LEGO Doctor Who: The Early Adventures is the prequel to the earlier videogame LEGO Doctor Who. Instead of an original storyline, this time the videogame offers LEGO recreations of fan-favourite episodes of the show starring the first and second Doctors. This game was released for Playstation 3, Playstation 4, PSP, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Mac and IOS in March 2016.

As with the first game, some characters have a special skill. The first Doctor, for example, can use his cane for a special attack with his cane.

LEGO Doctor Who: The Early Adventures is the first LEGO game where Traveller's Tales had input from the fans. A poll was released asking fans to vote for their favourite first and second Doctor stories. The winning serials were then included in the game.

Hub Worlds

The main hub world in the game is the first and second Doctor's TARDIS console room. As in the game LEGO Dimensions, the console room are presented in black and white. Levels are again accessed on the TARDIS scanner and you can pilot the TARDIS to a small selection of planets and time zones. As the TARDIS was less reliable during the first and second Doctors' eras, you may not always find you end up arriving at the hub world you wanted but rather the location you needed to go to. Every hub world features randomised invasions by alien species the first and second Doctors have encountered, so the TARDIS (being a sentient being as established in the 11th Doctor episode The Doctor's Wife) may choose to pilot you to an area that needs your help. Purple coin studs are awarded each time you successfully stop an invasion.

Caveman Era

In the Caveman Era, you will find the cavemen from the very first Doctor Who serial An Unearthly Child. The fifth player on the Wii U version can touch the Wii U gamepad to light their cave campfire with fire.


During your trip to Skaro, Daleks patrol around as they search for Thals. You must make sure, therefore, that they don't spot you otherwise you are exterminated.

The corridors from the first Dalek serial are fully explorable. Occasionally they will be full of Daleks that you must hide away from in order to progress further down the corridor. Some Thal quests can be found within the Dalek corridors asking for your help in leading a resistance against the Daleks.

1960s London

In 1960s London, you can drive around in 60s-inspired vehicles and encounter WOTAN outside the Post Office Tower. Locations you can travel to include Coal Hill School, the IM Foreman Junkyard and St Paul's Cathedral. The sewers from The Invasion are also visitable, however beware what you may find down there as rumour has it there are still some Cybermen lurking among the sewage...


Vortis is the home of the Zarbi and Menoptra, who will give you quests to complete on the planet. There are also timed races and a five player themed game of 'hot potato' called 'Pass the Gold'. The objective is to pass the bar of gold to the next player to save yourself from the Animus. The last player with the gold when the time is up loses and subsequently possessed by the Animus.

The Moon

On the moon, players can explore the Moonbase seen in the 1969 serial The Seeds of Death and pilot rockets (which can be used in races across the hub world). T-Mats are also available to teleport down to a space museum on late 21st Century Earth. Players will have to use stealth skills to sneak past Ice Warriors in the Moonbase and find quests to complete.

Planet Gond

On the Gond's home planet, players can explore the Wasteland and the Gond city from The Krotons. Explorable locations within the city include Selris' house and the Learning Hall. Players can compete in general knowledge quizzes using the teaching machines spread throughout the hub world. Each correct answer guarantees the player 10,000 studs.

Chapter 1: An Unearthly Child

An Unearthly Child

A policeman walks past the gates to IM Foreman junkyard.

Meanwhile, it's the end of the school day at Coal Hill School and Ian and Barbara discuss their student Susan Foreman in Ian's office. Barbara says she found out Susan's address from the school secretary and paid a visit to find a junkyard rather than a place of accommodation. They find Susan so Barbara can give her a book on the French Revolution to borrow. Susan flicks through the book and claims the information in the book isn't right.

Ian and Barbara decide to follow her home to solve the mystery of the unearthly child...

Playable: Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright

Objective: Follow Susan Foreman to her home

Boss: The first Doctor

The Cave of Skulls

After the Doctor takes Ian and Barbara captive in the TARDIS, they find themselves in the cavemen era. The Doctor ponders why the TARDIS hasn't changed its form and sets off to check the prehistoric environment for radioactivity.

Playable: The first Doctor, Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright

Objective: Check for radioactivity

Enemies: Cavemen

Boss: Kal

The Forest of Fear

The Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan have been sealed in the Cave of Skulls and must find a way to escape.

Playable: The first Doctor, Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright

Objective: Escape from the Cave of Skulls

Enemies: Cavemen

Boss: Old Mother

The Firemaker

After trying to flee back to the TARDIS at the end of The Forest of Fear, the Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara have found the TARDIS blocked by Kal and the cavemen. They are returned to the Cave of Skulls, where they must either make fire for the cavemen or die...

Playable: The first Doctor, Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright

Objective: Create fire for the cavemen

Enemies: Cavemen

Boss: Za

Chapter 2: The Daleks

The Dead Planet

The Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara leave the TARDIS unaware that the radiation meter is now showing there is high levels of radiation outside. They discover a petrified jungle and behind it, a futuristic city. The Doctor is keen to explore, however his companions advise against it.

There is a knocking from outside the TARDIS upon their return and Ian and Barbara use this as a reason to persuade the Doctor to take them away from the planet. He obliges however when he tries to materialise he discovers that he needs mercury for the fluid link (later Ian discovers he deliberately sabotaged the TARDIS to give them a reason for going to the city).

Playable: The first Doctor, Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright

Objective: Explore the Dalek city

The Survivors

Barbara is missing and the remaining TARDIS crew decide to search for her.

Playable: The first Doctor, Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton

Objective: Find Barbara Wright

Enemies: Daleks

The Escape

At the end of the previous level, the first Doctor, Susan Foreman and Ian Chesterton have found Barbara but they are locked up together in the same Dalek prison cell. The Daleks decided to send one person Susan Foreman to enter the jungle and find some radiation drugs to help with their radiation sickness.

Susan Foreman sets off on her return journey through the petrified forest to the Dalek city. Outside the TARDIS, she meets a Thal called Alydon (who is surprised to hear the Daleks are still alive). Alydon passes her some radiation drugs to add to the tin he left outside the TARDIS before and tells her to keep them secret. Susan returns to the prison cell within the Dalek city and passes her fellow prisoners the drugs.

Playable: The first Doctor, Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright

Objectives: Break the security cameras, find the ingredients to make mud, trap a Dalek, remove the Dalek mutant

The Ambush

Ian Chesterton climbs inside the Dalek and works out how to control it. They use this to their advantage in an attempt to escape.

Playable: The first Doctor, Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton, Ian Chesterton (Dalek), Barbara Wright

Objective: Stop the Dalek from reaching them in the lift, warn the Thals

Enemies: Daleks

The Expedition

At the end of the previous level, Ian discovers the Daleks took the fluid link. Ian persuades the Thal to help fight the Daleks and claim the fluid link back and they split into two separate groups: one group will help Ian and Barbara cross the swamp to the back of the city near a radioactive lake whilst another will be led by the Doctor and Susan through the front.

The first group arrive at the Lake of Mutations, where they find a series of pipes that lead to the city and a multi-tentacled creature.

Playable: Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright,  Ganatus, Antodus

Boss: Multi-tentacled creature

The Ordeal

After being sucked into a whirlpool, Thal Elyon has died. Although group one are devastated by the news, they continue on regardless and journey through a tunnel leading to the city. They must find their way across Indiana Jones-style obstacles such as massive gaps in the ground they must jump across to continue on their journey.

Playable: Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright, Ganatus, Antodus

Objective: Journey across a perilous environment Indiana Jones-style

The Rescue

At the end of the last level, Antodus found he couldn't hold on and fell to the bottom of the abyss. The party must continue on their way to the Dalek City.

Once they arrive, they find the Doctor and Susan have been taken captive by the Daleks.

Playable: Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright, Ganatus

Objective: Rescue the Doctor and Susan, defeat the Daleks

Enemies: Daleks

Chapter 3: Marco Polo

The Roof of the World

The Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan arrive at the  Plain of Pamir; the TARDIS is damaged, unable to provide light, heat or water.

