The greatest Legend of Zelda game of all time - remade with Legos! Relive and rebuild the epic adventure of Link and Zelda in a way like never before in this action-adventure platform game. Play as virtually any character from Ocarina of Time, as well as a few from other popular Zelda games, such as Tingle or Veran and Onox from the Oracles series!

Hyrule Field

This is the main hub of the game. You can enter Castle Town, Kakiroko Village, Lon Lon Ranch, Zora's Domain, Lake Hylia, Kokiri Forest, Lost Woods and the Gerudo Valley from here. In Castle Town, you can purchase Red Bricks, Gold Bricks and character tolkens that you have found. In Kakariko Village, mini games can be played, such as the Shooting Gallery Minigame to earn a Gold Brick on the first run, a purple stub on the second run and blue studs for all following runs.


Part I: The Journey Begins

Boy Without a Fairy

Summary: Go with Saria to find the Kokiri Sword and the Wooden Shield to get past Mido. Talk to the Great Deku Tree.

Characters: Young Link, Saria

Enemies: Skull Kid, Deku Baba, Buisness Scrub

Boss: none

Suit Tolken:

Minikit: Link's House

Level Type: Puzzle

Inside the Great Deku Tree

Summary: Navigate through the Great Deku Tree and cure him of his illness to recieve the Emerald.

Characters: Young Link, Saria

Enemies: Deku Scrubs, Skulltula

Boss: Queen Gohma (8 Hearts)

Suit Tolken:

Minikit: The Great Deku Tree

Level Type: Puzzle/Action

Hyrule Castle

Summary: Sneak past the guards and reunite Malon with her father, Talon, after waking him with Malon's Cuccoo. Then sneak into Hyrule Castle to visit Princess Zelda (Young).

Characters: Young Link, Malon (Young), Talon

Enemies: Hyrule Guard

Boss: none

Suit Tolken:

Minikit: Peahat

Level Type: Stealth

The Rock-People

Summary: After getting the Guard the Keaton Mask, climb up Death Mountain and enter Goron City. Find Darunia and play Saria's Song for him and learn how to use Bomb Flowers.

Characters: Young Link, Impa, Hyrule Guard (Keaton Mask)

Enemies: Goron, Tektite

Boss: none

Suit Tolken:

Minikit: Biggoron Sword

Level Type: Action

Dodongo's Cavern

Summary: Darunia leads you to Dodongo's Cavern. Navigate the dungeon and defeat King Dodongo to liberate the Goron's feeding grounds.

Characters: Young Link, Darunia

Enemies: Keese, Keese (Fire), Dodongo, Armos, Lizalfos, Tektite

Boss: King Dodongo (8 hearts)

Suit Tolken:

Minikit: Beamos

Level Type: Puzzle/Action

Zora's Domain

Summary: Make your way up river to play your Ocarina in front of the waterfall. Enter Zora's Domain and speak to the king about his missing daughter. After retrieving her lost message from the secret underwater pass, continue on to Lord Jabu Jabu, who tries to suck you in.

Characters: Young Link, Bean Seller

Enemies: Deku Scrub, Octorok

Boss: Lord Jabu Jabu (10 Hearts)

Suit Tolken:

Minikit: Zora Scale

Level Type: Action/Puzzle/Adventure

Part II: The Final Spiritual Stone and Sacred Realm

Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly

Summary: Make your way through Jabu Jabu to reclaim what Princess Ruto lost. Defeat Barinade to get it back.

Characters: Young Link, Princess Ruto

Enemies: Stinger, Buisness Shrub, Skulltula

Boss(es): Bigocto (3 Hearts), Barinade (6 Hearts)

Suit Tolken:

Minikit: Blade Trap

Level Type: Puzzle/Action

Castle Escape

Summary: As Link rushes back to Hyrule Castle with the Spiritual Stones in hand, Impa and Princess Zelda (Young) must escape Ganondorf on horseback. Once at the bridge, fend Ganondorf off.

