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LEGO Ghostbusters: The Video Game
Lego GhostBusters logo






Traveller's Tales


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Date Released

July 20, 2016


Action, adventure


Single player, simultaneous two player


E 10+


Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Windows PC

LEGO Ghostbusters: The Video Game is a LEGO Video Game based off of the films, Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II.


LEGO Ghostbusters: The Video Game allows you to play as each Ghostbuster from the original Ghostbusters movies. Save New York City from Gozer the Destroyer and even do some ghost busting of your own. Expand your gameplay with the Ghostbusters 2016 reboot DLC pack which includes more characters, vehicles and a all new level!


  • Bill Murray - Peter Venkman (archive recording)
  • Dan Aykroyd - Raymond "Ray" Stantz (archive recording)
  • Harold Ramis - Egon Spengler (archive recording)
  • Ernie Hudson - Winston Zeddemore (archive recording)
  • Sigourney Weaver - Dana Barrett (archive recording)
  • Rick Moranis - Louis Tully (archive recording)
  • Annie Potts - Janine Melnitz (archive recording)
  • Michael Ensign - Hotel Manager (archive recording)
  • Andre Sogliuzzo - Vigo
  • William Atherton - Walter Peck (archive recording)
  • Paddi Edwards - Gozer (archive recording)
  • Frank Welker - Slimer, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
  • Harrison Ray - Terror Dog
  • Ruth Oliver - Library Ghost (archive recording)
  • Melissa McCarthy - Abby Yates
  • Kate McKinnon - Jillian Holtzmann
  • Leslie Jones - Patty Tolan
  • Kristen Wiig - Erin Gilbert
  • Chris Hemsworth - Kevin


Story Characters

Name Weapons Abilities Image
Peter Venkman
  • Proton Pack
  • PKE Meter
  • Ghost Trap
  • Walkie Talkie
  • Cut through gold LEGO walls
  • Destroy gold LEGO
  • Walk through toxic goo and ghost slime
  • Scan for ghosts
  • Capture ghosts
  • Suspend ghosts
  • Communicate with other Ghostbusters
  • Use Ghostbusters panels
Peter Venkman

More to be added. . .

DLC Characters

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