Ian and Barbara search for fuel but see a figure in the snow and rush back to find the Doctor has discovered the problem with the TARDIS. The creature, however, appears at the TARDIS door.

Playable: The first Doctor, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright, Susan Foreman

Enemies: The creature, Mongol soldiers

The Singing Sands

After joining Marco Polo's party, they find themselves travelling across the Gobi Desert and settle for the night. Ping-Cho and Susan find themselves lost in a vicious sandstorm.

Playable: Susan Foreman, Ping-Cho

Objective: Find a way through the sandstorm back to Marco Polo's party

Five Hundred Eyes

The water supply is completely exhausted and the situation becomes desperate. Thankfully the Doctor and Susan manage to capture water that had condensed on the TARDIS walls during the night.

They stop off at Tun-Huang where they replenish their supplies and meet back with Tegana. Tegana slips away during Ping-Cho's performance to the others of Aladdin and visits the Cave of Five Hundred Eyes, where he tells Mongol agent Acomat (who is with his fellow Mongol agent Malik) to attack Marco Polo's caravan and kill Marco Polo and his crew. They discover Barbara followed Tegana to the cave and she is held prisoner.

The Doctor works out that Barbara must be at the cave and after getting directions from a man called Chenchu, he sets off to rescue her with Susan and Ping-Cho.*

Playable: The first Doctor, Susan, Ping-Cho

Objective: Rescue Barbara

Enemies: Mongol agents

Boss: Tegana

*Unlike in the real episode, Ian finds out where the Doctor, Susan and Ping-Cho have gone and rescues Barbara at the end of this level rather than in The Wall of Lies.

The Wall of Lies

The party return to the caravan, where Tegana tries to make Marco Polo suspicious of the TARDIS crew by telling him Susan has an unhealthy hold over Ping-Cho and the Doctor has a second key to the TARDIS. Marco decides to separate Ping-Cho and Susan and has the Doctor held under guard when he spots the Doctor leaving the TARDIS.

At Sinju, Tegana tells Acomat to attack the caravan two nights' later and that everyone is to be killed.

The first Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan try to escape from Marco Polo.*

Playable: The first Doctor, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright, Susan Foreman

Objective: Escape from Marco Polo

Enemies: Guards

*In the actual episode, only Ian attempts to escape but as LEGO games need at least two characters for co-op this time the entire TARDIS crew attempt it.

Rider from Shang-Tu

Ian warns Marco Polo of their danger. They start to arm themselves against the bandits.

Playable: Ian Chesterton, Marco Polo

Enemies: Bandits

Boss: Acomat

Mighty Kublai Khan

At the end of the previous level, the TARDIS crew attempted to escape in the TARDIS however Susan was grabbed by Tegana on the way.

Ian leaves the TARDIS and tries to convince Tegana to free Susan, but he says he will only agree to do so providing the others leave the TARDIS and the Doctor returns the key to Marco Polo.

Talking with Marco Polo, Ian tells him the truth about the TARDIS and takes responsibility for stealing the TARDIS key back. Marco however doesn't believe him and deduces Ping-Cho was the culprit. Ping-Cho overhears their conversation and flees the caravan. Ian and Tegana offer to search for her.

Playable: Ian Chesterton, Tegana, Ping-Cho (once found)

Objective: Find Ping-Cho

Boss: Kuiju, Tegana

Assassin at Peking

Ian and Tegana's standoff is brought to a halt by the arrival of Ling Tau and a band of soldiers. Tegana talks his way out of the situation again.

Meanwhile at Kublia Khan's palace, Khan and the Doctor are playing Blackgammon. He wins and decides to bet his winnings on the TARDIS. During the next game, he loses. Tegana arrives followed by Ian and tells Kublia that Marco Polo has been breaking the law by not confiscating the TARDIS and taking the Doctor and his companions prisoner when they tried to take it back.  Ian and Ping-Cho tell Khan that Tegana stated he is working for Noghai. Khan decides to judge it in court.

The Doctor and his companions are imprisoned. They decide they must break free to stop Tegana, who they suspect will try to kull Kublia Khan so Noghai's army wins.

Playable: The first Doctor, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright

Objective: Stop Tegana from killing Kublai Khan

Boss: Tegana

Chapter 4: The Dalek Invasion of Earth

World's End

The TARDIS arrives in 2164 London, where they find the capital is eerily silent and abandoned. Susan attempts to climb and look over a wall, but ends up slipping and subsequently causing the bridge above the TARDIS to collapse and block the TARDIS crew's access to it.

The Doctor and Ian decide to search a nearby warehouse for some tools to unblock the TARDIS door.

Playable: The first Doctor, Ian Chesterton

Objective: Search for tools to unblock the TARDIS door

Enemies: Robomen

The Daleks

A Dalek appears and asks the Robomen why they allowed humans to come close to the Thames and why the area was not guarded. They fail to answer.

The Dalek orders the Doctor and Ian to be taken to the landing area and tells the pair that they have already conquered Earth.

Meanwhile, in a resistance base a group of Humans listen to Dalek propaganda broadcasts demanding that they surrender. Among the humans are Barbara Wright and Susan Foreman (the only alien in the group). David Campbell appears and tells them of the capture of two men: The Doctor and Ian, who have been taken to a heliport at Chelsea. They plan an assault, whilst the Doctor and Ian at the heliport attempt to escape their cell by manipulating a device containing the key to the door.

Playable: The first Doctor, Ian Chesterton

Objective: Escape the cell

Enemies: Daleks, Robomen

Day of Reckoning

Ian Chesterton have been re-captured and the Doctor has been taken away to be changed into a Roboman. It's up to members of the Resistance disguised as Robomen to rescue them.

Playable: Susan Foreman (Robowoman), Barbara Wright (Robowoman), David Campbell (Roboman)

Objective: Rescue the Doctor and Ian

Enemies: Daleks, Robomen

The End of Tomorrow

At the end of the previous level, the Doctor, Susan and David are hiding together from the Daleks and Robomen.

They discover a ticking Dalek firebomb near their hiding place, causing the Doctor to pass out. David and Susan leave the Doctor and search for a way out of London through the sewers.

Playable: Susan Foreman, David Campbell

Objective: Find a way out of London

Enemies: Daleks, Robomen, alligators

The Walking Ally

Meanwhile in Bedfordshire, Ian Chesterton and his new friend Larry come across a strange creature called a Slyther and hide away from it in a shack. They find a guy called Ashton, who threatens them with a gun. Another character called Wells enters and offers Ashton some jewellery in exchange for food and to smuggle Ian out of the area. However just as he agrees the Slyther breaks through and kills Ashton.* Ian and Larry try to run but the Slyther blocks them.

Playable: Ian Chesterton, Larry

Boss: Slyther


At the end of the previous level, after defeating the Slyther Ian found himself hiding under a small shell (actually an explosive) from the Daleks and overheard the Daleks' plan to drill into the planet's core and insert an engine that can be used to pilot the planet across the universe.

As the explosive is moved towards the drop zone, Ian manages to disconnect some wires inside the shell's casing and stop its descent. He unseals the shell and climbs out using a rope that moves through it, however he is spotted by a Dalek. The Dalek cuts the rope and Ian falls down to the bottom of a pit where he finds a door. He enters the door and finds himself in the lower gallery with a rebellious human slave.

Playable: Ian Chesterton, human slave

Objective: Stop the Dalek bomb

Enemies: Daleks, Robomen

*In the real serial, this scene takes place in the previous episode. However, it is placed in The Walking Ally segment purely for consistency with the levels.

Chapter 5: The Celestial Toymaker

The Celestial Toyroom

A powerful attack has penetrated the TARDIS and the Doctor (currently invisible and intangible) asks his companions Steven and Dodo to turn on the scanner. Nothing appears...

They open the doors and the Doctor heads outside. Meanwhile, the Celestial Toymaker places two clown figurines on the floor. They become life size. He tells them to deal with the Doctor's companions.

