Game Description

LEGO Crash Bandicoot-The Adventure Starts is the First LEGO Crash Bandicoot Game.The Story is about how Cortex is Mad and makes a meeting to destroy crash.

In This game for Minikits you will have 4 Wumpa Pieces just like in LEGO City undercover the Shield Pieces.A New Thing has been added Relic Battle,Gem Mayhem and VS.

In Relic Battle-You have to Chose a Boss to Fight and defeat him in an Arena it is based on a boxing Turnament.

In Gem Mayhem-You have to Complete a Certain Level in all 3 Chapters.

In VS-You Can Battle from 2P-4P in The Boxing Arena Chose any Character you like.

There is 119 Gold Bricks in the game.

Chapter 1-Old Enemies

Level 1-NSanity Beach

Playable-Crash Bandicoot
Boss(es)-Get to the end of the level
Level Type-Puzzle

Level 2-Tiki Trouble

Playable-Crash Bandicoot
Unlockable-Tribesman,Tribesman (Archer),Tribesman (Spiky Shield),Papu Papu
Boss(es)-Papu Papu (3 Hearts)
Abillity Unlocked-Super Punch
Level Type-Puzzle,Boss Fight

Level 3-Bear-opoly

Playable-Crash Bandicoot
Boss(es)-Dont let the Bear Chach you.
Level Type-Runaway

Level 4-Swamp Trouble

Playable-Crash Bandicoot
Vehicles-Crash's Surf Board
Boss(es)-Make it ut of the Swamp and dont let Ripper Roo Blow you up with hes Crates.
Level Type-Dodge it

Level 5-Ripper Roo

Playable-Crash Bandicoot
Unlockable-Ripper Roo
Boss(es)-Ripper Roo (3 Hearts)
Abillity Unlocked-Double Jump
Objective-Dodge Ripper Ro's Nitro and TNT Crates (Same as Crash 1&2)
Level Type-Boss Fight

Chapter 2-Cortex Strikes Back

Level 1-Warp Zone Bash

Playable-Crash Bandicoot
Boss(es)-Dr.N-Troopy (3 Hearts),Dr.Neo-Cortex (6 Hearts)
Abillity Unlocked-Jetpack
Level Type-Boss Battle

Level 2-Cortex Chase

Playable-Crash Bandicoot (Jetpack)
Unlockable-Cortex's Flying Board
Boss(es)-Chase Cortex
Level Type-Chase

Level 3-The Battleship

Playable-Crash Bandicoot (Jetpack)
Unlockable-Rhino Battler,Rusty the Wallruss
Boss(Es)-Run away from Rusty the Wallruss,N-Gin (3 Hearts)
Abillity Unlocked-Wumpa Gun
Level Type-Runaway,Boss Fight

Level 4-Cortex's Secret Plan

Playable-Crash Bandicoot (Jetpack)
Unlockable-Lab Asistant,Lab Asisant (Armor)
Boss(es)-Sneak by the Lab Asistants to the Secret Room.
Level Type-Sneaky Peak

Level 5-Escape Cortex's Base

Playable-Crash Bandicoot (Jetpack)
Unlockable-Lab Cyborg
Boss(es)-Runaway from The Lab Cyborg
Level Type-Runaway

Chapter 3-All is Revealed

Level 1-In the Sever

Playable-Crash Bandicoot (Jetpack)
Boss(es)-Dingodile (3 Hearts)
Abillity Unlocked-Metal Hands
Level Type-Boss Battle

Level 2-Pinstripe Office

Playable-Crash Bandicoot (Jetpack)
Boss(es)-Dont let Pinstripe see you
Level Type-Sneaky Peek

Level 3-Runaway from Pinstripe

Playable-Crash Bandicoot (Jetpack)
Boss(es)-Runaway from Pinstripe Potoroo and don't let him shoot you with hes gun.
Level Type-Runaway

Level 4-Pinstripe Potoroo

Playable-Crash Bandicoot (Jetpack)
Unlockable-Pinstripe Potoroo
Boss(es)-Pinstripe Potoroo
Abillity Unlocked-TNT Shield
Level Type-Boss Battle

Level 5-Cortex Castle

Playable-Crash Bandicoot (Jetpack)
Boss(es)-N-Brio (3 Hearts),N-Gin's Robo Mech (5 Metal Hearts)
Abillity Unlocked-Wumpa Gun Upgrade
Level Type-Puzzle,Boss Fight

Level 6-Dr.Neo Cortex

Playable-Crash Bandicoot (Jetpack)
Unlockable-Dr.Neo Cortex
Boss(es)-Dr.Neo Cortex (3 Hearts),Chase Cortex
Abillity Unlocked-Mecha Crash
Level Type-Puzzle,Boss Fight,Chase


