Here is a list of characters and their abilities

Sora: Keyblade acess (all but destiny islands and 4), sword crank (Sword, destiny islands, 4) short (4, lion) animal acess (lion) Underwater (merman). Magic (staff) Song (merman), Defense (shield), Sword throw (sword, destiny islands, 4)

Riku: Keyblade acess (16, Hallowbastion, Oblivion), sword crank (all but 16, oblivion and hallowbastion), heatless acess (Hallowbastion, dark, and xehanort's heartless), short (5) sword throw (all but 16, oblivion and hallowbastion)

Kairi: Keyblade acess (all but destiny islands and 4) high jump. Princess acess.

Donald: Magic, animal acess (bird) flight (bird) song (octipus) underwater (octipus)

Goofy: Defense, Animal (turtle), Underrwater (sea turtle) song (sea turtle)

mickey: Keyblade, short acess

Tarzan: Spear throw, climb, dig

Pluto: Dig, Short, Animal, (unlocked after disney castle)

Namine: High jump, Nobody acess

Ventus: Keyblade acess,

Terra: Keyblade acess, strengh

Aqua: Keyblade acess, High jump

Leon: Sword crank, sword throw, target

Cid: Fix

Yuffie: Trown weapon, High jump

Aridith: High jump

Cloud: Sword crank, sword throw

Tifa: thrown weapon, high jump

Xehanort: Keyblade, Heartless acess, nobody acesss, unversed acess, decoding

Minnie: High jump, short acess

Daisy: High jump

Chip: short acess, animal acess, fix

Dale: same as chip

Jiminy: short acess, decoding acess, animal acess

Aladin: sword throw, sword crank

Jack Skellington: magic

Jack Sparrow: Pirate acess, sword crank, cursed, sword throw

Will Turner: pirate acess, sword crank, sword throw

Elizibeth swann: high jump, pirate acess,

Xemnas: nobody acess, sword crank,

Xigbar: nobody acess, target, explosives

Xaldin: nobody acess, spear throw, strengh

Vexen: nobody acess, decoding, defender, magic, explosives

Lexaus: nobody acess, sword crank, strengh

Zexion: nobody acess, decoding, magic

Saix: nobody acess, sword crank, strengh,

Axel: nobody acess, magic

Demyx: nobody acess, music, magic

Luxord: nobody acess, magic

Marluxia: nobody acess, magic

Larxene: nobody acess, high jump, magic

Roxas: keyblade acess (with the exception of twilight town), nobody acess

Xion: nobody acess, keyblade

Hayner: strengh

Pence: strengh

Olette: high jump

Seifer: strengh

Setzer: strengh

Moogle: fix, short, flight

Data-sora: keyblade, decoding,

Data-Namine: decoding, high jump

Data-Roxas: decoding, keyblade

Maleficent: heartless acess, magic

Pete: strengh

Any Heartless: heartless acess

Any Nobodies: nobody acess

Any Unversed: Unversed acess

Riku Replica: sword crank, heartless acess, decoding

Tidus: strengh

Selphe:high jump

Wakka: target

Sally: high jump

Oogie Boogie: strengh

Lock: short

Shock: short

Barrel: short

Dr. Finklestein: decoding

Simba: animal, dig

TImon: animal, dig

Pumba: animal,

Nala: animal, dig

Hercules: sword crank, strengh

Auron: swrod crank, strengh

Zac: sword crank

HAdes: magic,

Phill: short

Meg: high jump

Barbossa: pirate acess, cursed, sword crank, sword throw

Bosun: pirate acess, strengh, cursed

Twigg: pirate acess, cursed, sword crank sworld throw

JAcoby: pirate acess, cursed explosives

Jasmine: high jump, princess acess

Genie: magic, explosives

Abu: animal

Iago: animal

Mulan: high jump, sword crank, sword throw

Ping: high jump sword crank, sword throw

Shan yu: sword crank, sword throw

The chineese army members: sword throw sword crank

Jane: high jump

Clayton: target, explosives

The Apes: climb, dig, animal

Ansem the wise: Decoding

Braig: Target, decoding, explosives

dilan: Spear throw, decoding, strengh

even: defender, decoding, explosives

Aelus: Sword crank, sword throw, strengh

ienzo: Decoding, short

Isa: Short

Lea: Short

Tron: decoding

Sark: decoding

Beast: strengh

Belle: high jump

Lumire: dig short

Clogsworth: short

Mrs. Potts: short

Stich: short, fix

221: short

Jumba: strengh, fix

Gantu: strengh, target

Master Xehanort: Keyblade, unversed acess,

Vanitas: keyblade, unversed acess,

Terra-Xehanort: keyblade, unversed acess

Lingering Sediment: keyblade, strengh

Yen Sid: magic

Flora: magic high jump

Fauna: magic high jump

Meriweather: magic, high jump

Eric: song

Kairi's grandmother: High jump

Flownder: song, underwater

Sebastion: song, underwater

Ursula: song, underwater

Ariel: song, underwater, princess acess

Alice: high jump, princess acess

White Rabbit: short, animal

Card soldiers: spear throw

Queen of hearts: high jump

Aurora: high jump princess acess

Phillip: sword crank, sword throw

The stepsisters: high jump

The fairy godmother (complete castle of dreams): high jump, magic

Merlin: magic

Heuy: short

Dewie: short

Louie: short

Scrooge: short

Pete: strengh

Maleficent: magic

The dwarfs: strengh

Peter Pan: flight

Tinkerbell: flight short

The Lost boys: short

Captin Hook: sword crank, sword throw pirate acess

Smee: pirate acess

The evil queen: high jump

The mother: high jump

Pain and panic: short

the gullwings: flight and high jump

Santa: strengh

Cinderella: High jump, princess acess

The prince: sword crank, sword throw

jaq: short acess, animal acess

Lucifer: animal acess

triton: underwater, song

Eraqus: Keyblade acess

Diz (unmasked) : decoding

Sephroph: (unlock by finishing radiant gardens and purchase him for 150,000 studs) sword crank sword throw


"It will make Kingdom Hearts" Get all other achievements/trophies

"All worlds end in darkness" Complete the game 100%

"The Keyblade master" get all keyblade characters.