The Doctor is now visible to Steven and Dodo as they leave the TARDIS. They find a lifesize robot with a video screen showing images of Steven in 16th Century Paris. He tells them they are in the world of the Celestial Toymaker and the screen was his way of entering their minds. The Celestial Toymaker appears. Dodo suggests they escape in the TARDIS but the Toymaker shows numerous TARDISes on the screen asking her to choose which one is the real TARDIS. He vanishes along with the Doctor and the two clowns appear.

Playable: Steven, Dodo

Objective: Beat the two clowns Joey and Clara and 'Blind man's buff'.

Enemies: Joey, Clara

The Hall of Dolls

Steven and Dodo journey through a bunch of false TARDISes into the next room, where they find chairs of varying sizes in two rooms that adjoin. They are joined by people dressed as the King, Queen, Knave of Hearts and Joker from card packs. Steven and Dodo realise that the riddle from the end of the first level meant that one chair must be the correct choice and the other six deadly. They enter the next room to find three TARDIS cabinets and one they assume must be the real TARDIS alongside seven dolls, which they decide to place on the chairs.

Playable: Steven, Dodo

Objective: Find the correct chair by placing the dolls on each one

The Dancing Floor

Steven and Dodo arrive at the next door, which opens of its own accord. A woman called Mrs Wiggs directs them from an old-fashioned kitchen to the dance floor but find the door to the room is locked and they have to find the key.

Playable: Steven, Dodo

Objectives: Find the key to unlock the door, find a way to cross the dance floor without being stuck under its dance trance forever...

The Final Test

The pair now find themselves at the final game: TARDIS hopscotch. Each player rolls a die at his turn and moves the number of triangles indicated. First to reach the TARDIS is the winner. They are competing against the Knave of Hearts Cyril.

Playable: Steven, Dodo

Objective: Win the TARDIS hopscotch against Cyril

Chapter 6: The Tenth Planet

Episode One

The Snowcap space tracking station is watching the progress of the Zeus IV atmospheric testing probe launch - manned by two pilots: Schultz and Williams.

Meanwhile, the TARDIS materialises outside Snowcap's underground bunker and are spotted by men watching the environment through a periscope. They are taken inside and interrogated. General Cutler decides to put them in the Observation Room. A distress call is received from the testing probe. The pilots explain they're nowhere near where they are supposed to be and spot another planet. The Doctor passes a piece of paper to Doctor Barclay and is surprised to find the Doctor had predicted it before it had happened. Cutler suspects them of being involved in the mystery of the new planet and sends three people out to search the TARDIS - Tito, the sergeant and Joe. They are unable to open the TARDIS as a Cyberman approaches them...*

Playable: Sergeant, Tito, Joe

Enemies: Cybermen

*In the actual episode, the sergeant is alone as he sends Tito and Joe back to get a welder. As this is a LEGO game, however, they stay with him so a second player has a character to play as.

Episode Two

Cutler fails to believe the Doctor that there will be visitors to Earth. Cutler promises Zeus IV a safe arrival back on Earth.

Outside, the Cybermen use the clothes of their victims as disguises. They enter the base whilst everyone is distracted in bringing the Zeus IV back safely. After they kill a soldier, Polly and the people in the base plead with them to let them save the Zeus IV pilots but they introduce themselves as the Cybermen and say their lives are irrelevant. Cutler presses a panic button alerting International Space Control to an emergency. International Space Control gets in touch with Cutler, and the Cybermen order Cutler to inform them that it was a false alarm; Cutler refuses and is rendered unconscious by a Cyberman's touch. Barclay is then threatened to tell them it was a false alarm.

Ben plots an escape from the base and picks up a gun left by a dead soldier.

Playable: Ben, Polly

Objectives: Find a way to escape, rig up a weapon to blind the Cybermen

Enemies: Cybermen

Episode Three

The Doctor collapses from exhaustion and Ben and Polly take him to his quarters. Ben checks his pulse; he seems fine, although Polly notes he is warn out. Cutler plans to blow up Mondas however Ben tells him the Doctor said it would blow up anyway after absorbing too much energy. Cutler goes ahead anyway.

Ben and Polly finds a vent and they loosen it with a pen knife.*

Playable: Ben, Polly

Objective: Disarm the bomb

*In the actual episode, only Ben finds the vent however in this LEGO recreation Polly finds it with him to allow for two-player co-op.

Episode Four

The countdown to launch the bomb reaches zero and it fails to set off into orbit. Cutler is upset and threatens to kill the TARDIS crew and ignores the warnings that more Cybermen are attacking the base.

Just as he is about to murder the Doctor, he is killed by the Cybermen. The Doctor offers them a home on Earth but they refuse to listen to negotiations whilst a missile is pointed at their planet and take Polly captive.The Doctor contacts the International Space Centre and finds they have been taken over by Cybermen too.The Cybermen at the Space Centre contact the Snowcap Cybermen and tell them they must move onto their secondary objective: destroy the Earth.

Down by the bomb, Ben, Barclay, Haines and Dyson are working on disarming it. Ben realises that the Cybermen are intolerant to the radiation of the bomb and that's why they are not doing it themselves.

Playable: Ben, Barclay, Haines, Dyson,

Objective: Lure the Cybermen to the bomb

At the end of this level, the first Doctor regenerates into the second.

Chapter 7: Power of the Daleks

Episode One

Ben and Polly are confused by the Doctor's regeneration and are unsure whether this man is still the Doctor. The newly regenerated Doctor comes round and starts searching for something. He takes out a mirror and shows it to Ben; the reflection in the mirror is that of the first Doctor. He finds a recorder and 500-year Diary, then suggests they go for a walk. They leave the TARDIS and hear a man shouting for help.

As they approach, the man is shot by an unseen assassin. The Doctor examines the body and notices he is an Examiner from Earth. He is knocked unconscious by an assassin, whilst Ben and Polly collapse from the fumes from a mercury pool.

They are rescued by Deputy Governor Quinn and Head of Security Bragen, who assume the Doctor is the examiner who has been sent to look at the space capsule. They are taken to the laboratory, where scientists Lesterson and Janley are studying the capsule. The scientists ask him for permission to open it, which he grants. The Doctor finds a thin opening in the capsule but fails to mention it and orders they go no further for the time being.

Ben and Polly follow the Doctor as he returns there later that night and finds two dormant Daleks as well as a Kaled mutant scurrying across the floor.

Playable: The second Doctor, Ben, Polly

Enemies: Daleks, Kaled mutant

Episode Two

Ben is sent to find a torch to track the Kaled mutant and is watched by Resno, one of Lesterson's research assistants.

Lesterson discovers the TARDIS crew in his laboratory and orders them out. The Doctor notes Lesterson's lack of surprise at the Daleks when he entered and points out he must have seen them before. He decides that the Daleks must be destroyed and leaves with Bragen to get permission from the governor. Bragen tells him about a rebellious group underground.

Meanwhile, Lesterson, Janley and Resno continue their experiments on a Dalek.

Playable: Lesterson, Janley, Resno

Objective: Complete the experiment

Episode Three

The governor is persuaded that the Daleks could be useful for the colony on Vulcan as well as Earth. Lesterson is encouraged to continue his experiments. The Doctor puts the Dalek's apparent servant status to the test by ordering it immobilize itself and it obeys. Lesterson continues his experiments.

The Doctor has put together a small device in his quarters and tells Ben and Polly to keep themselves amused whilst he breaks into Lesterson's lab. Lesterson takes great delight in the Dalek being able to answer complex questions and is suspicious when the Doctor enters, however he agrees to let the Doctor observe the experiments.

Playable: The second Doctor, Lesterson

Objective: Attach the device onto the power generator

Episode Four

The Daleks assure Lesterson of their obedience and in response he turns the generator's power down, thereby giving the Daleks more freedom.

