LEGO Five Kingdoms the Video Game is a LEGO game based off the Five Kingdoms books. The game will be released on 5/13/18 for the Wii U, PS4, Xbox One and 3DS.


The game is based off the four books in the series so far being Sky Raiders, The Rogue Knight, Crystal Keepers, and Death Weavers. The main playable characters are Cole, Mira, Jace, Twitch (chapters one and two) Joe (chapters three and four) Hunter (second half of chapter 3 and chapter four) and Dalton (after chapter 2) The game features over 45 characters, most of who you find the character token for and must buy at Token Mart at the hub. Sub missions include searching for Red Bricks, Golden Artifacts, the character tokens and acquiring the True Shaper status.

List of levels

Sky Raiders

A Party to Die For

Playable Characters: Cole (Costume) Dalton (Costume and Jenna (Costume)

Boss: Ansel (3 Hearts)

Locations: Haunted House and Basement

Vehicles: None

Objectives: Go through the haunted house, go through the basement, and defeat Ansel

Cutscenes: 4

Enter the Outskirts

Playable Characters: Cole (Costume)

Boss: Ansel (1 Heart)

Locations: Basement, Outskirts Entrance and Caravan

Vehicles: None

Objectives: Get into the sewer entrance, go through the Outskirts Entrance, sneak around the Caravan and defeat Ansel

Cutscenes: 4

To Raid a Castle

Playable Characters: Cole (Shawl) and Semblance

Boss: Scorpionpede (10 Hearts)

Locations: The Brink, Skyport, Sky Boat, and Sky Castle

Vehicles: Horses and Sky Boat

Objectives: Get to Skyport on horses, equip yourself, fix the Sky Boat engine, sail to the Sky Castle, sneak through the Sky Castle and defeat the Scorpionpede.

Cutscenes: 7

The Five Trials

Playable Characters: Cole (Sky Raider) Mira (Sky Raider) Durny (Sky Raider) and Lyrus (Shawl)

Boss: Cyclops (5 Hearts)

Locations: Sky Boat, Sky Castle, Sky Castle Courtyard, Sky Castle Caves and The Sky.

Vehicles: Sky Boat and Sky Coffin

Objectives: Sail to the Sky Castle, talk to Lyrus, defeat the Cyclops, scavenge Floatstones and sail back to Skyport

Cutscenes: 6

Beyond the Cloudwalls

Playable Characters: Cole (Sky Raider) Mire (Sky Raider) Jace (Sky Raider) Twitch (Sky Raider) and Lyrus (Sentient)

Boss: Joe MacFarland (2 Hearts)

Locations: Skyport, Sky Boat, The Sky, Cloudwall and Cloudvale

Vehicles: Sky Boat

Objectives: Escape the legionnaires, sail to the Cloudwall, go through the Cloudwall, escape the vortex, and talk to Declan

Cutscenes: 6

Wonders of the World

Playable Characters: Cole, Mira (Flail), Jace, Twitch and Amanda

Boss: Plastic Dinosaur (3 Hearts)

Locations: Cloudvale, Quiet Wood, Brady's Wilderness and Middlebranch

Vehicles: Autocoach

Objectives: Receive Declan's gifts, go through Quiet Wood, defeat the Plastic Dinosaur, escape the skeletons, and go to Middlebranch

Cutscenes: 6

It Would Take a Miracle

Playable Characters: Cole, Mira (Flail) Jace, Twitch (RIng) and Liam

Boss: Carnag (15 Hearts)

Locations: Middlebranch, Wilderness and Carnag

Vehicles: Autcoach and Flying Disc

Objectives: Learn about Carnag, go to Wilderness, fight Carnag, defeat Carnag

Cutscenes: 5

The Rogue Knight

Crystal Keepers

Death Weavers

List of characters


Sambrian Shaping (Use of Sambrian shaping pads)

Elloweer Shaping (Use of Elloweer shaping pads)

Zeropolis Shaping (Use of Zeropolis shaping terminals and pads)

Necronum Shaping (Use of Necronum shaping pads and can talk to spirits)

Raw Shaping (Can use all types of shaping pads and Raw Shaping pads)

Shapecrafted Shaping (Can use Shapecrafted Shaping pads)

Sword (Can activate sword switches and is more effective in combat)

Super Jump (Can target an area and jump to there)

Invisiblity (Can make enemies and patrols not notice you)

Grapple (Can pull an object, pull you upward, swing across gaps and climb walls)

Flight (Can fly around)

Hover (Can temporarily hover)



Normal: Sword (Jumping Sword) and Super Jump (Jumping Sword)

Costume: None

Sky Raider: Sword (Jumping Sword) and Super Jump (Jumping Sword)

Elloweer : Sword (Jumping Sword)

Zeropolis: Sword (Jumping Sword)

Shaping: Sword (Jumping Sword) Super Jump (Jumping Sword) and Raw Shaping (Raw Shaping Power)

Shapecraft: Sword (Jumping Sword) and Shapecrafted Shaping (Shapecraft Barriers)

Servant: Sword (Jumping Sword)

Shawl: Invisibility (Shawl)


Normal: Elloweer Shaping (Shaping Powers)

Costume: None

Zeropolis: None

Necronum: None


Normal: Necronum Shaping (Shaping Powers)

Costume: None


Normal: Sword (Knife)


Normal: None


Normal: Sword (Jumping Sword) and Super Jump (Jumping Sword)

Sky Raider: Sword (Jumping Sword) and Super Jump (Jumping Sword)

Shaper: Sword (Jumping Sword) Super Jump (Jumping Sword) and Sambrian Shaping (Shaping Power)

Servant: Sword (Jumping Sword)

Elloweer: Sword (Jumping Sword)

Zeropolis: Sword (Jumping Sword)

Necronum: Sword (Jumping Sword)


Normal: Grapple (Golden Rope)

Sky Raider: Grapple (Golden Rope)

Elloweer: None

Zeropolis: None

Necronum: None


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