Characters: Impa, Princess Zelda (Young)

Enemies: Stalchildren, Peahats

Boss: Ganondorf (8 Hearts)

Suit Tolken:

Minikit: Hyrule Castle

Level Type: Action

Seven Lost Years

Summary: Link awakens, fully grown, and must fight his way out of the destroyed Castle Town. At Lon Lon Ranch, he must race Ingo to win the horse Epona. You must then escape Lon Lon Ranch.

Characters: Link, Shiek, Malon

Vehincles/Animals: Epona, White Horse

Enemies: ReDead

Boss: none

Suit Tolken:

Minikit: Temple of Light

Level Type: Action/Race

Dampe's Amazing Cave Race

Summary: Enter the grave of Dampe and make your way through it. Aquire the Hookshot and find a way out of the ? House.

Characters: Link, Dampe (Ghost), Guru-Guru

Enemies: Poe, Deku Scrub, ReDead, Skulltula

Boss: none

Suit Tolken:

Minkit: Kakariko Graveyard

Level Type: Puzzle

The Lost Woods

Summary: Make your way through the Lost Woods. Defeat the Wolfos to gain access to the Sacred Forest Meadow. Sneak through the Forest Meadow and defeat the Club Moblin to enter the Forest Temple.

Characters: Link, Mido

Enemies: Moblin, Skull Kid, Deku Scrub, Buisness Scrub

Boss(es): Wolfos (5 Hearts), Club Moblin (3 Hearts)

Suit Tolken:

Minikit: Snapper

Level Type: Puzzle/Stealth

Forest Temple

Summary: Navigate the Forest Temple. Find the four colored Poes to light the lamps. Follow the shaft down and defeat Phantom Ganon to free Saria.

Characters: Link, Sheik

Enemies: Bubble, Stalfos, Deku Scrub, Octorok, Joelle (Orange Poe), Amy (Green Poe), Beth (Blue Poe), Meg (Purple Poe), Skulltula

Boss: Phantom Ganon (10 Hearts)

Suit Tolken:

Minikit: Fairy Ocarina

Level Type: Puzzle

Part III: Awakening the Sages

Death Mountain

Summary: Make the treacherous climb up Death Mountain as the volcano erpupts. Use the Hookshot to cross the broken bridge.

Characters: Link, Sheik

Enemies: Keese (Fire), Tektite

Boss: none

Suit Tolken: Link (Goron Tunic)

Minikit: Death Mountain

Level type: Action

Fire Temple

Summary: After entering the Fire Temple, free all of the Gorons to open the door to face Volvagia and free Darunia, the final Goron. Obtain the Fire Medallion.

Characters: Link, Sheik

Enemies: Keese (Fire), Tektite, Flare Dancer

Boss: Volvagia (6 Hearts)

Suit Tolken: Link (Megaton Hammer)

Minikit: Volvagia

Level Type: Puzzle/Action

Ice Cavern

Summary: Fight through the frozen cavern. Defeat the White Wolfos and acquire the Iron Boots.

Characters: Link, Sheik

Enemies: Keese (Ice)

Boss: White Wolfos (3 Hearts)

Suit Tolken: Link (Zora Tunic)

Minikit: Freezard

Level Type: Action

Water Temple

Summary: Navigate through the Water Temple with the adult Princess Ruto to awaken her as a sage and obtain the Water Medallion.

Characters: Link (Zora Tunic), Princess Ruto (Adult)

Enemies: Tektite, Shell Blades, Stinger

Boss(es): Dark Link (4 Hearts), Morpha (8 Hearts)

Suit Tolken:

Minikit: Big Octo

Level Type: Puzzle

Oh, Well

Summary: Rescue the residents of the burning Kakariko Village. Fight the invisible creature terrorizing the town. Afterwards, return to the well as Young Link and play the Song of Storms. Enter the well and navigate it to find the Lens of Truth.