The Doctor and Ben, meanwhile, show Bragen a note left under his door saying Polly has been kidnapped. Bragen refuses to help. They visit Lesterson and ask him about Polly's kidnapping. Lesterson is shaken when the Doctor tells him that the Daleks are brilliant engineers and with the right materials can be extremely powerful. He collapses and Janley accuses them of attacking him.

They spot a notice board is being used to announce rebel meetings in code. The Doctor decodes that a meeting is being held tonight. Janley and Valmar demonstrate their control over a Dalek's weaponry at the meeting. Valmar has attached a controlling device to the Dalek's eggwhisk; when asked to kill Janley, it is unable to fire its gun. They claim that they are holding Polly prisoner; Ben accidentally reveals his and the Doctor's presence leaving them with no choice but try to flee.

Playable: The second Doctor, Ben

Objective: Escape the meeting

Boss: Janley and Valmar, their Dalek

Episode Five

Lesterson is shocked by the large gathering of Daleks he discovered in the capsule and leaves. He tries to contact the Doctor, however the Doctor is in prison. Polly is taken into the lab and kept prisoner in the capsule. The Dalek explains to Janley that they are building a static electricity converter to make them even more powerful.

Lesterson breaks into the Doctor's cell to tell him what he has discovered and is taken away by guards. He is brought before Bragen, where he finds a Dalek laying cables in his office. Lesterson acts what it's doing and it claims to be following Lesteron's orders. He denies giving them this order.

Meanwhile, the Doctor is playing his recorder in the prison cell. The pitch of one of the notes manages to open Quinn's door. Quinn fights a guard and sets the Doctor free.

Playable: The second Doctor, Quinn

Objective: Escape prison

Enemies: Guards

Episode Six

At the end of the previous level, the Doctor and Quinn freed Polly from the capsule and discovered Hensell was dead before being captured by guards with orders to return them to prison.

On the way to prison, they are stopped by armed Daleks. They refuse to let them go past. The Daleks watch as Quinn leads them away. The Doctor, Quinn and Polly attack the guards and escape. They find Ben, who tells them of Bragen's plans. He, Ben and Polly exit through a window and they find their way to the lab and hide with Lesterson, as they watch Daleks come out of the capsule. Lesterson mentions a secret cable that Valmar set up inside the capsule to power the rebels' base. The Doctor thinks this could be the Daleks' downfall and he goes to find Valmar.

Valmar tells the Doctor where the cable is. Quinn is sent away to create a distraction and the Doctor returns to the lab to find the junction box with the cable he needs to sabotage the Daleks' static power.

Playable: The second Doctor, Ben, Polly, Lesterson

Objective: Sabotage the Daleks' static power

Enemies: Daleks

Chapter 8: Tomb of the Cybermen

Episode One

The Doctor and Jamie show their new companion Victoria the TARDIS console room, although she finds it hard to believe it can travel in space and time.

On the planet Telos, an archaeological expedition uncover an entrance to a city using explosives. A member of the expedition touches the large metal doors and is electrocuted.

The TARDIS arrives and the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria step out onto the scene of the electrocution. The expedition's pilot Captain Hopper holds them at gunpoint until he is convinced by the Doctor that they had nothing to do with the death. The expedition leader's assistant John Viner tells them they are here to find the remains of the Cybermen who died centuries ago. The Doctor decides to join the group and uses a device to unelectrify the doors and gets Miss Kaftan's (the expedition's funder) manservant Toberman to help shift the door. They find a control panel inside and decide to split up.  Kaftan shall stay with Victoria, Klieg with the Doctor, and Toberman with Jamie. 

Curious, Victoria climbs into the the sarcophagus. Kaftan seals her in. When Viner confronts her, she denies she did anything. Viner checks to see Victoria is still alive and when he discovers she is, he runs off to find the Doctor.

Playable: The second Doctor, Klieg, Viner

Objective: Free Victoria from the scarophagus

Episode Two

Victoria finds a metal caterpillar, which the Doctor calls a Cybermat. She places it in her handbag, ignoring the Doctor's advice to leave it alone. Everyone except Victoria and Kaftan enter a tomb. Kaftan places a sleeping pull in Victoria's coffee and she falls asleep whilst Kaftan shuts the hatch. When she awakes, she finds the hatch open and asks Kaftan what's going on. Kaftan pulls a gun on her and the Cybermat jumps out of Victoria's handbag.

Playable: Victoria, Cybermat

Boss: Kaftan

Episode Three

At the end of the previous level, the Cybermen awoke from their tombs and freed their leader the Cyber Controller before crushing the hands of the man who helped revive them: Klieg.

The Cybermen recognise the Doctor, as his interference with previous invasion attempts is in their computer records. The Doctor deduces that the tombs were a trap to free them from their tombs. Captain Hopper and his compatriot Jim Callum return with Victoria. Kaftan awakes but pretends to be out cold.

The Cybermen tell the expedition that they will be converted into Cybermen.

Playable: The second Doctor, Jamie, Victoria, Captain Hopper, Jim Callum

Enemies: Cybermen, Cybermats

Boss: Klieg, Kaftan 

Episode Four

Klieg fires at the Doctor. Jim pushes him out of the way and the blast hits his shoulder. Klieg tells the expedition they can still negotiate with the Cybermen, opens the hatch and calls for the Cyber Controller.

The Cyber Controller emerges with Toberman (who is under Cyber control)

Playable: The second Doctor, Jamie, Victoria, Captain Hopper

Enemies: Cybermen

Boss: Cyber Controller, Toberman, Klieg

Chapter 9: The Web of Fear

Episode One

Travers begs Silverstein to let him buy the Yeti back he sold to him years ago as it is potentially dangerous. Silverstein opts to keep it. The professor says he has reactivated a control sphere but his daughter Anne believes his old age senility is playing tricks with his mind.

She takes Travers away but unknown to them, as Silverstein closes the door the control sphere breaks through a window and reconnects with the Yeti. Silverstein is terrified as the Yeti attacks.

Meanwhile in the TARDIS, Jamie and Victoria point out a flashing light on the TARDIS console that usually indicates a landing. They look at the scanner and sees that it shows them suspended in space. The TARDIS is covered in a web-like substance. As the web lessens, the Doctor plugs a device he has built into the console and turns it on. The TARDIS lands in a London Underground tunnel. They explore their surroundings and find a trench, fire extinguisher and a sign that tells them they are in the Covent Garden Underground Station.

They head up to the surface, where they find a newstand that reads 'Londoners Flee! Menace Spreads!'. The TARDIS crew return to the Underground Station and walk along the tracks until they discover a power cable and three soldiers appear: Staff Sergeant Arnold, Corporal Blake and Craftsman Weams. The Doctor tells Jamie and Victoria to follow the soldiers at a difference while he works out where the cable leads.

Playable: Jamie, Victoria

Objective: Follow the soldiers

Boss (after the Victoria screaming cutscene): Staff Sergeant Arnold , Corporal Blake, Craftsman Weams

Episode Two

The Yeti have returned and Jamie and Victoria are trapped in a makeshift prison. They suspect that it must have been the Great Intelligence that tried to capture them in space. Travers appears and questions them; Victoria recognises him from their previous encounter with the Great Intelligence in Tibet. She tells him the Doctor is in danger.

Travers sets off with Jamie to find out any news about the Doctor. They go upsets to find Arnold. Arnold tells them what he knows and makes his suspicions of the Doctor clear. Jamie persuades him to help him search for the Doctor.

Playable: Jamie, Arnold, Driver Evans (once Jamie and Arnold have been captured by the Yeti among other soldiers and escaped)

Objective: Find the Doctor

Enemies: Yeti

Episode Three

At the end of the previous episode, Jamie, Arnold, Driver Evans and company have found themselves cut off by webbing from the Yeti and heard a nasty screeching noise, forcing them to cover their ears.

A Yeti appears from out of the web carrying a pyramid. Evans shoots the pyramid, causing it to explode. The Yeti becomes immobile and they escape.

