LEGO Justice League is an upcoming videogame based on the Justice League comics published by DC Comics. The game was released along side LEGO Young Justice: The Videogame (even though the games aren't connected).


The gameplay is similar to other LEGO games, most noticably LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes. To complete levels the character will have to solve puzzles and build objects out of LEGO. The game also features unique powers for certain characters such as Sonic Blast for Black Canary and Manbat or creating tornados for Red Tornado. The final part of the gameplay is being able to choose missions from The Watchtower computer.

The Game Hub

The main game hub is The Watchtower, here the player can access missions, buy character and extras, create their own playable characters or simply just explore. The player can also travel to The Batcave, The Fortress of Solitude, Arkham Asylum or the open worlds of Gotham City and Metropolis.




  • Batman-Batarang, Grapple, Suit Pads (Sensor Suit, Bat Suit, Power Suit, Electric Suit, Bruce Wayne, Battle Worn)
    • Sensor Suit-Turn Invisible, X-Ray Vision, Remotely Activate Switches
    • Bat Suit-Glide, Sonic Gun
    • Power Suit-Super Strength, Fire Rockets
    • Electric Suit-Travel Through Electric Barriers, Absorb Electric Charge, Deploy Charge to Machinery
    • Bruce Wayne-Briefcase, Roll, Suit Pads
  • Superman-Flight, Super Breath, Heat Vision, Super Strength, X-Ray Vision (Clark Kent, Battle Worn)
  • Green Lantern-Flight, Construct Green Lego Objects (Hal Jordan, Original, Guy Gardner)
  • The Flash-Super Speed, Super Build (Barry Allen, Original, Battle Worn)
  • Wonder Woman-Flight, Tiara-rang, Golden Lasso, Super Strength, Grapple (Diana Prince)
  • Green Arrow-Bow and Arrow, Grapple (Hood Down, Oliver Queen, Battle Worn)
  • Cyborg-Super Strength, Heat Vision, Magnetic
  • Red Tornado-Flight, Super Breath, Create Tornados, Deploy Charge to Machines, Super Strength
  • Aquaman-Dive, Trident, Super Strength
  • Black Canry-Sonic Blast, Super Jump (Dina Lance)
  • Hawkman-Flight, Mace, Super Strength
  • Hawkgirl-Flight, Mace, Super Strength
  • Captain Marvel-Flight, Super Strength, Lightning Bolt, Travel Through Electric Barriers
  • Martian Manhunter-Super Strength, Flight, Invisibility, Heat Vision (John Jones)

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