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Dobby - 438DDY

Madam Malkin - UEUUEU

Death Eater - DEATH9

Fenrir Greyback - FNRIR6

Vernon Dursley - 2WWWA7

Harry Potter (Green Jacket) - HP1230

Molly Weasley - 99118T

Tom Riddle - BELL53

Bellatrix Lestrange - IWQQJ7

Ravenclaw Boy - DOODOO

Draco Malfoy (Suit) - DM0321

Hermione Granger (Ballgown) - 18FDFW

Luna Lovegood - LOVE28

Mrs. Figg - FIGG01

Ron Weasley (Wedding) - BEDLAM

Hagrid - HGRID4

James Potter (Ghost) - XL0406

Fat Friar - FATFRR

Michael Corner - 89E2VQ

Wizard (Grey) - GREY72

Mad-Eye Moody - YZSASS

Nearly Headless Nick - FILLL5

Yaxley - P8820W

Fang - DOGGY3

Colin Creevey - OXOXOX

Lily Potter (Ghost) - BQQ171

Ginny Weasley (Purple Jumper) - 972E9G


Score x2 - 222222

Score x4 - 444444

Score x6 - 666666

Score x8 - 888888

Score x10 - 101010

Extra Hearts - MN1KKC

Disguises - DISGYZ

Carrot Wands - BLABLA

Collect Ghost Studs - QZQZ3B

Invincibility - FFF7F2

Christmas - HOHOHO

Always Score Multiply - MULTI4

Fall Rescue - OYEE29

Character Token Detector - PERSON

Gold Brick Detector - GOLD55

Red Brick Detector - RED206

Hogwarts Crest Detector - CREST8

Stud Magnet - STUDMG

Fast Magic - FAST31

Character Studs - VXX7Q6

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