Victoria, meanwhile, finds the Doctor in the tunnels with his new friend Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart. The Colonel leads them to Travers' fortress. The Doctor makes it clear to Victoria in the common room that he hasn't been harmed by Lethbridge-Stewart. Travers enters and takes the Doctor and Victoria to the lab. Victoria is worried about Jamie. Travers tells the Doctor he reactivated a control sphere.

The Doctor suggests to the Colonel blowing up the tunnel to Goodge Street to buy them some time. He begins work on a detonator with Travers and later goes through the plan with Lethbridge-Stewart.

The Colonel decides to take a group of men to Holborn to see if any explosives are still usable. and leaves the Doctor four men.

Later, Anne and Travers are working together in the lab when they hear a scream...

Playable: Anne, Travers

Objective: Investigate the scream

Enemies: Yeti

Episode Four

Travers tries to run from the Yeti but is attacked. Anne is also knocked down. The Yeti drag Travers away.

The Doctor, Jamie, Victoria and Evans are on their way to Covent Garden to stop TV interviewer Chorley from using the TARDIS as a means to escape from the London Underground.

Playable: The Doctor, Jamie, Victoria, Evans, Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart (after the unhinged door cut scene)

Objective: Stop Chorley

Enemies: The Yeti

Episode Five

Professor Travers has been possessed by the Great Intelligence, who has laid a trap for the Doctor so it can take over his mind. If the Doctor gives himself over to the Great Intelligence there will be no more deaths.

Playable: The Doctor, Jamie, Victoria, Evans, Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart (after the unhinged door cut scene)

Enemies: Yeti

Boss: Professor Travers (possessed)

Episode Six

Back at the fortress, a strange mist has entered Travers' lab. Evans and Arnold scarper as it is covered by the web. Much to the annoyance of Arnold, Evans abandons him.

The Doctor (who is now able to control the Yeti with a device) and Anne order the Yeti to wait for them to leave then keep pretending to be under the Great Intelligence's control. Jamie and Lethbridge-Stewart meet with the Doctor and Anne, who inform them that Travers and Victoria are at Piccadilly. They return to Travers' fortress, where Arnold tells them their base has been covered in web. Three Yetis appear and escort the Doctor, Anne, Jamie, Lethbridge-Stewart and Arnold into the tunnels. The Colonel pretends to hurt his ankle and Arnold uses the distraction to escape.

The four of them are taken to Piccaddilly Station, where the Doctor passes Jamie a microphone to issue commands to the Yeti under their control. Jamie disappears. Two Yetis take the Doctor to the Booking Hall. Most of the group gather as the Doctor confronts the Great Intelligence (now possessing Arnold).

Playable: The Doctor, Jamie, Victoria, Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart, Anne, Professor Travers

Enemies: Yeti

Boss: Arnold (possessed)

Chapter 10: The Mind Robber

Episode One

The Doctor tries to pilot the TARDIS away from its current location, however the fluid links struggle to take the load of the TARDIS and mercury vapour floods the console room. Lava draws towards them. The level of mercury continues to rise. The Doctor refers to an emergency unit that moves the TARDIS out of the time and space dimension and out of reality altogether. Jamie forces him to use it. The TARDIS dematerialises as it is covered in lava. The console room flashes then stops. The ship has landed but nothing is displaying anything (not even the scanner) because they are literally nowhere.

Jamie is fixated at the scanner. It is displaying his home: the Scottish highlands. Zoe enters and Jamie tries to show her where he came from on the scanner. She can't see anything. He looks back and can't see anything either. When Jamie is distracted by something else, Zoe looks at the scanner and sees the Space Station where she came from. She leaves the TARDIS and the scanner goes blank.

The Doctor and Jamie return the console room and find Zoe is missing. Jamie runs out before the Doctor can stop him.

Zoe has found herself in a blank canvas and calls for Jamie. Jamie shows up. Both feel as though they are being watched. They decide to return to the TARDIS but when they turn round they find two robots waiting for them.

Playable: Jamie, Zoe

Enemies: Robots

Episode Two

Jamie is searching for the Doctor and Zoe in a forest. When he comes across a Redcoat, he assumes he has been returned to his own time and draws a knife, attacking the soldier. The soldier shoots Jamie and he turns into a carboard cutout.

Zoe is also in the forest, looking for the Doctor and Jamie. She sees a door and walks in, falling through the floor.

The Doctor wakes up and hears the voices of Jamie and Zoe. He starts searching for them and soon comes across a Jamie McCrimmon carboard cutout. A safe and wishing well has appeared. Out of the mist come various letters. The Doctor works out it's a riddle and the answer to the riddle is 'Jamie is safe and well'. He turns to find the carboard cutout is missing its face. The Doctor attempts to reassemble it, however whilst Jamie returns to life he appears completely different. They set off to look for Zoe.

Playable: The second Doctor, Jamie (with the wrong face), Zoe (after she is freed from the jar)

Objective: Find Zoe, free Zoe

Enemies: Robots

Episode Three

After coming across the unicorn from Jamie's dream, the Doctor urges his companions to say unicorns don't exist. The unicorn turns into a carboard cutout.

Soldiers approach them however the Master of the Land calls them off. The TARDIS crew make their way through thick cobwebs when they come across a house. Jamie sees the Redcoat from earlier, who shoots him. He turns into a carboard cutout again. Jamie's face is returned to normal by the Doctor and Zoe. They enter the house where they find four tunnels and a reel of twine. They enter the maze of tunnels. Zoe thinks she has figured out the maze's pattern but Jamie says they're out of twine. It is decided that Jamie should stay behind as the Doctor and Joe journey through the maze.

As they continue their journey, The Doctor and Zoe come across a minotaur.

Playable: The Doctor, Zoe

Objective: Find a way through the maze

Enemies: Minotaur

Boss: Medusa

Episode Four

The Doctor uses a mirror from his pocket to turn Medusa to stone. He and Zoe find their way out of the maze and spot a citadel looming over them. Suddenly, a laser beam appears. It appears to have come from The Karkus, a superhero from Zoe's time who carries an Anti-Molecular Ray Disintegrator. The Doctor says Karkus's weapon doesn't exist and it disappears. The Karkus attacks.

Playable: The Doctor, Zoe, Jamie (once the Doctor and Zoe enter the citadel)

Enemies: Robots

Boss: The Karkus, the Master of the Land

Episode Five

The Doctor climbs onto the rooftop, where he finds Jamie and Zoe. However, they are a fictional Jamie and Zoe who repeat the same phrases. He spots a skylight and looks through it to see a typewriter typing the words 'They were ambushed by a party of white robots.' The Doctor realises that that is the master tape and that he could alter the story if he can get to it. The window is sealed. The Doctor wishes that he had the strength of The Karkus. He appears and prises open the window. Rapunzel appears to help the Doctor down and the Doctor comes up with a plan on what to write.

He is about to type 'The enemy had been finally defeated by the Doctor's plans.', however he realises that he would be fictionalising himself. He turns to see a soldier observing him and escapes up Rapunzel's hair, emerging back onto the rooftop. The TARDIS appears and Jamie and Zoe beckon him in. The Doctor enters, however it turns out to be a trap as he is now imprisoned in a glass case.

The real Jamie and Zoe force themselves out of the book and run to the rooftop.

Playable: Jamie, Zoe

Objective: Find and save the Doctor

Enemies: Robots

Chapter 11: The War Games - Part One

Episode One

The TARDIS arrives in the middle of a wasteland on Earth. The TARDIS crew explore and are confronted by a woman called Lady Jennifer Buckingham. She drives the Doctor, Jamie, Zoe and some soldiers, heading for Ypres, when they come across a lieutenant who asks to be taken back to base.

Meanwhile, in a trench a major is told that an ambulance is approaching. The ambulance's passengers enter the trench. The major suspects they are spies and contacts General Smythe. Smythe asks for them to be sent to him. Whilst alone, he removes a picture to reveal a communication device.

