LEGO Doctor who II is a lego videogame. Its the sequel to LEGO Doctor who the videogame. Play through the third and fourth seasons of doctor who in this game.

playable characters

1 the doctor (tenth doctor)

2 Donna Noble (wedding dress)

3 Martha Jones

4 William Shakespeare

5 Martha Jones (doctor)

6 Jack Harkness

7 Astrid Peth

8 Donna Noble

9 Rose Tyler

10 Jenny

unlockable characters

1 the master (Professor Yana)

2 the master (Harold Saxon)

3 Lilith (human)

4 Lilith (witch)

5 Lucy Saxon

6 Francine Jones

7 Clive Jones

8 the doctor (aged and ancient)

9 Max Capricorn

10 Midshipman Frames

11 Jackie Tyler

12 Micky Smith

13 Gwen Cooper

14 Ianto Jones

15 heavenly host angel

16 adipose

17 ood

18 the wasp

19 General Cobb

20 Cline


1 the tardis

2 the titanic


1 the sonic screwdriver

2 the laser screwdriver

3 the sonic pen

4 Gwen Coopers machine gun

5 Ianto Jones machine gun

6 Jacks ray gun

7 Lucys pistol

8 heavenly host halo

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