Name Abillities Cost
Crash Bandicoot Punch (Starter),Boss Powers -//-
Crash Bandicoot (Jetpack) Punch (Starter),Boss Powers,Fly  -//-
Mecha Crash Punch (Starter),Boss Powers -//-
Tribesman Spear 5.000
Tribesman (Archer) Bow 5.000
Tribesman (Spiky Shield) 2 Heart Defense 25.000
Papu Papu Staff Attack,Belly Punch 125.000
Bear Claw Attack 5.000
Ripper Roo Plant TNT's & Nitros,Double Jump 125.000
Dr.N-Troopy Fork Attack,Freeze Time 250.000
Rhino Battler Throw Barrels 25.000
Rusty The Wallruss That thing attack 125.000
Lab Asistant Throw Potions 5.000
Lab Asistant (Armour) Gun 25.000
Lab Cyborg Bazooka 125.000
Dingodile Flame Thrower 125.000
Pinstripe Potoroo Ranged Gun 120.000
N-Brio Throw Potions 250.000
N-Gin Throw Nitros 250.000
Dr.Neo-Cortex Laser Gun 500.000
Komodo Joe Arabian Sword 125.000
Komodo Moe Arabian Sword 125.000
Fake Crash  Boss Powers  125.000
Nitrous Oxide Throw Nitros 250.000
Nina Chain Attack,Double Jump 250.000
Koala Kong Throw Boulders 125.000
Crunch Bandicoot Super Strenght 250.000
Coco Bandicoot Double Jump 250.000
Aku Aku Spells,Fly 250.000
Uka Uka Spells,Fly 250.000
Tiny Tiger Super Strenght,Claw Attack 125.000
Polar Paw Attack 125.000
Pura Claw Attack 125.000
Skeleton Crash None 25.000
Crash Bandicoot (Ghostly Angel) none 25.000
Dr.Neo Cortex (Cyborg) Laser Gun,Super Strenght 500.000

Character Abillities:

Punch-Crash (Normal,Jetpack,Mecha)
Spin-Crash (Normal,Mecha)
Laser Gun-Cortex (Normal,Cyborg)
Super Strenght-Papu Papu,Dr.N-Troopy,Rhino Battler,Rusty The Wallruss,Lab Cyborg,Dingodile,Koala Kong,Crunch Bandicoot,Tiny Tiger,Dr.Neo Cortex (Cyborg)
Spells-Aku Aku,Uka Uka
Double Jump-Ripper Roo,Nina,Coco
Claw/Paw Attack-Pura (Claw),Polar (Paw),Bear
Fly-Crash Bandicoot (Jetpack),Dr.Neo Cortex,Aku Aku,Uka Uka,Crash Bandicoot (Ghostly Angel)
Sword/Throw/Staff/Plant etc... Attacks-Tribesman,Tribesman (Archer),Tribesman (Spiky Shield),Papu Papu,Ripper Roo,Dr.N-Troopy,Rhino Battler,Rusty The Wallruss,Lab Asistant,Lab Asistan (Armour),Lab Cyborg,Dingodile,Pinstripe Potoroo,N-Brio,N-Gin,Komodo Joe,Komodo Moe,Fake Crash,Nitrous Oxide,Nina,Koala Kong
None-Skeleton Crash,Crash (Ghostly Angel)

Hub World-NSanity Island

The Hub World for This game will be NSanity Island.In NSanity Island there are 10 Places to Visit:Crash's Home,Cortex's Castle,Mistery Caves,The Sewers,Papu Papu's Village,NSanity Swamp,NSanity Beach,N-Gin's Battleship and Tiki Pass.

Crash's Home-2 Gold Bricks,1 Red Brick,5 Characters.
Cortex's Castle-12 Gold Bricks,1 Red Brick,12 Characters
Mistery Caves-6 Gold Bricks,1 Red Brick,6 Characters
The Sewers-8 Gold Bricks,1 Red Brick,2 Characters
Papu Papu's Village-5 Gold Bricks,1 Red Brick,4 Characters
NSanity Swamp-8 Gold Bricks,1 Red Brick,3 Characters
NSanity Beach-6 Gold Bricks,1 Red Brick
N-Gin's Battleship-12 Gold Bricks,1 Red Brick,2 Characters
Tiki Pass-8 Gold Bricks,1 Red Brick

Crash's Home-4 Gold Bricks

In Crash's Home there will be the Cutscene Watcher and you can buy Aku Aku,Polar,Pura,Crunch and Coco in it.

Cortex's Castle-15 Gold Bricks

In Cortex's Castle there is a Cheat Room,Custom Character Creator and Chose an Minigame.In Cortex Castle you can find some Baddies like:Dr.Neo Cortex,N-Gin,N-Brio,Dr.N-Troopy,Uka Uka,Lab Asistants etc....

Mistery Caves-2 Gold Bricks

In Mistery Caves there is 6 Gold bricks and 6 Characters to Find.

The Sewers-10 Gold Bricks

In The Sewers there is 8 Gold bricks and 2 Characters to find.

Papu Papu's Village-0 Gold Brick

In Papu Papu's Village there are 5 Gold Bricks and 4 Characters to find,and it is also the place were you fight your first boss!

NSanity Swamp-0 Gold Bricks

In NSanity Swamp there are 8 Gold Bricks and 3 Characters to find.

NSanity Beach-0 Gold Bricks

In NSanity Beach there are 6 Gold Bricks and the Starter Place on your journey.

N-Gin's Battleship-7 Gold Bricks

In N-Gin's Battleship there are 12 Gold bricks and 2 Characters to Find

Tiki Pass-0 Gold Bricks

In Tiki Pass there are 8 Gold Bricks and it is also the Crossroads of NSanity Island you can go to Papu Papu's Village,to Mistery Caves and to NSanity Swamp so you can se it in the First Chapter allot.

Left is NSanity Swamp,Down is NSanity Beach,Up is Mistery Caves and Right is Papu Papu's Village

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