The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe are taken to Smythe, however there is no sign of the general. Ransom orders them to be taken to the cells. Later, they are brought back into Smythe's room and told of the crimes against them and are found guilty. Jamie is taken to a military prison, Zoe is sentenced to ten years penal servitude and the Doctor is to be executed at dawn. The Doctor is taken back to his cell. He hinds behind the prison door when he hears someone coming. He is relieved to find it is Zoe. They decide to find Jamie however as they leave they are met by Ransom and the firing squad. 

Playable: The second Doctor, Zoe

Enemies: Soldiers

Boss: Ransom

Episode Two

General Smythe says to a video screen that he is leaving for a conference. A machine materialises behind him. Ransom enters and Smythe puts on his glasses, telling Ransom that he is leaving for an important meeting and climbing into the machine. It dematerialises.

A Redcoat is thrown into the same prison cell as Jamie. He is confused and thinks he is still in 1745. The Redcoat remembers walking into some mist and finding himself surrounded with guns and vehicles. He was subsequently brought to the prison.

Jamie and the Redcoat escape.

Playable: Jamie, Redcoat soldier, the second Doctor (after the cutscene where the Doctor demands an interview with Jamie), Zoe (after the Jamie interview cutscene), Lady Jennifer Buckingham (after the others climb into the ambulance), Carstairs (after the others climb into the ambulance)

Enemies: Soldiers

Vehicle: Ambulance (after they climb into the ambulance),

Episode Three

Carstairs reverses back into the mist as the Romans approach them. It arrives back in 1917, where the Doctor speculates that the mists are barriers between different time zones and decides there must be a map of the time periods. They return to Smythe's room and the Doctor begins searching for the map. Carstairs gives the Doctor a grenade and the Doctor takes the explosive out to attach it to the lock on a safe. An explosion rings out. A soldier appears; Carstair puts a gun on him. The Doctor has found the map; there's a blank space in the centre and he decides that's where they should be heading.

Smythe reports to a man calling himself the War Chief. He's pleased with recent events. Smythe tells him about the prisoners and their claims to a soldier that they are time travellers and the War Chief orders that they be brought in. However Von Weich enters and tells Smythe that they have escaped. The War Chief orders that Smythe organise a pursuit and puts out a general alert. They must be captured alive.

The Doctor and his friends arrive in 1862 America during the Civil War. The ambulance is stopped by a fallen tree. Carstair asks Jamie to help move it. They are ambushed by soldiers. Carstairs and Jamie fight them off, however reinforcements on horseback arrive.

Playable: Jamie, Redcoat soldier, the second Doctor , Zoe, Lady Jennifer Buckingham, Carstairs

Enemies: Civil War soldiers

Vehicle: Ambulance

Episode Four

At the end of the previous episode, the Doctor and friends found a SIDRAT in the barn and Zoe and the Doctor entered, leaving Jamie and Jennifer behind as it dematerialised.

The Doctor and Zoe explore the ship. Zoe notices that it looks exactly like the TARDIS. She asks the Doctor who the ship could belong to. The Doctor thinks he knows but hopes he isn't right. They find a room full of German soldiers in a trance. In another room are Roman soldiers (again in a trance). The door opens and the Romans leave. Zoe decides they should escape but the Doctor says they should wait until the ship returns to its base.

The War Chief is having an angry conversation with a scientist about a 5% of soldiers breaking from processing and becoming rebellious. He is worried they will form a rebellion. An alarm sounds as Von Weich says via a video screen that Jamie and Jamie have been found but not the Doctor and Zoe.

The SIDRAT returns to its base. The doors open. The controller is wearing a pair of glasses Zoe spotted on the ship. The Doctor and Zoe each put a pair of glasses on and leave the ship to explore.

Playable: The second Doctor, Zoe

Enemies: Soldiers

Boss: The War Chief, Carstairs

Episode Five

Carstairs is called off from killing Zoe by a scientist, however he refuses and insists Zoe is a German spy. Zoe is led away by guards whilst the scientist deals with him.

Zoe is brought into a room where she is interrogated by the Security Chief. He puts an helmet on and aims an eyepiece at her, causing her to instantly tell the truth. The Security Chief is confused when she can't state when she joined the resistance and insists she is from the 21st Century. He asks her how she got here and she explains about the Doctor and his TARDIS.

The Security Chief reports to the War Chief about Zoe; he lies and says she's from 1917 and doesn't mention anything about the TARDIS. Zoe is unconscious. The Doctor bursts in with Carstairs.

Playable: The second Doctor, Carstairs

Enemies: Soldiers

The level ends on a cliffhanger of Jamie and the resistance soldiers arriving in one of the War Chief's machines, only to be shot at by guards.

Chapter 12: The War Games - Part Two

Episode Six

Zoe is scared for Jamie but the Doctor says there's nothing they can do. They run for the processing room.

Playable: The second Doctor, Zoe, Carstairs Jamie (after the second Doctor and Zoe find him)

Enemies: Guards

Episode Seven

At the end of the previous level, the Doctor and friends made it onto a SIDRAT and it began to dematerialise. However the ship's dematerialisation stopped and the Security Chief demanded the Doctor's surrender. The War Chief activated the dimensional controls and threatened to crush them if they don't surrender in thirty seconds.

The Doctor decides to do as the War Chief says and crawls out before he is crushed. However he throws a gas valve onto the ground and alters the dimensional controls back whilst everybody else is coughing and blinded. He returns to the SIDRAT and it dematerialises.

The Security Chief asks the War Chief if he has tracked the machine. He says he will only be able to track where it is once it has landed. The War Lord has arrives. The Security and War Chiefs argue over who is going to greet him. The War Chief leaves to greet the War Lord.

The SIDRAT materialises and the Doctor, Jamie and Carstairs make their way across the countryside.

Playable: The second Doctor, Jamie, Carstairs

Enemies: Romans, Soldiers

Vehicles: SIDRAT

Episode Eight

At the end of the previous level, the Doctor was found by some guards, grabbed and pulled into a SIDRAT as it dematerialised.

The SIDRAT arrives at its headquarters. The Doctor is marched out with the War Lord. The Security Chief uses the truth helmet on the Doctor, trying to get him to admit that the War Chief brought him here. The Security Chief tells him he will be destroyed if he doesn't answer. His mind will only last thirty seconds at this level on the helmet. The War Chief comes in and interrupts him. He admits to the Doctor being a Time Lord like him and that they are immune to the truth helmet; he orders the Doctor's release.

The War Chief tells the Doctor he recognises him despite a change in appearance. He asks the Doctor if he knows the final objective of the War Games. The Doctor doesn't, so the War Chief tells him that he aims to create a super army of the best soldiers from the most aggressive planet as a peace-keeping force. The War Chief says these War Games are to solidify a United Galactic Empire and offers the Doctor a role in it. The War Lord arrives and the War Chief informs him that the Doctor is now on their side.

All the Resistance Fighters are gathered together at the barn. The Doctor appears on the telescreen. He says he has gained control of the machines and that he will send one. Only the Resistance Fighters should enter it. The Resistance Fighters wonder if it is a trap. The machine materialises and the men hide in case guards emerge. They discover it is empty. All but one of the leaders of the resistance enter.

The machine materialises and the Doctor greets them all. The War Chief thanks the Doctor for his assistance.

Playable: Jamie, Zoe, Carstairs, Russell, Arturo 

Enemies: Guards

Boss: The War Chief, The second Doctor

Episode Nine

The War Lord praises the Doctor but is confused as to why he is suddenly on their side. The Doctor says he likes to be on the side that is winning. He says that he can reengineer the processing machines to work on the Resistance Fighters and that they are no longer his friends. The Security Chief goes with the Doctor to the processing room.

