LEGO Dr. Horrible is a game that follows the Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog movie.

Los Angeles

This is the main hub of the game. You can go to many places found in Los Angeles from here as well as the Laundromat, Dr. Horrible's Lair, the park, the broadcasting studio and the Caring Hands Homeless Shelter.


Act I

Transmatter Plan

Summary: Dr. Horrible hatches a plan to steal gold bricks from a bank vault using his Transmatter Ray. At the bank, fight off security and gain access to the gold bricks.

Characters: Dr. Horrible (Transmatter Ray), 2Sly4U

Location: Bank

Enemies: Security Guard

Boss: Deputy Mayor (3 Hearts)

With My Freeze Ray...

Summary: Singing of the girl at the laundromat, Dr. Horrible fantasizes about Penny while doing laundry. Collect all the clothes utilizing the Freeze Ray.

Characters: Billy (Red Shirt), Penny (Pajamas)

Location: Laundromat

Enemies: Laundromat Woman, Landromat Man, Laundromat Staff

Boss: None

Letter From Bad Horse

Summary: Moist stops by Dr. Horrible's lab. Collect the mail then help set up Dr. Horrible's video camera. Then, fight off the cowboys when they burst in, conveying the message from Bad Horse.

Characters: Dr. Horrible, Moist

Location: Dr. Horrible's Lair

Enemies: Cowboy, Cowboy (Orange)

Boss: Cowboy (Black)

A Major Heist

Summary: Sneak through the streets and back alleys and find the armored truck. Attach a device to it to control it. During the vehicle portion, drive it through the streets, avoiding the police.

Characters: Billy, Moist

Vehicles: Armored Truck (Controlled), Armored Truck

Location: LA Streets

Enemies: Wonderflonium Guard, Police Car

Boss: Captain Hammer (3 Hearts)

A Man's Gotta Do...

Summary: Captain Hammer now on the scene, battle him atop the stolen car. Fix the remote to stop the van and save Penny. Square off against Captain Hammer in the alley, ushering the Wonderflonium out of the van when he is distracted.

Characters: Dr. Horrible, Moist

Location: LA Streets

Enemies: Wonderflonium Guard, Policeman, Policewoman

Boss: Captain Hammer (3 Hearts), Captain Hammer (6 Hearts)

Act II

My Eyes

Summary: Stalking the dates of Penny and Captain Hammer, make your way into the soup kitchen. At the park, observe Penny and Captain Hammer from a distance. Scare off the ducks for a clearer view.

Characters: Billy (Jacket), Moist

Location: LA Streets, Soup Kitchen, Park

Enemies: Homeless Man, Homeless Woman

Boss: None

Superhero Memorial Bridge

Summary: Crash the Mayor's unveiling of a new bridge. Fight off the police and Captain Hammer when he enters the battle.

Characters: Dr. Horrible, Moist

Location: Superhero Memorial Bridge

Enemies: Policeman, Policewoman

Boss: Captain Hammer (4 Hearts)

Keep Your Head Up

Summary: Fight off the cowboys as they deliver another message from Bad Horse. At the Laundromat, find all of the missing clothes. Face Captain Hammer when he enters.

Characters: Billy (Brown), Penny (Flower Top)

Location: Dr. Horrible's Lair, Laundromat

Enemies: Cowboy, Cowboy (Orange), Laundromat Man, Laundromat Woman

Boss: Cowboy (Black) (3 Hearts), Captain Hammer (6 Hearts)

Brand New Day

Summary: In Dr. Horrible's lair, replay the memories of him and Captain Hammer by launching darts at the dart board. Defeat Captain Hammer each time you face him. Then, build a Death Ray in the lair.

Characters: Dr. Horrible, Moist

Location: Dr. Horrible's Lair, LA Streets

Enemies: Groupies

Boss: Captain Hammer (3 Hearts), Captain Hammer (3 Hearts), Captain Hammer (5 Hearts)

The Sun is High

Summary: Imagining himself a giant, crash through the streets of LA. Find Captain Hammer and crush him beneath the boot.

Characters: Dr. Horrible, Moist

Location: Tiny LA Streets

Enemies: None

Boss: Captain Hammer (3 Hearts)


So They Say

Summary: Tinker with the Death Ray and make sure it is ready for the final showdown. In the Pink Pummeler's house, find a phone to contact Dr. Horrible.

Characters: Dr. Horrible, Moist (Stripped), Pink Pummeler

Location: Dr. Horrible's Lair, Pink Pummeler's House

Enemies: None

Boss: None

A Hero Leading the Way

Summary: Its time to report on the opening of the Caring Hands Homeless Shelter, but the news room is in disrepair. Fix everything up for shooting. Repel the CaptaIn Hammer Groupies.

Characters: News Anchor (Male), News Anchor (Female)

Location: Broadcasting Studio

Enemies: Groupies

Boss: None

He's Still Not Picking Up

Summary: With Dr. Horrible a recluse in his planning, Moist and Pink Pummeler set out to find him in his lair.

Characters: Moist (Stripped), Pink Pummeler

Location: LA Streets

Enemies: Policeman, Policewoman, Groupies

Boss: None

Everyone's A Hero

Summary: Back stage, ready the Caring Hands Building for everyone to gather there.

Characters: Penny (Event), Mayor

Location: Caring Hands Homeless Shelter

Enemies: Groupies

Boss: None

No Mercy

Summary: Dr. Horrible froze Captain Hammer with his freeze ray. Clear the crowd out of the way to reach Captain Hammer. When unfrozen, Captain Hammer retaliates and steals the Death Ray. Take down your nemesis once and for all.

Characters: Dr. Horrible (Death Ray), Penny (Event)

Location: Caring Hands Homeless Shelter

Enemies: Security Guard, Policeman, Policewoman, Groupies

Boss: Captain Hammer (Death Ray) (6 Hearts)

Characters (62)

  • Dr. Horrible
  • Dr. Horrible (Transmatter Ray)
  • Dr. Horrible (Stun Ray)
  • Dr. Horrible (Death Ray)
  • Dr. Horrible (Evil League of Evil)
  • Dr. Horrible (Soup Server)
  • Billy
  • Billy (Red Shirt)
  • Billy (Jacket)
  • Billy (Gray)
  • Billy (Brown)
  • Penny
  • Penny (Pajamas)
  • Penny (Jeans)
  • Penny (Evening)
  • Penny (Park)
  • Penny (Green)
  • Penny (Flower Top)
  • Penny (Dark Red)
  • Penny (Event)
  • Moist
  • Moist (Stripped)
  • Captain Hammer
  • Captain Hammer (Death Ray)
  • Bad Horse
  • Pink Pummeler
  • Purple Pimp
  • Conflict Diamond
  • Fake Thomas Jefferson
  • Tie-Die
  • Dead Bowie
  • Fury Leika
  • Snake Bite
  • Professor Normal
  • Bait
  • Switch
  • Hourglass
  • 2Sly4U
  • Johnny Snow
  • Dead-Not-Sleeping
  • Soup Server
  • Ghandi
  • Deputy Mayor
  • Mayor
  • News Anchor (Male)
  • News Anchor (Female)
  • Tourist
  • Mover
  • Mover (Bald)
  • Captain Hammer Groupie
  • Captain Hammer Groupie (Green)
  • Dr. Horrible Groupie
  • Groupie (Male)
  • Groupie (Dr. Horrible)
  • Groupie (Female)
  • Groupie (Green)
  • Groupie (Dr. Horrible Shirt)
  • Camera Man
  • Bum
  • Psychiatrist
  • Blue Hat Man

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