"Are you sure you don't have a heart?" Get all Organization XIII members.

"Heartless!" Get all heartless.

"Theres one thing I'll always have that you won't." Unlock all forms of Sora.

"I'm not afraid of the darkness!" Unlock all villians.

"The one who will open the door." Finish Kingdom Hearts.

"The cards control all." Finish Chain of Memories on Sora's story.

"What are you making me chose now?" Finish Chain of Memories on Riku's story.

"The most important things are forgotten." Finish 358/2 Days.

"It all began with birth by sleep." Finish Birth By sleep

"The other sora" Finish Coded

"Welcome home sora" finish Kingdom Hearts 2

"No, It's the Road to Dawn." Unlock all forms of Riku.

"Princess? Kairi's a princess?" Unlock all forms of Kairi.

"What walt would want." Unlock all disney characters.

"The Hunter of rare goods." find all treasure chests.

"That looks like mickey, and so does that!" find all hidden mickey's

"The X-blade." Find all Gold bricks.

"Enemies for life." As mickey, defeat pete 10 times.

"It's called FINAL Fanasty!" Unlock all final fanasty characters.

"You are a hard man to kill." beat the awakening without dying once.

"The True Key master." Get True Keybeierer for every level.

Abilities and usage:

Keyblade: There are keyholes. the keyblade sticks in one and turns it.

Sword crank: The user places their sword into the hole and it revels something

High jump: for female characters only, a couple of flowers are on the ground and they jump higher than male characters

Magic: a wheel appears and 6 spells apear, fire if there is ice, blizzard for water and to estinguish fire, thunder is 3 yellow lines are above the object, aero if the object spins in circles, stop if an object is moving, and gravity if it is floating

Target: there are bulls eyes you have to hit it with a ranged weapon such as shoot it

Heartless acess: a small peice with the heartless insiginia

Nobody acess: a small peice with the nobody insiginia

Unversed acess: a small peice with the unversed insiginia

Short acess: a vent like thing

Animal: a tube like thing you go throgh it

dig: peices are stuck with dirt covering them if your an animal or have a shovel then you can dig it up

Fix: peices that are smokiing need to be repaired by someone with a wrench

Pirate acess: a small peice with a skull and crossbones

Underwater: certain characters can stay underwater without drowning

Sword Throw: certain sword weilders can throw their sword usually to cut ropes down

Spear throw: if you have a spear you can throw it

Climb: tarzan and the apes can climb up ivy

Strengh: certain characters have super strengh. if you see an orange handle then you need a strengh character

Spear place: with the spear you throw it into a hole to climb somewhere

Princess acess: princesses have the ability to get past a certain place if you see a brick with a heart on it only a princess can get through

Decoding: certain people are smart and can decode messages,

explosives: there are shiny bricks that only certain people with explosives can break

cursed: cursed members can walk on water, they also are givin strengh temorarly when in moonlight

defender: the defenders can acess certain area's the panels look like a shield

Song: certain characters can smash glass with their voice

flight: there are some gaps to big to jump hold down the jump button to fly over them


Treasure chests: there are 10 in a level, get all to build something, also for collecting all 10 you get a gold brick

Hidden mickey's: theres one in each level, for finding one a new extra is availbe for buy

true key beirer: Collect the target amount of studs for a gold brick

gold bricks: there are 3 ways to earn a gold brick they are finish the level on story, get all 10 treasure chests, and get true key beirer

diffrences between the game and the original game

Kingdom hearts:

In the awakening sora was alone and could chose the sword shield or staff, they added riku and gave him the keyblade to make it more co-op friendly.

On destiny islands, Kairi never got the keyblade, and she left,

In traverse town he had to find cid in the shop, not just meet him at the beginning

At hallow bastion sora fought riku alone but in the game beast helped him

At end of the world the final fight was in air, but in the lego game it was on land

Chain of memories:

In the original game sora fought with cards but to make it less confusing he doesnt and donald and goofy appear with him always.

Diz didnt help riku in the original game

On destiny islands sora is alone but in the lego game namine and jiminy are with him

Kingdom hearts 358/2 days

In the original game roxas went on many missions, but the lego game just pointed out keypoint missions

Roxas fought Saix and Xion alone, but they put Xion with him to make it co-op friendly

Roxas met riku later but they put him in the entire level

Birth by sleep

Ventus, terra and aqua never seperated

floods are at land of departure

Ventus was not with aqua when she fought terra-xehanort

The lingering sediment was alone when he fought terra-xehanort

Aqua faced off agnst ven-vanitas in the original game

The lego game puts all the keyblade graveyard times togethter


Data-sora was alone most of the time but for co-op friendlyness they needed to put people in

Kingdom Hearts 2

Roxas was alone when he fought the twilight thorn but in the lego game sora was with him

The lego game combined all the times you visit the world

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