The Security Chief and the Doctor visit the resistance fighters and tell them they are going to be processed by the Doctor. He leaves the Doctor alone with them. Jamie pulls the Resistance Leaders off the Doctor, who attempt to fight him. The Doctor says that they were going to have a neutron bomb dropped on them and he was forced to bring them here. They don't believe him and Arturo breaks free of Carstairs, strangling the Doctor. The War Chief enters and saves him.

The Doctor is reprocessing Jamie, convincing him that he is back fighting the Redcoats. The War Chief is pleased with the progress being made and exits. Zoe resists the processing but when she is in the machine the Doctor whispers that it is a ruse. Artruro is next but he fails to realise it's a trick and tries to kill the Doctor. Jamie explains it to him. Zoe spots some guards heading towards them.

Playable: The second Doctor, Jamie, Zoe, Artruro

Enemies: Guards

Episode Ten

At the end of the previous level, the Doctor was forced to call in the Time Lords to help return everyone to their correct times. The Time Lords have utilised a force field that slows down time.

The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe work together to open the TARDIS door despite the time slow down. They crawl in to find it is affecting the TARDIS too. The Doctor dematerialises the TARDIS, breaking the force field. Jamie and Zoe ask why he is running away from his own people. He explains how the Time Lords can live forever barring accidents and have access to time travel but they never use their powers for good. Time Lords aren't supposed to interfere. The TARDIS has been set to materialise on the outermost fringes of the Galaxy however it starts to materialise somewhere early. They end up in the middle of the sea with water seeping in (the Time Lords have broken the defence mechanism in the Doctor's TARDIS). He moves the TARDIS into the middle of space. A mysterious voice tells the Doctor there is no escape and that he must return to Gallifrey immediately. The Doctor reluctantly agrees.

The Doctor and companions emerge to find Time Lords waiting for them.

Playable: The second Doctor, Jamie, Zoe

Enemies: The Time Lords

At the end of the level, the second Doctor is exiled to Earth and asked to choose a face to regenerate into.


The first Doctor - Unlocked during story mode, has a 'cane attack' ability, has hacking and technology abilities

The second Doctor - Unlocked during story mode, can use recorder to make enemies dance, has hacking and technology abilities

Susan Foreman- Unlocked during story mode, has a shrieking ability which enables her to destroy enemies with a scream, has hacking and technology abilities

Barbara Wright- Unlocked during story mode, has historical knowledge ability which can be used to operate ancient items in the past.

Ian Chesterton - Unlocked during story mode, can use tie to reach numerous inaccessible places.

Steven Taylor - Unlocked during story mode, can fly spacecraft.

Dodo Chaplet - Unlocked during story mode, no abilities.

Ben - Unlocked during story mode, no abilities.

Polly - Unlocked during story mode, no ability.

Jamie McCrimmon - Unlocked during story mode, no ability.

Victoria Waterfield - Unlocked during story mode, has same ability as Susan Foreman.

Zoe Heriot - Unlocked during story mode, has hacking and technology abilities

Lethbridge-Stewart (Colonel) - 350,000 studs, complete The Web of Fear, has gun

Lethbridge Stewart (Brigadier) - 350,000 studs, complete The Web of Fear, has gun

Vicki - 250,000 studs, find and destroy all five mice in the record shop, can heal anybody with between one-three hearts left.

Katarina - 150,000 studs, round up all the cavemen in the Cavemen Era, has a stealth ability which allows her to sneak up/past enemies.

Sara Kingdom- 50,000 studs, help her destroy some Daleks in the Dalek City who survived from her undercover mission on Skaro in the first LEGO Doctor Who game, has a gun.

Kal - 50,000 studs, make fire in the Caveman Era, has a club

Old Mother - 50,000 studs, help Old Mother win at Cave Bingo in the Cavemen Era, has a stone knife

Za - 100,000 studs, help Za fight Kal in the Cavemen Era, carries a flaming stick

Hur - 50,000 studs, cure Za in the Caveman Era, can throw a flaming skull at LEGO targets

Horg - 50,000 studs, give Horg a flaming torch in the Caveman Era, carries a flaming torch that can be used to light up hidden areas in levels and freeplay

Temmosus - 50,000 studs, help the Thals gather wood for a campfire, no abilities

Alydon - 250,000 studs, help the Thals grow some crops, has the ability to disguise himself with his cloak to avoid detection and get past security cameras to pull levers for gold bricks

Dyoni - 50,000 studs, help find the wedding cake for Alydon and Dyoni's wedding, has same ability as Alydon

Ganatus - 270,000 studs, help Barbara find her way to the Dalek City and protect her from the Daleks on the way, no abilities

Antodus - 270,000 studs, pull Antodus up from a chasm before he falls, no abilities

Kristas - 30,000 studs, defeat a mutated creature in the swamp on Skaro, no abilities

Elyon - 30,000 studs, fill the water bags at the swamp on Skaro, no abilities

Marco Polo - 350,000 studs, gather six history books for Barbara in 1963 London, carries sword

Tegana - 350,000 studs, take Barbara and her students on a school trip in 1963 London, carries sword

Ping-Cho - 250,000 studs, help a chinese woman in 1960s London escape from an arranged marriage, no abilities

Kublai Khan - 350,000 studs, help Barbara find four lost pages from a history book about Kublai Khan, can play backgammon on backgammon spots in levels to claim access to hidden areas

Chenchu - 150,000 studs, help a 1960s office manager find his briefcase, carries sword

Malik - 150,000 studs, help some 1960s police officers catch a thief, carries sword

Acomat - 150,000 studs, help some 1960s police officers catch the thief from earlier who broke out from prison, carries sword

Ling-Tau - 150,000 studs, help a 1960s postman deliver post, no abilities

Wang-Lo - 50,000 studs, help a 1960s resident find his lost postal package, no abilities

Kuiju - 100,000 studs, stop a thief from stealing a 1960s woman's purse, carries sword

Vizier - 50,000 studs, help a record shop manager find eight records in 1960s London, no abilities

Yeng - 20,000 studs, help a 1960s estate agent round up the people who he is supposed to be showing around a property, no abilities

Carl Tyler - 100,000 studs, help an injured Zarbi on Vortis, no abilities

David Campbell - 350,000 studs, defeat the Animus on Vortis, no abilities

Dortmun - 150,000 studs, help mend a Menoptera's broken wings, can throw bombs at LEGO targets

Jenny - 150,000 studs, help Ian Chesterton find eight pieces of homework in 1960s London, can use her organisational abilities to solve puzzles by arranging things into the right order

Craddock - 50,000 studs, help Ian Chesterton fight Robomen in 1960s London, no abilities

Thomson - 50,000 studs, help Ian and Barbara fight an army of Daleks in 1960s London, no abilities

Baker - 50,000 studs, save a Thal from extermination on Skaro, no abilties

Larry Madison - 80,000 studs, help the first Doctor find his way to Coal Hill School up to pick up Susan whilst fighting Daleks along the way, no abilities

Wells - 50,000 studs, collect six potatoes on Skaro for the Thals, can use a watering can to grow crops

Ashton - 30,000 studs, find four pieces of jewellery for Ashton in the Moonbase, no abilities

King of Hearts - 50,000 studs, complete a General Knowledge quiz about Kings on the planet Gond, can team with the Celestial Toymaker's other pawns to stack on-top of them and reach high areas

Queen of Hearts - 50,000 studs, complete a General Knowledge quiz about Queens on the planet Gond, can team with the Celestial Toymaker's other pawns to stack on-top of them and reach high areas

Knave of hearts - 50,000 studs, help clean the Moonbase, can team with the Celestial Toymaker's other pawns to stack on-top of them and reach high areas

Joker - 50,000 studs, sit in a deadly chair in the TARDIS, can team with the Celestial Toymaker's other pawns to stack on-top of them and reach high areas

General Cutler - 100,000 studs, seal the Moonbase from a Cyberman attack, carries a gun

Glyn Williams - 50,000 studs, set off three rockets on the Moon, no abilities

John Dyson, 70,000 studs, fix a stupid broken machine belonging to Tobias Vaughn in 1960s London, has hacking and technology abilities due to him being an engineer

