LEGO Flying Boy: Season 1 is a video game based on Sean Wheeler's book series..


The game covers Sean Wheeler's first 10 books: The Flying Boy, Toon Girl, Rubber Girl, Fairy Girl, Flying Boy 2: Amy's Flight, The Fires of Anita Flame, Shadow Sisters, Star Wheel Crew, The Mermaid of Lake Michigan, and The Justicers.


  • Fly - Usable by characters capable of flying such as Jeremy Floeter. The Jump button ascends while the Special button descends.
  • Stretch - Exclusive to Katie Elaz, could stretch to pull orange hooks similar to Indy's whip.
  • Gun - Used by Demi Paigne and cops, could shoot targets.
  • Shapeshifter - Used by Alice Parker, could shapeshift into other female characters. Her brother has that ability, but shapeshifts to male characters.
  • Intangibility - Used by Emma Shadow. Could walk through certain walls.