'LMK '& Other Classic Games is the 3rd LMK video-game. It features 4 chapters. All of them are based off classic video-games. Chapter 1: Mortal Kombat depicts Liu Kangs quest to stop Shao-Kahn from taking over all realms. Chapter 2: Street Fighter features 2 kung-fu experts, Ryu and Ken, who enter a street-fighting tournament to take down the evil champion, M. Bison. Chapter 3: Double Dragon features 2 brothers , Billy and Jimmy, on a mission to stop an evil crime-lord named Koga Shuko. Chapter 4: Battletoads depicts a group of tough space frogs, Rash, Zitz, & Pimple, who set out to save Princess Angelica from The Dark Queen.


The hub is a huge arcade. There is are 4 arcade games for each chapter. There is also one arcade game you can access where you can buy characters and mini-games, and watch cinematics from Story Mode.

Chapter 1 - Mortal Kombat

Reptillian Rampage

Kano's Mission

Tarkatan Invaders!


Mortal Kombat!

Chapter 2 - Street Fighter

Vicious Vega

Balrog Brawl

Sumo Smackdown

The Beast Named Blanka

Bison Battle

Chapter 3 - Double Dragon

Gangbanger Brawl

Car Chase Through The Streets

Abobo Attacks!

Take Flight

Final Fight

Chapter 4 - Battletoads

Space Smash!

Karnath, King of Snakes


Falling Down, Jumping Up




Story Changes

Custom Characters

You can build Custom Characters by going to the "Make-A-Minifig" game in the arcade.

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