LEGO Flying Boy: Season 1 is a video game based on Sean Wheeler's series, the flying boy.


The game covers the entire first season. The first level is The Space Center. It shows how Jeremy Floeter gets his flying ability. Then it goes all through to the season finale.


  • Fly - Usable by Jeremy Floeter and anyone who drinks the Anti-Gravity Potion - Could fly. The Jump button ascends while the Special button descends.
  • Stretch - Exclusive to Katie Stretchypants, could stretch to pull orange hooks similar to Indy's whip.
  • High Jump - Usable by Amy Simpson, could jump to higher places. Use is nerfed in Free Play by Fly.
  • Gun - Used by Demi Paigne and cops, could shoot targets.
  • Shapeshifter - Used by Alice Parker, could shapeshift into other female characters. Her brother has that ability, but shapeshifts to male characters.
  • Intangibility - Used by Emma Shadow. Could walk through certain walls.

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