Just a Start. - Complete "Meet the Dursleys"

Is There a Giant Wasp in Here? - Complete "Hagrid Returns"

To Snape or Not to Snape? - Complete "Back to Hogwarts Castle"

He is the Death Eater. - Complete "Death Eater Trouble"

What a House-Elf! - Complete "Freeing Dobby"

You're Gonna Buy Some Clothes. - Complete "Hop to Madam Malkin's Shop"

Don't Forget to Excuse Yourself. - Complete "Aberforth's Plan"

Is There a Death Eater in the House? - Complete "Tom Riddle Returns"

Yaxley Strikes Again! - Complete "Yaxley Battle"

I Can't Make Mistakes. - Complete "Umbridge Gets a Job"

Will You Marry Me? - Complete "Wedding Stinks"

Come Back Here, You Stupid Death Eater! - Complete "Tom Riddle Comes Back Again"

The House-Elf Comes Back. - Complete "Dobby Returns"

I Hate Giant Trolls. - Complete "Visiting Grawp"

Back Off, You Ugly Death Eater Werewolf! - Complete "Back to the Burrow"

The Death Eater has Gone? - Complete "The End of Tom Riddle"

Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff Return to Hogwarts! - Complete the bonus level

I am the greatest wizard ever. - Complete the game to 100%

Now that's a ten billion coin pack! - Collect 10,000,000,000 studs

Join all the people! - Unlock all characters

You've learned all lessons? - Complete all the lessons

10 lashes be owed. - As Lucius Malfoy, break Ron Weasley 10 times

Ho-ho-ho! - Play a level with the extra "Christmas" turned on

What a doll! - Unlock all Hermione Granger characters

That's what I call a lot of gold! - Collect all Gold bricks

Got the parcel! - Collect all the red bricks

A mixed-up wizard will be guaranteed. - Create a customized character

Is it on? - Use the Deluminator

Ooooh, it's the ghoooost! - Unlock all the ghost characters

Take that, you dumb Death Eater! - Defeat Tom Riddle with Lucius Malfoy in a duel

I'm just too old for the duel. - Defeat Tom Riddle with Aberforth Dumbledore in a duel

Scram, you vines! - As Professor Snape, destroy 15 Devil's Snare plants with Lumos spell

Wizard drama? - Unlock all the wizard characters

Join the Weasley family! - Unlock every Weasley

Nice coins of ghost! - Collect 100 ghost studs

Tom Riddle is the worst Death Eater ever? - Unlock all the Death Eater characters

Gone with the barrel. - Hide in a barrel with every character

Students saved! - Rescue all students in peril

The wizard goes oopsie-daisy. - Play a level with all extras turned on

I've scared you away! - Scare 30 students with a ghost character

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