LEGO Guitar Hero is a video-game similar to LEGO Rock Band. It has 5 "concerts" in each chapter. Each chapter is based off one band. There are 5 chapters. The gameplay is the same as Guitar Hero, except different types of levels, and when you play each song, the circle-shapes that you press A on to make music notes are replaced with LEGO studs.


The Hub is Hollywood, and you can visit the studios to see cinematics from the game, and go to the Hollywood souvenier shop to buy new characters, mini-games (extra songs) and more places in Hollywood to visits.

Chapter 1 - 3 Doors Down

Backstage Face-Off

Takes place at a gig in a night-club for Battle of the Bands. After 3 Doors Down wins back the crowd from the rival bands music, the rival band tries to attack 3 Doors Down while they are getting ready to leave.

Playable: Brad Arnold, Matt Roberts

Song: Kryptonite

Boss(es): Rival Band

Level Type: Fight

Concert Riot

Takes place at yet another night-club for Battle of the Bands. After refusing to do an enchore because they are too exhausted, 3 Doors Down finds themselves in the middle of a concert riot. The hard part: getting to the van.

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