Characters: Link, Sheik, Young Link, Guru-Guru

Enemies: Bubble, ReDead, Keese, Gibdo, Skulltula

Boss: Dead Hand (4 Hearts)

Suit Tolken:

Minikit: Windmill

Level type: Action/Puzzle

Shadow Temple

Summary: Pursue the invisble creature into the Shadow Temple with Sheik. Find and rescue Impa inside. Hunt down the creature, Bongo Bongo, and destory it to gain the Shadow Medallion

Characters: Link (Hover Boots), Sheik, Impa

Enemies: Bubble, Keese, ReDead, Gibdo, Skulltula, Like Like

Boss: Bongo Bongo (10 Hearts)

Suit Tolken: Link (Hover Boots)

Minikit: Royal Family Tombstone

Level Type: Action/Adventure

Part IV: The Final Battle

Gerudo Valley

Summary: Sneak past the Gerudo and rescue the captured carpenters Ichiro, Jiro, Sabooro and lastly, Shiro. Defeat the Gerudo Theives and the gerudo Third-In-Command, Aveil.

Characters: Link, Sheik, Mutoh, Shiro

Enemies: Gerudo, Gerudo Theif

Boss: Aveil (3 Hearts)

Suit Tolken:

Minikit: Gerudo Fortress

Level Type: Stealth/Action

The Haunted Wasteland

Summary: Travel across the dangerous desert with Phantom Guide. Upon entering the Desert Colossus, find the SIlver Gauntlets to enter the Spirit Temple.

Characters: Link, Sheik, Phantom Guide

Enemies: Skulltula, Poe, Keese, Bubble

Boss: none

Suit Tolken: Link (Silver Gauntlets)

Minikit: Goddess of Sand

Level Type: Adventure

Spirit Temple

Summary: As Young Link, make your way through the Spirit Temple until you acquire the Mirror Sheild. Then, as Link, rescue the captured Nabooru from Twinrova, Koume and Kotake.

Characters: Young Link, Nabooru, Sheik

Enemies: Keese (Fire), Bubble, 

Boss(es): Iron Knuckle (4 Hearts), Koume (4 Hearts), Kotake (4 Hearts)

Suit Tolken: Link (Mirror Shield)

Minikit: Spirit Temple

Level Type: Puzzle

Ganon's Tower

Summary: With the power of the sages, storm Ganondorf's Castle. Receive Super Strength from the Great Fairy and rush to save Princess Zelda. Break each of the six barriers with the sages in their respective rooms. Climb the staircase and enter Ganondorf's room.

Characters: Link, Sheik, Impa, Saria, Darunia, Princess Ruto (Adult), Nabooru, Rauru

Enemies: Skulltula, ReDead, Deku Scrub, Keese (Fire), Keese, Octorok, Bubble, Gibdo, Lizalfos

Boss: none

Suit Tolken: Link (Golden Gauntlets)

Minikit: Ganon's Tower

Level Type: Action

Castle Catastrophe

Summary: Battle the King of Evil, Ganondorf. Send his balls of light back at him to stun him and then attack. After defeating him, escape the castle with Princess Zelda.

Characters: Link (Mirror Sheild), Princess Zelda (Crystal), Princess Zelda

Enemies: Lizalfos, Stalfos, Keese, Skulltula

Boss: Ganondorf (10 Hearts)

Suit Tolken: Nabooru (Possessed)

Minikit: Hylian Shield 

Level Type: Action

The Final Battle

Summary: With the castle collapsing, Ganon rises from the rubble. Battle him and reclaim the Master Sword. As Zelda, stun him with the power of the Sages and deliver the final blow.

