This article is Fan-fiction. Please do not edit without the creators permission, unless adding categories or improving grammar.

This is a theme based upon the Dreamworks Animation Film of 2010-present. Every set has been designed using LDD by LDDCreations. Select the links below to see further information on the sets or characters; each one features a description in the same style as those given on the website, and the entire theme has been made and edited to be as realistic as possible. These are not and are unlikely ever to be made into real LEGO sets. Please do not edit these pages or corrupt them in any way. All that remains to say is, enjoy!



Birk Fire Tower and Gate


Deadly Nadder

Grapple Grounder

Green Death

Hiddeous Zippleback

Monstrous Nightmare

Night Fury


The Canyon

Toothless and Hiccup

Viking House

Viking Ship

Sets with Small Box



Terrible Terror

See also

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