This game will feature 9 chapters. Based off the 1st 9 movies. The chapters are Friday The 13th, Pt. 2, Pt. 3, Pt. 4, A New Beginning and so on.


The hub is Camp Crystal Lake. You can go to the counselors office to build a custom character, Cabin 1 to enter chapter 1, Cabin 2 for Chapter 2, Cabin 3 for Chapter 3, Cabin 4 for Chapter 4,5 for 5, 6 for 6, 7 for 7, 8 for 8, and 9 for 9. The lake is where you can enter canoes and go to the Villain Mode (or "Jason Mode") Chapters.

Chapter 1 - Friday The 13th

Jason Voorhes

A group of bullies attack Jason at the lake, and he has to fight him off. After the fight, he is shoved into the lake, where he drowns.

Level type: Brawl

Playable: Jason Voorhes (Young)

Unlockable: Bully, Campp Counselor

A Day In The Woods

A young girl goes out into the woods, but finds out somebody's stalking her. She tries to outrun Jason, but finds out its no use.

Level type: Chase

Playable: Camper

Unlockable: Camper

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