Characters: Link (Megaton Hammer), Link, Princess Zelda

Enemies: none

Boss: Ganon (15 Hearts)

Suit Tolken: Ganondorf (Ganon)

Minikit: The Triforce

Level Type: Action

Characters (120 Total)

  • Young Link
    • Bunny Hood, Mask of Truth, Zora Mask, Goron Mask, Gerudo Mask
  • Link
    • Mirror Sheild, Goron Tunic, Zora Tunic, Hover Boots, Megaton Hammer, Silver Gauntlets, Golden Gauntlets
  • Princess Zelda (Young)
  • Princess Zelda
    • Crystal
  • Sheik
  • Sheik (Smash Bros)
  • Ganondorf
    • Cloak, Ganon
  • Saria
  • Malon
  • Malon (Young)
  • Talon
  • Impa
  • Impa (Skyward Sword)
  • Hyrule Guard (Keaton Mask)
  • Bean Seller
  • Phantom Guide
  • Princess Ruto (Adult)
  • Princess Ruto
  • Rauru
    • Kaepora Gaebora
  • Guru-Guru
  • Skull Kid
    • Skull Mask, Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess
  • Mido
  • Dampe
  • Dampe (Ghost)
  • Mutoh
    • Poacher's Saw
  • Shiro
  • Jiro
  • Sabooro
  • Ichiro
  • Aveil
  • Gerudo
  • Gerudo Theif
  • Nabooru
    • Iron Knuckle
  • Great Fairy of Magic
  • Stalfos
  • Mamamu Yan
  • Link of the Gorons
  • Zora
  • Happy Mask Salesman
  • Anju
  • Grog
  • Ghost Hunter
  • Hyrule Guard
  • Hyrule Guard (Injured)
  • Lake Scientist
  • Koume
  • Kotake
  • Phantom Ganon
  • Ingo
  • Ingo (Future)
  • Fado
  • Fado (Beta)
  • Male Kokiri
  • Female Kokiri
  • Amy
  • Beth
  • Joelle
  • Meg
  • Man on the Roof
  • Granny
  • Carpet Merchant
  • Beggar
  • Medicine Shop Man
  • Bomb Shop Man
  • Hot Rodder
  • Pierre the Scarecrow
  • Bonooru the Scarecrow
  • Mini-Game Operator
  • Graveyard Boy
    • Spooky Mask
  • Pond Owner
  • Pond Owner (Young)
  • Pond Owner (Old)
  • Deku Scrub
  • Mad Shrub
  • Buisness Scrub
  • Stinger
  • Skulltula
    • Big Skulltula, Gold Skulltula
  • ReDead
  • Gibdo
  • Lizalfos
  • Stalchild
  • Dead Hand
  • Deku Baba
  • Keese
  • Keese (Fire)
  • Keese (Ice)
  • Bubble
  • Poe
  • Dark Link
    • Transparent, Shadow Form
  • Flame Dancer
  • Tektite
  • Peahat
  • Octorok
    • Rock Species, River Species, Grass Species
  • Twinrova
  • Twin #1
  • Twin #2
  • Honey
  • Darling
  • Din
  • Farore
  • Nayru
  • Great Fairy of Power
  • Great Fairy of Courage
  • Great Fairy of Wisdom
  • Sakon
  • Desert Goddess
  • Flat
  • Sharp
  • Shikashi
  • Dodongo
  • Armos
  • Morpha
  • Dinalfos
  • Like Like
  • Rich Father
  • Running Man
    • Bunny Hood
  • Gossip Stone
  • Know-It-All Brother
  • Tingle
  • Veran
  • Shigeru Miyamoto
    • Hylian Shield
  • Reggie Fills-Aime
    • Hylian Shield, Black Suit, Gray Suit
  • Koji Kondo
    • Black Suit, Tingle

Big Characters

  • Ganon
  • Moblin
  • Club Moblin
  • Shooting Gallery Man
  • Bongo Bongo
  • Wolfos
  • White Wolfos
  • Gohma
  • Volvagia
  • Barinade
  • Bigoctorok
  • Medigoron
  • Biggoron
  • Darunia
  • Goron
  • King Dodongo
  • Onox

Character Abilities

Ability Levels

Saria's Song

Available: After "Inside the Great Deku Tree" and before "Hyrule Castle."

Summary: Learn to play Saria's Song by performing it in front of the five Deku Scrubs

Characters: Young Link, Saria

Enemies: Deku Scrubs

Purpose: All characters with instruments can now use them.

