LEGO Iron Man is part of LEGO Avengers: The Video-Game and the LEGO Iron Man Theme. There are 3 chapters: Monger Monster, featuring the Iron Monger, Hammered, featuring Justin Hammer, and Mandarin's Revenge, featuring The Mandarin. The hub is Stark Industries, and the 2 starter characters are Iron Man and War Machine.


The hub, Stark Industries, features 3 doors that lead to the episodes. You can access Starks computer to purchase characters and mini-games. You can also view Story Mode cinematics on the computer. Also, you can go to the villain mode hub, The RAFT (a SHIELD super prison), by going to the Stark Helicopter. You can also go to Stark Mansion and meet some non-hero/villain characters.

Chapter 1 - Monger Monster

Based off the first Iron Man film.

Ten Rings

Tony Stark is attacked by terrorists and is kidnapped by The Ten Rings leader, Raza. A fellow prisoner builds something to keep him alive, and the 2 work on a weapon to escape. Tony outs on the suit and becomes... Iron Man! He escapes while being attacked by Ninjas and Terrorists, and flies back to America.

Level type: Brawl

Playable: Iron Man

Unlockable: Raza, Ninja, Ho Yinsen

A Very Plane Battle

Best Seved Cold

Hot -N- Cold

Blood Stane

Chapter 2 - Hammered

Based off Iron Man 2.

Stark Expo

Lasor Racer

Race Track Brawl

Black Out!


Chapter 3 - Mandarin's Revenge

Based off the animated movie, The Invinible Iron Man.



Get-A-Way Plane Chase

Designed Only For Killing

Evil's Last Stand


  • Heavy Metal - Beat "Monger Monster"
  • True Genius - Get "True Genius" for all chapters

Story Changes

Monger Monster


  • Iron Man (Flying, Pulsor Rays, Super Strength, Lasor Eyes, SHIELD Access)
  • War Machine (Flying, Pulsor Rays, Guns, Super Strength, SHIELD Access)
  • Raza (Double Jump, Guns, Knives) - Unlocked after Ten Rings
  • Ninja (Sword, Double Jump) - Unlocked after Ten Rings
  • Ho Yinsen (Melee Combat) - Unlocked after Ten Rings
  • Soldier (Guns, Super Strength, SHIELD Access) - Unlocked after A Very Plane Battle
  • Air Pilot (Melee Combat, SHIELD Access) - Unlocked after A Very Plane Battle
  • Blizzard (Freeze Ray, Survives In Sub-Zero Tempatures, Double Jump) - Unlocked after Best Served Cold
  • Agent Coulson (SHIELD Access, Guns, Melee Combat) - Unlocked after Best Served Cold
  • Assassin (Guns, Sword) - Unlocked after Best Served Cold
  • Firebrand (Fire Gun, Fire Proof, Sword) - Unlocked after Hot -N- Cold
  • Firebrand Thug (Fire Gun, Melee Combat) - Unlocked after Hot -N- Cold
  • Iron Monger

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