, Fast Zombie, Fat Zombie and Brain Zombie (1 heart.)

Bosses: Super hell's pet (29 hearts) and super hell's guard (34 hearts.)

Level 4: The middle of the end

plot: Gordan finds an RPG and shoots down the door and comes with 3 RPGs, 3 MP-40s, 3 Garands and 3 MP45 SAWs.

heroes: Gordan, John and Mike.

enemie: Tracker Zombie.

Boss: Cop Zombie (with double barreled shotgun) (10 hearts.)

Level 5: The ending of the end

plot: All the cops have a big metal wall to keep away zombies but magnet zombies use hand magnets to climb over!

heroes: Mike, Gordan and John.

enemies: Magnet Zombie (7 hearts), Fat Zombie, Normal Zombie, Fast Zombie, Tracker Zombie and Brain Zombie.

boss: Super cop zombie (with double barreled shotgun) (20 hearts.)

clip at end of section 1: Gordan and Mike are going back to change their blood infested clothes and a zombie comes out of Mike's stomach!

Section 2:

Level 1: The terrible plan

plot: Mike is nearly dead and Gordan kills the baby zombie. John is waiting outside and then thousands of zombies come and ambush John!

heroes: Mike (battle damaged 2 hearts), John and Gordan.

enemies: normal zombies (only outside) and fast zombie.

boss: ambush zombie (6 hearts.)

Level 2: The better plan

plot: The cops survived the attack and are now driving to LA. In LA they look for survivors and are attacked by jumping zombies!

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