Policy still under construction.

Here at LEGO Fanon Wiki, we want everybody to be able to share their customized content in any way we can allow. Here are some guidelines we'd like you to read before editing and chatting:

Creating Pages

We allow any kind of fanfiction, including stories, sets, minifigures, video games, and themes. Make sure to keep content kid friendly; please do not submit any content with bad language. Also, make sure to write articles in English. Depending on the kind of page you are creating, you can use one of five categories, listed here:

  • Category:Video Games for video games
  • Category:Themes for themes
  • Category:Stories for stories
  • Category:Minifigures for minifigures
  • Category:Sets for sets
  • Category:Songs for songs.


You can edit any article that needs improvement, such as grammar, deleting "Add a photo", deleting or adding categories. Read above for the Creating Pages policy.


Basic Categories

Besides the categories listed in the Creating Pages section, other categories allowed are listed below:

  • Category:Stubs for short articles that need more content.
  • Category:Articles Without Images for articles without images.
  • Category:Articles by <username> for articles that you make, insert your username.
  • Category:<insert major theme> for articles that have to do with a major LEGO theme. Insert whatever theme it is as the category. E.g. Lord of the Rings or Star Wars.

Official Categories

Official categories are only permitted to be used by admins/rollbacks.

  • Category:User created categories.

Please do not add any other categories. If you have a category suggestions, please leave a message on one of the admins' talk pages.


To preserve a safe chat, and prevent chat invasions, we require you to make ten edits before chatting. Once you have done that, you are free to come on.

When on chat, please be considerate of others and treat them as you want to be treated. No bad language, racial slurs, or suggestive comments will be tolerated.

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