LEGO Hero Inc is an original lego theme based the concept of super heroes and super villains.



Mister Midnight is a retired hero opens up Hero Inc. to combat super villains, his best agents are ricochet and his partner Rocky, but what Midnight didn't count on is his arch enemy, Solar Flare, to return with a small army of super villains.



Mister Midnight: A retired hero, he wears a suit and tie, his eyes are white, his hair is white and his skin is solid black, he can fly and shoot what he calls moon blasts out of his hands.

Ricochet: A man in a trech cout and sun glasses, his power is more of a talent, whatever he throws will ricochet of a wall.

Rocky: A big fig who is grey with black eyes and cracks all over him.

Dian: Midnight's secretary, she does not have any talents or powers prefering weapons.

Zack Attack: Recochet's sidekick, he wears a green hood, cape, grey shirt and a red belt.


Solar Flare: Midnight's arch enemy and an ex hero, his main colors are red and orange, he does not have hair and some members of Hero Inc. think he burned his own hair off by accident.

Ice Age: The former leader of the villains, he has a robotic suit and a glass helmet, he can controle ice.

The Gargoyle: A gargoyle man who has wings.

KO: A villain obsessed with boxing.

Fast and Furious: Twins who wear reverse colours and love racing.


Wave One

Attack on Hero Tower

Minifigures: Mister Midnight, Ricochet, Rocky, Dian, Solar Flare, Ice Age, the Gargoyle.

Ready to Rumble

Minifigures: Recochet (boxing uniform), KO, Robot Boxer X 2.

Photo Finished

Minifigures: Mister Midnight (racer uniform), Recochet (with mike), Dian (with mike), Fast and Furious.

Attack of the Blizzard Beast

Minifigures: Recochet, Rocky, Ice Age, Blizzard Beast (buildable)

Trojan in the Streets

Minifigures: Recochet, Zack Attack, Trojan Robot (buildable)

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