The Game Description:

Lego Madagaskar-The Complete Adventure is a recreation of the cool and funny movie Madagaskar 1,2 and 3.
it whil of course be open world.With direct dialogues from the Cartoon FILM.


Chapter 1-Prologue (Marty's Birthday)

In this Level you have to find 4 Party ballons,Marty's Cake and build 2 Lamp Posts.


Minikit-The Zoo

Chapter 2-Marty's Escape



Chapter 3-On The New York Streets

In this Level you have to find Marty and Defeat Nana at the Train Station.

Playable screen 1-Alex,Melman,Gloria
Playable Screen 2-Marty
Unlockable-Horseback Rider,Nana,Police Cop (Sleeping Gun),Police Cop (Scared),Horse
Boss(es)-Nana (4 Hearts)

Minikt-City Bilboard

Chapter 4-Kenyan Wildlife Preserve

Unlockable-Boat Driver,Repairman
Boss(es)-Repairman (5 Hearts)

Minikit-Kenyan Wildlife Preserve

Chapter 5-Santa Barbara

In This level you have to Find Marty,Gloria and Melman.Next Build the Statue of Liberty made out of leaves,Then with melman

set it on fire and then you have to find where the song is and then defeat 5x Fussas,2x Hungry Fussas and a Fussa Leader.

Unlockable-Fussa,Hungry Fussa,Leader Fussa,Lemur,Dead Pilot,Kenyan Wildlife Preserve
Boss(es)-5x Fussas,2x Hungry Fussas,Fussa Leader (2 Hearts)

Minikit-Statue of Liberty (made out of Leaves)

Chapter 6-Fussa Attack

Boss(es)-10x Fussas,5x Hungry Fussas,2x Fussa Leaders (each 4 Hearts)

Minikit-Fussa Statue

Madagaskar 2-Escape to Africa

Chapter 1-The Lost Alakay

Playable-Alakay,Zuba (Younger)
Unlockable-Poacher,Makunga (Young),Poacher's Truck
Boss(es)-Chase the Poacher's Truck.

Minikit-Poacher's Truck

Chapter 2-Crashing Into Afrika

First you have to Escape the Crashing Plane.Then Explore Afrika.After thath find Alex's Parents

Unlockable-Florrie,Moto Moto,Hyppo,Lion

Minikit-The Plane (Crashed)

Chapter 3-Repairing The Plane

Task-Repair the Plane

Unlockable-Worker Monkey,Tourist,Mason,Phil

Minikit-The Plane (Fixed)

Chapter 4-Alex's Fight

Boss(es)-Teetsi (5 Strong Hearts)
To Beat the Boss you have to throw 5 Heavy things into Teetsi

Minikit-Makunga Statue

Chapter 5-Saving Alex

Task-Save Alex!

Playable-Alex,Marty,Zuba (Older)
Unlockable-Tourist (Torch),Nana (Afrika)
Boss(es)-Nana (Afrika)(6 Hearts)

Minikit-The Wood Dam

Chapter 6-Mount Kilimanjaro

Playable-Melman (Witchdoctor),Gloria
Unlockable-Fake Melman

Minikit-Mount Kilimanjaro

Madagaskar 3-Europe's Most Wanted

Chapter 1-Monte Carlo

Playable Window 1-Alex,Marty,Melman,Gloria
Playable-Window 2-Skipper,Private,Kowalski,Rico
Unlockable-Captain Chantel DuBois,Animal Control Officer
Boss-Captain Chantel DuBois (5 hearts)

Minikit-Monte Carlo Hotel

Chapter 2-Monte Carlo Chase

Task-Escape From Captain Chantel DuBois

Playable-Alex,Marty,Melman,Gloria,King Julien,Maurice,Mort
Unlockable-Police Car,Captain Chantel DuBois's Motorcycle
Boss(es)-Escape from Captain Chantel DuBois

Minikit-Captain Chantel DuBois's Motorcycle

Chapter 3-The Circus Train

Playable-Alex,Marty (Afro),Melman (Circus),Gloria (Circus)
Boss-Captain Chantel DuBois's Motorbike (3 metal hearts)

Minikit-The Circus Train

Chapter 4-The Colosseum

Playable-Alex,Marty (Afro),Melman (Circus),Gloria (Circus)
Unlockable-Public (Male),Public (Female)

Minikit-The Colosseum

Chapter 5-London Circus

Playable-Alex,Marty (Afro),Melman (Circus),Gloria (Circus)

Minikit-London Circus

Chapter 6-The Final Show

boss-Captain Chantel DuBois (8 Hearts)

Minikit-The Fire Ring


Gold Bricks-150
Red Bricks-20


Minifig Cost
Alex -//-
Marty -//-
Melman -//-
Gloria -//-
Skipper -//-
Kowalski -//-
Rico -//-
Private -//-
Alakay -//-
Zuba (Younger) -//-
Zubo (Older) -//-
Melman (Witchdoctor) -//-
King Julien -//-
Maurice -//-
Mort -//-
Marty (Afro) -//-
Melman (Circus) -//-
Gloria (Circus)


Vitaly -//-
Horseback Rider 25.000 studs
Nana 125.000 studs
Police cop (Sleeping Gun) 25.000 studs
Police Cop (Scared) 25.000 studs
Boat Driver 25.000 studs
Repairman 125.000 studs
Fussa 25.000 studs
Hungry Fussa 25.000 studs
Fussa Leader 125.000 studs
Lemur 25.000 studs
Dead Pilot 25.000 studs
Poacher 25.000 studs
Makungs (Young) 125.000 studs
Florrie 25.000 studs
Moto Moto 25.000 studs
Hyppo 25.000 studs
Lion 25.000 studs
Worker Money 25.000 studs
Tourist 25.000 studs
Mason 25.000 studs
Phil 25.000 studs
Teetsi 125.000 studs
Makunga 125.000 studs
Nana (Afrika) 125.000 studs
Fake Melman 25.000 studs
Captain Chantel DuBois 125.000 studs
Animall Control Officer 25.000 studs
Stefano 125.000 studs
Gia 125.00 studs
Public (Male) 25.000 studs
Public (Female) 25.000 studs
King Julien (Disco) Get all True Heroes
Marty (Young) Get all Red Bricks
Alex (Santa Barbara King) Get all Minikits
Vitaly (Young) Get all Gold Bricks


1.Helicopter-25.000 studs
2.Horse-25.000 studs
3.Kenyan Wildlife Preserve-125.000 studs
4.Poacher's Truck-25.000 studs
5.Police Car-25.000 studs
6.Captain Chantel DuBois's Motorbike-125.000 studs

These Vehicles can only be Used in the Level Monte Carlo Chase!

Bonus Level:

The Central Park Zoo-Complete Madagaskar 1 100%
Mount Kilimanjaro-Complete Madagaskar 2 100%
Monte Carlo-Complete Madagaskar 3 100%

Red Bricks:

2-Poo Studs
3-Atract Studs
4-2x studs
5-4x studs
6-6x studs
7-8x studs
8-10x studs
9-Regenarate Hearts
10-Breath Underwater
11-Mega Roar
12-Minikit Finder
13-Red Brick Finder
15-Character Studs
16-Item Finder
17-Super Strenght
18-Double Bazukas-Penguin's Only
19-Double Jump
20-8-Bit Look

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