LEGO Justice League: The Video Game is an upcoming 2012 video game distributed by Traveller's Tales for the Xbobx 360, the PlayStation 3, the Wii, the 3DS, the PlayStation Portable, Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS.

It is a video game spin-off of LEGO Batman based on the Justice League, a fictional team of superheroes with members such as Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman.


The gameplay is quite similar to that of LEGO Batman, but with a number of differences.

The game has 6 story chapters with 6 story levels which upon completion allows for a different playing mode known as Free Play which allows for any unlocked characters to be played. The playable characters featured in the level are also unlocked.

All the levels feature boss battles, in which the boss' health and character token is displayed above their heads.

In the game, some characters may have different costumes, though the character's abilities usually stay the same.

The game also features a HUB location, which is the Satellite of the Justice League.

There are also Minikits that once collected to the mass number can create various objects.


Joker's Revenge

Summary: After Joker breaks out of Arkam Asylum, he takes revenge on the League.

Level 1: Attack on the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel

Playable characters: Superman, Batman

Enemies: Joker Goon, Joker Thug

Boss: Flying Android

Level 2: Aquaman & the Flash vs. Harley Quinn

Playable characters: Aquaman, The Flash

Enemies: Joker Goon, Joker Thug, Flying Joker-Bot

Boss: Harley Quinn


Superman (Variations: Stealth) (Powers: Super-strength, Flight, Laser vision) (Weapons: Bare fists)

Batman (Variations: Diver) (Abilities: Grappling, Bat-bombs) (Weapons: Fists, Batarang)

Wonder Woman (Variations: Star Sapphire) (Powers: Flight, Super-strength, Charm) (Weapons: Fists, Lasso of Truth)

Aquaman (Variations: None) (Powers: Diving, Super-strength, Heat Resistance) (Weapons: Trident)

Flash (Variations: Stealth, Blue Lantern Corps) (Powers: Super-speed) (Weapons: Kicks and Punches)

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) (Variations: None) (Powers: Green Light of Willpower) (Weapons: Green Light of Willpower)

Green Arrow (Variations: Stealth) (Abilities: Grapple arrows, exploding arrows) (Weapons: Bow & Arrows)

Hawkman (Variations: None) (Powers: Flight, Super-strength) (Weapons: Mace)

Martian Manhunter (Variations: None) (Powers: Shapeshifting, Invisibility, Phasing, Flight, Mind Control) (Weapons: Fists)

Black Canary (Variations: None) (Powers: Super-Sonic Scream) (Weapons: Kicks & Punches)

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