LEGO Heroes is an upcoming superhero videogame.

The Game Hub

The game hub is Hero Tower and the way levels are acsessed is by activating computers that tell you the levels. The corrosponding villain hub is Evil Island whic is where the villain characters can be found and the villain levels acssessed.

The Circus of Doom(Hero)

The Ringmaster and his evil Circus of Doom have broken out of prison and plans to build a giant mind control machine to take control of New Athens City.

Level 1: Stronger than Iron (Hero)

Summary: The Ringmaster and Strongman head to Prime Laboratries to steal some orsanium (an indestructable, energy absorbing metal) to use to build the mind control machine.

Characters: Steel Hawk, Hunter, Eden

Enemies: Clown Goons, Acrobat Goons, Hypnotised Guards

Boss: Strongman (6 hearts)

Level 2: Burning the Airwaves (Hero)

Summary: The Ringmaster and Fire Breather break into New Athens Radio to steal the satelite dish to broadcast the machines signal.

Characters: Phantom, Maverick, Blue Star

Enemies: Clown Goons, Acrobat Goons

Boss: Fire Breather (6 hearts)

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