Epona's Song

Available: After "Dodongo's Cavern" and before "Zora's Domain."

Summary: Use Epona's Song to call Young Epona to you. Ride Epona and jump over the five barriers. Once they are jumped over, they are destroyed. Use the destroyed barriers to rebuild the exit gate.

Characters: Young Link, Malon (Young), Talon

Enemies: none

Purpose: Malon (Young), Malon and characters with an Ocarina can now summon a horse from certain spots.

Royal Family's Tomb

Available: After "The Rock-People" and before "Dodongo's Cavern."

Summary: Learn the Sun's Song and use it to stop the five ReDeads from attacking. This will open a portal to leave the underground tomb.

Characters:Young Link, Dampe

Enemies: ReDead, Gibdo

Purpose: Malon and characters with an instrument can play the Sun's Song to defeat ReDeads and Gibdos.

The Fishing Pond

Available: After "Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly" and before "Castle Escape."

Summary: Go fishing to collect five fishes. Bring them to the tank on the Pond Owner's desk and drop them in. Once you have all five, the tank will burst. Use the scattered pieces to rebuild the door to leave.

Characters: Young Link, Pond Owner (Young)

Enemies: Piranha

Purpose: Unlock the ability to fish for all characters who are able to.

Death Mountain Crater

Available: After "Fire Temple" and before "Ice Cavern."

Summary: Use the Megaton Hammer to hit the five switches to make the lava recede so you can escape the volcano.

Characters: Link (Megaton Hammer), Darunia

Enemies: Tektite, Keese (Fire)

Purpose: The Megaton Hammer is now useable for Link (Megaton Hammer) in levels or in the main hub.

Archery Range

Available: After "Gerudo Valley" and before "The Haunted Wasteland."

Summary: Shoot the five wooden targets with your bow and arrow. The Gerudo will give Link flaming arrows to burn the targets.

Characters: Link, Gerudo

Enemies: none

Purpose: Link can now use flaming arrows to ignite TNT Crates and other things.

Gerudo Training Grounds

Available: After "Spirit Temple" and before "Ganon's Castle."

Summary: Open the five doors using the new Ice Arrows that the Gerudo woman gives you.

Characters: Link, Gerudo

Enemies: Stalfos, Wolfos, Like Like, Keese (Fire)

Purpose: Allows Link to use Ice Arrows to freeze certain objects and enemies.

Extra Levels

These levels become available after a certain amount of Gold Bricks are collected.


Summary: Collect 1,000,000 Studs as quickly as you can in a miniture version of Hyrule built entirely out of Lego bricks.

Characters: Ganondorf, Dark Link

Enemies: Kokiri Boy, Gerudo, Zora, Goron, Hyrule Guard

Biggoron Trading Sequence

Summary: Find the Pocket Cucco Egg in the Cucco Pen and give it to Anju. Locate Cojiro in the Lost Woods area and lead him to Grog. In the Potion Shop, use the Odd Mushroom to make the Odd Potion. Defeat the Stalfos attacking Fado back in the Lost Woods and give her the Odd Potion that they drop. Inside the carpenter's tent, find their missing Poacher's Saw and give it to Mutoh who will give you the Broken Goron's Sword. A cut scene will occur where Biggoron gives you a pescription for his irritated eyes and Link gets the Eyeball Frog from King Zora. In the Lakeside Labratory, help the Lake Scientist to make World's Finest Eyedrops.

Characters: Link, Biggoron, Lake Scientist

Enemies: Stalfos

Great Fairy Fountain

Summary: Restore the fountain to its former glory by reviving the fairies and reconstructing the fountain itself.

Characters: Great Fairy of Magic, Great Fairy of Power

Enemies: ReDead

Super Cuccos

Summary: Locate the three "Super Cuccos" among the massive crowd of Cuccos inside the house at Lon Lon Ranch.

Characters: Talon, Malon (Young)

Enemies: none

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