LEGO Indiana Jones 3 is a new game set to come out next year. The storylines for the game are not based on the movies, but on (real life) ancient myths. These four storylines are...

The Lost Civilization-1931

The Hammer of the Gods-1937

The Fountain of Youth-1943

The Secrets of the Chest-1946

The Game Hub

The game hub once again is Marshall College.

Indiana Jones and The Lost Civilization

Indian Jones teams up with a young Abner Ravenwood as they attemp to discover the lost city of Atlantis, before an evil cult find it (the evil cult will bring it to the surface and causes massive tidal waves that will destroy countries everywhere).

Chapter 1: Athens, 1931

Indiana Jones and Belloq are exploring an ancient temple in Athens, Greece in search of the Shield of Hercules. In the temple they are met by an evil cult who also want the shield of Hercules. Indy and Belloq escape but Belloq tries to betray Indy and take the shield for himself which results in a fight on a boat.

Location: A Temple in Athens, A Cruise Boat

Characters: Indiana Jones, Belloq

Enemies: Cultists, Cultists (Sorrcerer), Cultist(Gunner), Spiders, Bats

Boss: Belloq (6 hearts)

Chapter 2: An Unexpected Alliance

After arriving back in america, Indy talks to Marcus Brody who tells him that he can not dechipher the language on the shield, but he knows a person who can. That person turns out to be Abner Ravenwood (who is living in a house in Nepal), Abner dechiphers the shield and learns that it give the location of a map to atlantis. Abner agrees to help as long as he gets the credit for Atlantis. The two are then jumped by the evil cultists.

Location: Abner Ravenwood's House, Himalayas

Characters: Indina Jones (Nepal), Abner Ravenwood

Enemies:Cultists, Cultists (Sorrcerer), Cultist(Gunner)

Boss: Cultist Bomber (6 hearts)

Chapter 3


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