LEGO Indiana Jones Gold Edition is an upcoming game based on the the 4 Indiana Jones movies, the games are similar to the two previous Indiana Jones games except that they now have eight levels in each chapter instead of the usual five or six.

The Game Hub

The Game Hub is Barnett Collage (like the first game) however there are some changes, like being able to access the courtyard, from the motorbike scene in Crystal Skull.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Level 1: Temple Trouble

Characters: Indiana Jones, Sapito, Jock

Enemies: Spiders, Scorpions, Habito

Location: Jungle, Temple, Riverside

Boss: None

Level 2: Ravenwood Rescue

Characters: Indiana Jones, Marion Ravenwood

Enemies: Nazi Gunners, Nazi (Rocket Launcher)

Location, Bar, Himelayas

Boss: Major Thot (4 Hearts, 3 Hearts), Sherpa Brawler (4 Hearts)

Level 3: Brawl in the Bazaar

Characters: Indiana Jones (Cairo), Marion Ravenwood (Cairo)

Enemies: Cairo Henchman, Cairo Assassin

Location: Marketplace

Boss: Cairo Swordsman (6 Hearts)

Level 4: Medallion Mystery

Level 5: Welcome to the Well of Souls

Level 6: After the Ark

Level 7: Submarine Sleuth

Level 8: The Ark is Opened

Temple of Doom

Level 1: Shangai Shinanigans

Level 2: Journey to Pankot Palace


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