Playable Characters

  • Batman
  • Ironman
  • Robin


  • Two Face Goon
  • OctoBot
  • Two Face Goon (Gun)

Opening CutSciecn

Ironman So THIS is Gothem City

Batman Yeah

Ironman So that is ACE over there

Batman How Could you tell. Ways it the Gaint sing that says ACE

Ironman No

Batman Lets get going

Level Description

Follow the ghost studs into ACE Cemicels. Take the Senser Suit to get Past the Secirity Laser. turn it off inside and iron man can come in and destroy the Gold Wall With laser eyes. Then Robin is there.

Midle Cutscien

Robin You saved me

Batman Lets get out of here NOW

Ironman grabs them and flys them to the exit but its blocked. then the fly to the top.

Robin RUN

Level Discription

Get from the 4thfloor to the roof. there will be enemies and after you defaet 10 on will put you in a cage.

Closing cutscien

Robin Now what do we do

Batman Call for help

Robin did you, batman just say call for help

Ironman Does he not do that alot

Robin Never.

Batman call for Help Robin

Robin HELP!!!!

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