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LEGO Hellboy is an upcoming videogame based on the Hellboy movies and the Hellboy comics.

The Game Hub

The game hub is the B.P.R.D. Here the Player can acssess levels by viewing mission files in the mission room. The player can also customize their own characters in the the medical tubes (the same ones that abe sapien was in after his encounter with Sammael. The Player can also travel to the troll market where monsters and other enemies recide.

Hellboy Begins

When a great evil from his past returns Hellboy must fight to save the world from total destruction.

Chapter 1:Project Ragna Rok

Summary: A team of allied soldiers lead by a young Trevor Broom head to an island off the coast of Scotland where Nazi scientists lead by Gregori Rasputin are constructing a machine that will open a portal to another dimension which accidently released a small red deamon, Hellboy.

Characters: Proffesor Broom (Young), General

Enemies: Nazi Soldiers, Nazi Scientists

Boss: Kroenen (Nazi)

Chapter 2: Welcome to the B.P.R.D

Summary: John Myers arrives at the B.P.R.D to start his new job as an agent.

Characters: John Myers, Proffesor Broom

Enemies: None

Boss: None

Chapter 3: Chasing Sammael

Summary: Hellboy and the team head to a Museum where an alarm has been sounded. There they find Sammael, The Hellhound a monsterous demon who has been brought to life by Rasputin.

Characters: Hellboy, John Myers

Enemies: Sammael Spawn

Boss: Sammael

Chapter 4: In the Tunnels

Summary: Hellboy and the team head into the tunnels below the subway station in a hunt to destroy Sammael eggs. However they run into Kroenen.

Characters: Hellboy, Agent Clay

Enemies: Sammael Spawn, Sammaels

Boss: Kroenen

Chapter 5: Rasputin's Mausoleum

Summary: Hellboy and the team head to Rasputin's Mausoleum located in a gravyard in Moscow, Russia. After entering the Mausoleum they are seperated and must find a way back together. However, they run into Kroenen once again.

Characters: Hellboy, Tom Manning

Enemies: Sammael Spawn, Sammaels

Boss: Kroenen

Chapter 6: The Ogdru Jahad

Summary: Hellboy, Myers and Liz are captured by Rasputin. Hellboy is then used to summon the Ogdru Jahad.

Characters: Hellboy (Deamon), John Myers (Injured)

Enemies: Ogdru Jahad Tentacles

Bosses: Grigori Rasputin, Tentacled Behemoth

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