Tito - 50,000 studs, find the Doctor on the Moonbase, carries a gun

Sergeant - 30,000 studs, help Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart round up his soldiers in 1960s London, carries a gun

Joe - 50,000 studs, help a caveman find his club in the Cavemen Era, carries a gun

Barclay - 70,000 studs, fix the pipes on the Moonbase, can use computer terminals

Haines - 70,000 studs, help fix a car in 1960s London, has the ability to fix things with a spanner in levels

Lesterson - 100,000 studs, pick up five cups of tea from the Daleks' suckers on Skaro, can use computer terminals

Janley - 30,000 studs, lead a rebellion against the Dalek servants on Skaro, carries a gun

Resno - 20,000 studs, lead a rebellion against the Dalek servants on Skaro, no abilities

Quinn - 50,000 studs, lead a rebellion against the Dalek servants on Skaro, no abilities

Klieg - 70,000 studs, learn how to decipher logic patterns on Planet Gond, can use terminals in levels to access logic pattern minigames

Viner - 30,000 studs, return the Cybermen to their new tombs on Vortis, no abilities

Captain Hopper - 70,000 studs, help an Ice Warrior find its collapsed spaceship on the Moon, can use special panels to start engines of crashed spaceships

Jim Callum - 50,000 studs, kill 15 Cybermen in the Moonbase, carries a gun

Toberman - 80,000 studs, destroy 10 silver LEGO crates, has super strength that can be used to pull/carry heavy objects

Staff Sergeant Arnold - 80,000 studs, kill 20 Yetis in the London Underground in 1960s London, carries a gun

Staff Sergeant Arnold (possessed) - 80,000 studs, kill 20 Yetis in the London Underground in 1960s London, carries a gun

Corporal Blake - 80,000 studs, kill 20 Yetis in the London Underground in 1960s London, carries a gun.

Craftsman Weams - 80,000 studs, kill 20 Yetis in the London Underground in 1960s London, carries a gun.

Driver Evans - 50,000 studs, help Driver Evans stop the guy who stole his ammunition truck in 1960s London, no abilities

Anne Travers - 100,000 studs, help Anne find her father Professor Travers in 1960s London, has hacking and technology abilities

Professor Travers - 150,000 studs, help Professor Travers find three missing Yeti orbs in 1960s London, has hacking and technology abilities due to him being an engineer

Professor Travers (possessed) - 150,000 studs, help Professor Travers find three missing Yeti orbs in 1960s London, has hacking and technology abilities due to him being an engineer

Chorley - 10,000 studs, embark on Chorley's tour of 1960s London whilst fighting off Yeti along the way, no abilities

Jamie McCrimmon (Mind Robber Face) - 300,000 studs, play the sliding puzzle minigame on the Planet Gond, no ability

The Karkus - 250,000 studs, find six lost comic books in 1960s London and return them to the teenage fanboy, has super-strength ability and can also use his laser beam to destroy gold LEGO objects

Rapunzel - 250,000 studs, help a young mother find three childrens' story books for her young child in 1960s London, can use her long hair to reach previously inaccessible locations

Gulliver - 150,000 studs, build three cave drawings of Gulliver's Travels on a cave wall in the Cavemen Era, can use language terminals to access previously hidden areas

Lady Jennifer Buckingham - 100,000 studs, kill six Zarbi on the planet Vortis, has hacking and technology abilities

Redcoat Soldier - 30,000 studs, help defend a caveman from a rival tribe in the Cavemen Era, carries a gun

Carstairs - 30,000 studs, help defend a caveman from a rival tribe in the Cavemen Era, carries a gun

Civil War soldier - 25,000 studs, help defend a caveman from a rival tribe in the Cavemen Era, carries a gun

Roman soldier - 20,000 studs, help defend a caveman from a rival tribe in the Cavemen Era, carries a sword

Arturo - 30,000 studs, help defend a caveman from a rival tribe in the Cavemen Era, carries a gun

Dalek - 800,000 studs, exterminate thirty Daleks by climbing inside a Dalek travel machine on Skaro, can exterminate enemies and control Dalek machinery with its eggwhisk

Roboman - 50,000 studs, kill 20 Robomen on Skaro, carries a gun

Slyther - 100,000 studs, prepare a meal for the cavemen in the Cavemen Era, can eat objects to uncover secret areas

Joey The Clown - 50,000 studs, gather the clowns together to practice for the circus in 1960s London, can go into 'doll form' in order to avoid detection by security cameras and access leavers

Clara The Clown - 50,000 studs, gather the clowns together to practice for the circus in 1960s London, can go into 'doll form' in order to avoid detection by security cameras and access leavers

The Celestial Toymaker - 350,000 studs, help the Celestial Toymaker find five toys that escaped from his toy box on the Moon, can create illusions to trick enemies

Cyberman - 750,000 studs, kill thirty Cybermen on the Moonbase, can upgrade enemies and other players into Cybermen. Also has hacking and technology abilities.

Cybermat - 500,000 studs, help a Cyberman find five of his Cybermats on the Moon, can access small hatches to reach previously inaccessible areas

Cyber Controller - 780,000 studs, help the Cyber Controller bring together five of his Cybermen for an essential upgrade, can upgrade enemies and other players into Cybermen. Also has hacking and technology abilities.

Yeti - 400,000 studs, find the Yeti using the public toilets in 1960s London, has super-strength ability and can spray web on silver LEGO objects to destroy them

Robot - 30,000 studs, destroy ten robots on the Moon, has hacking and technology abilities

Medusa - 250,000 studs, help a sculptor find six statues in 1960s London, can turn enemies to stone

The Master of the Land - 300,000 studs, find five missing pages from an avid book reader's book in 1960s London, has hacking and technology abilities

War Lord - 400,000 studs, round up seven Roman soldiers seemingly hanging out in 1960s London and use the TARDIS in a one-off trip to return them to Ancient Rome, has mind control, hacking and technology abilities

War Chief - 400,000 studs, round up seven Roman soldiers seemingly hanging out in 1960s London and use the TARDIS in a one-off trip to return them to Ancient Rome, has mind control, hacking and technology abilities

Time Lord - 1,000,000,000 - 400,000 studs, round up seven Roman soldiers seemingly hanging out in 1960s London and use the TARDIS in a one-off trip to return them to Ancient Rome, has hacking and technology abilities


60s Car - Unlocked the first time you drive one on the street in 1960s London

60s Van - Unlocked the first time you drive one on the street in 1960s London

60s Bus - Unlocked the first time you drive one on the street in 1960s London

Ian's Car - 50,000 studs

Dalek Travel Machine - 350,000 studs, gives you the ability to exterminate anyone in your path

Marco Polo's Caravan - 50,000 studs

Dalek Saucer - 200,000 studs

Cyber-ship - 200,000 studs

Ammunition Truck - 50,000 studs

TV News Van - 30,000 studs

WW2 Ambulance - 70,000 studs

SIDRAT - 150,000 studs

DLC Packs

John And Gillian Level Pack - The Klepton Parasites

Based on a comic strip story from the 60s magazine TV Comic.

John and Gillian meet their grandfather on Earth - the Doctor. They travel with him in the TARDIS, which arrives on the planet Karff* where the Kleptons are attacking a peaceful species known as the Thains.

Playable: First Doctor (Comic), John, Gillian

The visuals in this level are made to look like playing through a comic book.

*The planet's name is made up for the level as its name isn't specified in the comic

The Quadrigger Stoyn Trilogy Character Pack

Characters: Quadrigger Stoyn, Archaeon, the fourth Doctor, the first Romana, the second Romana, the third Romana

The Monsters Character Pack

Characters: Zarbi, Menoptera, Ice Warrior, Voord, Kroton, Dominator

The Villains Character Pack

Characters: Salamander, Forester, Captain Trask, Nero, Maurice Caven, Cassandra

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