LEGO Hulk is another installment to the LEGO Avengers theme. The video-game did well and a sequel s planned. The main villain of the theme, such as Green Goblin for Spider-Man, Sideshow Bob for Simpsons, Kang and Kodos for Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror, is in between Leader, General Ross and Red She-Hulk.


Wave 1

1001 Escape The Facility

Minifigs: Hulk, Bruce Banner, Betty Ross (Angry Face), General Ross, Glen Talbolt (Bandaged With Evil Smile)

1002 The Rampaging Hulk

Minifigs: Hulk, Rick Jones, Betty Ross (Worried Face), Soldiers

1003 The Leader

Minifigs: Hulk, Bruce Banner, Betty Ross, Abomination, Leader Henchmen, Soldiers, Scared Cops, Scared Lady, The Leader

1004 Electric Tower

Minifigs: Hulk, Bruce Banner (Scared Face), Betty Ross (Scare Face), Zzzax, Glen Talbolt

1005 Fight With Rhino

Minifigs: Hulk, Rick Jones (Scared Face), Thugs, Cops, Spider-Man, Peter Parker, The Rhino, Captain George Stacy

1006 Red Light, Green Light

Minifigs: Hulk, Red Hulk, Betty Ross, She-Hulk, Doc Samson, Thor, General Ross

1007 And The Wind Cried Wendigo

Minifigs: Hulk, Wolverine, Bruce Banner (Shirtless With No Glasses), Wolverine (Unmasked), Wendigo

1008 Loki Attacks!

Minifigs: Hulk, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Wasp, Iron Man, Thor, Namor The Sub-Mariner, Loki, Scared People

1009 Leader Returns

Minifigs: Hulk, Bruce Banner (Shirtless With No Glasses), The Leader, Leader Henhmen, Soldiers, General Ross (Scared Face), Betty Ross (Scared Face), Abomination (Huge), Absorbing Man

1010 Unleashed!

Minifigs: Hulk, Rick Jones (Scared Face), Betty Ross (Scared Face), Doc Samson (Redesign), Red Hulk, Harpy,

Mr. Fixit, Dr. Doom, She-Hulk, Red She-Hulk, Bi-Beast

1011 Last Hope

Minifigs: Hulk, Bruce Banner (Angry Face), Rick Jones (Scared Face), Doc Samson (Redesign), Betty Ross (Worried Face), General Ross, Glenn Talbolt (Angry Face)

1012 Army Tank Chase

Minifigs: Bruce Banner, General Ross, Doc Samson, Rick Jones, Betty Ross, Glenn Talbolt, Red She-Hulk, Absorbing Man

McDonalds Toys

McDonalds promoted the game by making toys based off the game. Each toy comes with a cheat code and a code to eneter online to play a free LEGO Hulk mini-game. There are 7 of the Hulk mini-games.

Comic Books

Several comic books were made depicting LEGO Hulk stories.

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